Ben Howland on Reeves Nelson:
” I talked to him on Sunday. I talked to his dad a couple times, Sunday and yesterday. I’m going to try to reach Reeves again today. He’s spoken with a few different agents and he’s looking at his options. Because of the NBA situation that just ended, I think it opened
up some opportunities that this time of year would not be available that now are.

Howland on Malcolm Lee and Tyler Honeycutt signing NBA contracts:
“That’s great. I’m really happy for both those kids. Its so tenuous, you don’t know, with the shake up and the new CBA. That’s great for both of those kids.

Josh is really wide and strong, but one thing that he fails to remember is he has long arms. He has a 7-foot-3 wingspan, so he has a good ability to block shots.

That doesn’t help that come down. I’d rather give up 3s adn try to gcontest those threes than layups. Because we’re in a none-man rotation the next 24 games, we have to look at it. Zone is goin to benefit us.

hes got to be able to just play. he got tured pon saturday a couple tiems and asked to come out. He neesd to rest when he gets tired, and he let us know at least on one poccasion We did a little extra prior to that came, and he did some extra yesterday prior to practice.

weve got to increase his rebounding effort, on defensive side of the floor.

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