(Bi-)Weekly Q&A — 5/26/13

Q: What is the status on Eddie Vanderdoes and what’s taking so long? Will he have to sit a year?

Eddie Vanderdoes clearly wants to leave Notre Dame, and will likely end up at UCLA eventually. Since he signed a national letter of intent, he can’t play anywhere other than South Bend next season unless Notre Dame releases him. So far, the Irish have not done so. Vanderdoes can also appeal the NLI committee for a release. If that’s successful, he can play immediately anywhere.

If not, he can break his NLI and enroll elsewhere but lose a season of eligibility — ending up with four years to play three once you consider a possible redshirt year. That does not ban him from receiving a scholarship or practicing with his new team.

Q: So are we done with getting recruits or players for next year, or is coach Steve Alford just focusing on the 2014 class. Do we have any news on JUCO transfers?

Unless something unexpected happens, recruiting appears to be done for 2013. Alford said a few weeks ago that JUCO transfers were not a priority.

Q: How is Tony Parker developing? Does it appear he might be able to start at center next year?

Almost all accounts are positive, with better conditioning being the main focus early on. I think there’s still a lot of work for him to do to secure a starting spot by the season opener, but he has plenty of time until then.

Q: For basketball specifically, what is the deal with “access” to players and players being “made available” for interviews. Can’t you, as an enterprising reporter, interview them at Ackerman Union, in the dorm, via cell phone, through Twitter or some other means?

The media relations department doesn’t like it, but yes, reporters can technically do all of that. (Going in the dorm would require some sort of UCLA ID, but anyone could sit outside all day and wait for an athlete.)