UCLA 34, Utah 27: Quarterback Brett Hundley

Quarterback Brett Hundley left momentarily in the third quarter against Utah when his vision went blurry. “I got smacked when I went down,” he said. “I tried to look at the line of scrimmage and I was seeing like 22 people. Honestly, I just saw two of everything.”

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  • Mark

    Not smart to admit this. Now ppl will be howling that he played thru an undiagnosed concussion.

    • Joe Blow

      Why obey the rules now?

      • ProbationU

        Because a Trojan knows so much about obeying the rules. They replace one coach with a new one with spousal abuse issues….ALLEGEDLY.

        • Joe Blow

          USC learned from the best. Papa Sam good old Woody

          • ProbationU

            Same old Joe Blow-hard with the same old tired lines. SC has the culture of cheating and Haden is trying to change the stripes on the Tiger. I wonder how much money Haden got from Marv Goux for his tickets. Plus, he lived with McKay when in high school. Interesting.

  • WhatsBruin

    Sounds like Hundley had a concussion…that’s not good.

  • Marc

    ESPN continues to report this as a “lost contact lense”

    So, did a contact lense get lost?

    The camera showed the trainer focusing on his right eye during the telecast.


    Also, Jordan James?

    That field blows.

  • john wolcott

    Seeing 22 people when there are only 11?– that’s either 6 budweisers too many or a concussion. Why would the coaches have put him back in the game?– oh, because the game was up for grabs. Well, of course.

    • ProbationU

      Nice to see the Trojans trolling over here now. Easy to see which team is on top. They showed Hundley getting checked out on the sidelines. Unlikely to be a concussion. But then, I am sure you are a doctor.

  • bruinbiochem06

    So how long is Torian White expected to be out?

    • Jack Wang

      Done for the season.