UCLA basketball schedules December game against Kentucky

Even before UCLA’s season began, Steve Alford has insisted that he wants to schedule tough, marquee opponents going forward — something he had little control over his first season.

“I’ve never been somebody that’s hid from opponents,” Alford said more than three months ago.

After squeezing in a game against Duke last winter, he continues backing that up. According to the Columbus Dispatch, the Bruins will face Kentucky in December at the United Center in Chicago. The game will be held the weekend before Christmas, and is part of a doubleheader event that also pits Ohio State against North Carolina.

Not a bad way to highlight the 2014-15 nonconference slate.

The Wildcats are two years removed from a national championship, and knocked off previously undefeated Wichita State as an eighth seed this past weekend.

UCLA assistant Ed Schilling worked on Kentucky coach John Calipari’s staff at Memphis, UMass and the New Jersey Nets. Alford and Calipari are also friends.

  • Biglar

    Great job by Alford scheduling a marquee opponent. Now we have to beat them! Of course the anti-Alford trolls won’t give him any credit.

    • https://www.facebook.com/charles.bucket.3 Charlie Bucket

      Dude, I was the only one that supported the Alfort hire. I knew he was going to be cash money. All you non-band wagoners can stay off the wagon and not hop on when we win the NC.

      • MPPBruin

        We have to go a little farther if Alford is going to show that he’s “cash money”. Sweet 16 is good, but it’s not exactly something we should jump for joy over. We beat a 13 and a 12 seed to get here, so I think a little perspective is in order before we start popping champagne corks.

        • Hogsman

          I agree with you, MPPBruin. FYI, I think that the “Charlie Bucket” above is a copycat, not the real one who’s been posting on this board and the Inside USC board for years.

      • pennyfan041

        Well, seeing as how I supported the Alford hire, I would say your statement that, “I was the only one that supported the Alfort [sic] hire,” is inaccurate. I certainly hope we win the NC. However, I hopped on the UCLA bandwagon in 1991 at the age of 5. Been on ever since.

  • Bryon Kidd

    Great for the RPI and for national exposure but you have to win or at least be competive

  • Boogie man

    Scheduling tough opponents will help to raise the players’s confidence and to gauge the strength level of the team. Great job, Steve Alford. I truly believe in him and I am sure that players feel comfortable around him. I wonder who these anti-Alfords are but they will soon fall out like flies.