UCLA’s Jordan Adams changes decision, declares for NBA draft

Nine days after announcing his decision to stay at UCLA, leading scorer Jordan Adams will declare for the NBA draft.

A UCLA spokesperson confirmed the news late Saturday night. Yahoo! Sports’ Adrian Wojnarowski first broke the story.

Adams’ departure robs the Bruins of their top returning player, one that averaged 17.4 points and set a school-record 95 steals. After reaching the Sweet Sixteen in the first year under head coach Steve Alford, and for the first time since 2008, UCLA will return a roster that looks almost entirely different.

All-American point guard Kyle Anderson and reserve guard Zach LaVine had already declared for the draft last month. With the trio gone, UCLA loses 41.4 of its 81.2 points per game — a mark that ranked 11th in the NCAA.

But Anderson’s departure was solidified even before the season was over, and LaVine’s was expected and reported shortly after the Bruins’ season-ending loss to Florida. Adams’ is a dramatic about-face.

“I’ve had so much fun playing here at UCLA, and I’m really excited about the team we’re going to have next year,” Adams said in a statement on April 17. “Once the season ended, my family and I began carefully weighing all of my options. In the end, staying at UCLA for my junior year is a win-win situation. I’m glad that I went through the process, received constructive feedback and had time to reflect on what I truly want.

“I love being a Bruin. I’m looking forward to getting back in the gym and the weight room to get better, and I can’t wait for next season.”

Adams had been projected in some mock drafts as a low first-rounder. Since his announcement to stay, multiple players in the same range have decided to stay in school, including Kentucky’s twin guards Aaron and Andrew Harrison.

As for UCLA, the team now looks even lighter in the backcourt and on the wing. Although it brings in five-star forward Kevon Looney and four-star center Thomas Welsh, its top returning scorer will be rising senior Norman Powell — who scored 11.4 points per game but was most efficient in transition. Isaac Hamilton, a five-star prospect who sat out his freshman season after breaking a letter of intent with UTEP, also figures to play a significant role.

The Bruins will try and recruit Isaac’s brother, Daniel Hamilton, who signed grant-in-aid with national champion UConn but is free to go elsewhere.

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  • fromela

    Horrible news for the basketball team! Well best of luck to jordan adams

  • Dominick King

    Well once again we lose another good player but best of luck to Adams, now I am worry that we don’t have that many guards now so i hope we looking at JC or transfer list cause if not we have a lot of forwards coming in

  • NOBSisdaMAN

    The rats jump the ship……again. Oh, I’m sure it’s not the coach.

    • ProbationU

      Byron Wesley may have an opening now. Wouldn’t that be funny.

    • max

      This from a SUCkster with no real basketball program and an empty suit for a coach. I pity you.

      • NOBSisdaMAN

        Like I pity you for your 1/2 Natty football program playing in CARSON for a spring game. What a laugh. As funny as your minimum wage job.

        • LTEfan

          Shouldn’t you be busying yourself putting out laughable press releases in defense of Sterling? Perfect job for someone of your intelligence and ethics, Joe Blow.

          • NOBSisdaMAN

            My bet is you have only heard sound bites and react like the masses always do. Sterling is an idiot, always has been. BUT, he is being taken out of context, illegally taped by a you know what and tried by a holes like you. He is an idiot and should have known better. BTW, think Chuckie or Magic ever said something that negative about whites in private???? Hmmmmm, just wondering. In any event, Sterling stepped on his bruin and has to live with it. Tough bruin for him.

          • Sterling’s a self-loathing megalomaniac, and he’s receiving some of what he deserves for years of mistreating others.

            But no one cares about Shaq’s mocking Yao Ming. Or Al Sharpton’s literally-murderous anti-Semitism. Or Calvin Broadus’s profanity-laden, racist, and hateful tirade (directed at Sterling).

            So much for the content of one’s character taking precedence over the melanin content of one’s skin cells.

          • NOBSisdaMAN

            Another 99%er rant.

          • Who is so base as to confuse (and mock!) the clear expression of our Republic’s Founding Principles — “we hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable rights, that among these are Life, Liberty, and the pursuit of Happiness” — with craven class warfare?

            Don’t be such a Trojan, Joseph.

          • NOBSisdaMAN

            “so Base”? Oh, a ucla education. Sorry

          • Sterling’s a self-loathing megalomaniac, and he’s receiving some of what he deserves for years of mistreating others.

            But no one cares about Shaq’s mocking Yao Ming. Or Al Sharpton’s literally-murderous anti-Semitism. Or Calvin Broadus’s profanity-laden, racist, and hateful tirade (directed at Sterling).

            Where’s the outrage over Boko Haram’s kidnapping and selling into […] slavery to fellow Muslims hundreds of innocent schoolgirls?

            So much for the content of one’s character taking precedence over the melanin content of one’s skin cells.

            The hypocrisy is rank.

          • NOBSisdaMAN

            Hey, Donald is YOUR landlord.

        • The only thing sadder than “1/2 Natty” is someone boasting about National Selections.

          Congratulations on the tiara, Princess!

          • NOBSisdaMAN

            Only a moron would ignore what ALL the nation believes is the way a NC is determined. So you fit the mold perfectly.

          • Speaking of “morons” …

            Only a princess thinks that votes determine champions.

            Only a coward fears competition.

            Only tyrants and slaves fear reward based on merit.

            Three strikes and you’re out, Joe!

          • NOBSisdaMAN

            Don’t talk like that about Mora.

          • (Nope. Still not fun when you’re not trying.)

    • pennyfan041

      I was just positive I’d see this comment :). At least you’re consistent.

      • NOBSisdaMAN

        So are you. Kool Aid anybody?

        • pennyfan041

          Well, we were a fringe top 25 team all year long, and we ended the year in the Sweet 16, ranked #15 nationally. I’d call that a victory, especially since we ended up losing to the best team in the nation. But yeah, who would cheer for a coach who plays his awful, All Pac-12 Freshmen Team son? And who would play for a coach who did something really hurtful and immoral 11 years ago? How dare I do such things!!!

          • NOBSisdaMAN

            Snore. More Kool Aid please.

          • pennyfan041

            Perhaps you would be kind enough to tell us which coach UCLA should hire, which players should be in the rotation, and how far last year’s team with 0 good post players should have gone.

          • NOBSisdaMAN

            Pay me what THE STATE is paying Casper and I will.

          • pennyfan041

            Not sure who THE STATE is, and also not sure who Casper is. Either way, the answer is no. You don’t need to be payed for your opinion. If you can’t figure out a solution to your imaginary problems, quit bitching.

          • NOBSisdaMAN

            Dear, the state is CALIFORNIA. Casper is your AD

          • pennyfan041

            One might notice that NOBSisdaMAN can’t figure out any solutions 🙂

          • NOBSisdaMAN

            Sweetie, get back to gardening. Your hubbie is going to want his dinner soon.

          • NOBSisdaMAN

            Sweetie, stick to gardening.

          • pennyfan041

            I really hope you’re a woman. I am a man interested solely in women folk. Other men calling me “dear” and “sweetie” is all manner of creepifying. However, I am trying my hand at gardening this year. Perhaps an answer to my questions will sprout from the soil. If so, I’ll let you borrow one.

          • NOBSisdaMAN

            It’ll be the only thing you sprout.

          • NOBSisdaMAN

            BTW, you sound like a woman.

          • pennyfan041

            Ha! I figured you’d go that way. Women are not lesser creatures, so I don’t feel insulted. How’s sexism treating you?

          • NOBSisdaMAN

            Women are insulted.

          • pennyfan041

            …aaaaaaand back to where this all began. You don’t have any answers for any of your own complaints. You call UCLA’s players “rats.”

    • Those who live in rat-infested ships should refrain from throwing stones, Joseph Way B. Lowe Normal.

      • NOBSisdaMAN

        Be nice and DS will have your apartment cleaned.

        • (A less-charitable person might reply with something along the lines of, “That won’t be necessary, all signs of you have been removed,” but I’m not that kind of guy.)

          You’re an insult to Clint Eastwood.

          • NOBSisdaMAN

            And you’re an insult to mankind.

          • Coming from someone who’s an insult to Clint Eastwood, that’s a compliment.


  • Mark

    I think we have to root for Adams, Anderson and Lavine to fall in the draft & struggle. Perhaps that will be a strong message to future players who aren’t ready for the Nba. (Though you’d think the non-existent nba careers of Honeycutt, Lee and Muhammed would have accomplished that.)

    • MPPBruin

      I really hope that this is a joke.

      1) If these kids are good enough to play in the NBA then I hope they all jump. If they’re not, then they will fail, but I’m not going to root for their failure. This is their dream and I’m not going to try to stand in their way. That would be shameful.

      2) The idea that our rooting for something has any bearing on the outcome is magical thinking. Time to get real.

    • Guy

      It’s just too much money to turn down – more than most people will see in their lifetime. And, I thought the same thing about Trevor Ariza leaving school and he didn’t do much his first years in the league, but tonight he dropped 30 on the Bulls.

    • The_Sports_Dude

      When you’re not rooting for college kids to fail at chasing their dreams, do you also push old ladies into traffic and slap babies?

    • Rather than hope young men stumble, the NBA should rescind its absurd rule resulting in one-and-dones.

      It’s immoral to deny someone the opportunity to pursue their dream on the basis of their age.

  • MPPBruin

    Rumor is that the decision of Kentucky’s Harrison twins to come back to school played a role in Adams’ decision. If this is the case, then this seems like a poor decision. If the calculation of whether to enter the draft weighs on other people, then you’re probably not ready.

  • Dan Wayne

    This is the reason why I am no longer an nab fan!!!

  • Sam C

    What’s to say? He’s not ready. It’s a deep draft , he will at best go in round 2. I loved this guy but this has D league and then Turkey pro team written all over it.

  • pennyfan041

    Jonah Bolden just got an open door to win the starting spot at SF.

  • jameskatt

    The kids that go into the NBA Draft are simply geniuses who are graduating early. There is nothing to complain about. And they will make a ton of money their first few years, then millions more pouring in if they get to stay in the league.

    If these kids were studying economics then graduating for the opportunity to run a hedge fund before even getting their MBA, if these kids were studying computer science and left early to get a job at Google with the possibility of millions in stock, of if these kids were studying biology and left to enter medical school after their second year in college, NO ONE WOULD BE COMPLAINING. But our UCLA basketball players are doing the same thing as those young hedge fund managers, Google engineers, and doctors.

    They are leaving early to get jobs and make millions of dollars in their major field of study – basketball. No need to begrudge them because they aren’t entertaining us. Just enjoy them for the brief time they were with us. And wish them well in their careers.

    • Lifelong Bruin Fan

      Your analogy with kids leaving early for other careers leaves something to be desired. For one thing, a professional basketball career is relatively very short, so entering the draft at the right time to maximize one’s potential earnings is crucial. In other words, entering too soon with immature skills and/or physical and emotional development can dramatically shorten one’s career and reduce potential income. On the other hand, entering a field like engineering or finance can be made into a lifelong career without the substantial pressure of being a first or second round draft pick and without the same type of risk of being out of a job in just a few years. In most cases, individuals who enter a profession like engineering or finance will continue to earn more money as they advance in their careers and become big earners at an age when professional athletes will have been long retired.

      UCLA basketball players may be geniuses in their field, but the problem is that there are far fewer jobs available for these geniuses than their counterparts in other fields, and the earnings window is very short.

      Personally I don’t begrudge players leaving early for selfish reasons, and I wish them well in their pursuits, but I’ve been following basketball long enough to know that players who enter the draft too soon are shooting themselves in the foot, which I think is a shame.

  • NOBSisdaMAN

    The real rat is the guy that plays his kid at the expense of the good players.

    • pennyfan041

      If that’s what you think, you should find a new metaphor and stop calling UCLA’s players “rats.” Also, remember that time Bryce Alford was voted to the Pac-12 All Freshmen Team?