UCLA announces new basketball practice facility, estimated to cost $30-40 million


UCLA will spend an estimated $30-40 million on a new basketball practice facility, the school announced Thursday afternoon.

The new building will be located near the Bruins’ home court of Pauley Pavilion, immediately south of the Los Angeles Tennis Center and west of the planned $50 million football facility. The school said private donations will fund the project — which will house practice gyms for both men’s and women’s basketball teams, as well locker rooms and a training area.

The university’s next step is to a request for proposal to select an architect. Construction will begin “as funding thresholds are reached,” the school said. The new basketball facility is part of the school’s recently announced Centennial Campaign, which seeks to raise $4.2 billion campus-wide by 2019.

“Some of the most iconic names in all of basketball have taken the court for UCLA over the years,” athletic director Dan Guerrero said in a statement. “We expect basketball’s next generation of great names to also trace their legacy back to Westwood. This new basketball practice facility will help ensure that our future is every bit as spectacular as our past.”

The renovation of Pauley Pavilion, completed in late 2012, cost around $136 million.

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  • Brrrrruins

    Come on. When will the athletic department waste end? You want to fill Pauley, get a better product. Get players to stay for 3-4 years. Maybe a team of Zideks tend Mata-Reals. I don’t care if they win everything. I want heart, I want pride. I want players that want to win. But I’d rather not attract the one-and-done Muhammads, Holidays, Loves, etc. why can’t we raise money for the classroom? Why waste it on athletics? If UCLA truly tried to compete with the best universities in academics and not lose whole departments to USC, I’d be a happy alum. I don’t go to football and basketball games to merely support a winning team of mercenaries. I want guys like Mike Roll or guys like Reggie Miller who stayed and got their degrees and represented the four letters with pride. And guys like that don’t need a prima donna practice facility. Those guys would lace up for games in the mens gym, Wooden Center, outdoor at the dorms. Guerrero is really losing his marbles wasting money on a practice gym.

    • facescar

      “The new basketball facility is part of the school’s recently announced Centennial Campaign, which seeks to raise $4.2 billion campus-wide by 2019.”

      That seems like plenty of money for classrooms. It’s not Guerrero’s business what happens in the classrooms of regular students. He only has to worry about student athletes and our athletic programs.

      Having a facility and attracting more “long-term” players are not in any way mutually exclusive.

      • Supply-and-demand. Better facilities can only attract better players.

  • uclaguy11

    Jack — so is this facility removing courts 7 and 8 of the Los Angeles Tennis Center? It sure looks that way on the map (I don’t see how it would not). I find this extremely disappointing; not only does this hinder the tennis teams’ ability to practice and prepare for matches (I would know as a prior member of the men’s team who has traveled to dozens of other schools and know those facilities), but the tennis courts are extremely popular among students, faculty, the 100+ members of the club tennis team, and the surrounding community. The courts are already busy, and while I am always pro-improving the athletic facilities, not at the expense of other athletic teams and the school community.

    • commentar

      Didn’t we JUST win Banner #111 in Tennis??

    • Biglar

      Who cares? It’s tennis. No offense, but tennis is not a major sport, and football and basketball pay the bills for everybody. But if they are going to do this, you would think they would find some way to make Spaulding Field 100 yards. And maybe they could just combine the football and basketball facilities into a single facility to find some efficiencies and minimize the overall footprint of the building. It doesn’t seem as though they are thinking about this holistically.

      • uclaguy11

        Sure — and as a huge basketball/football fan (I attended almost every football game and a lot of basketball games when I was a student), I get it. And maybe this is more of a critique of what college sports is becoming in general, but I just find it wrong to remove two tennis courts that benefit literally hundreds of UCLA students who play there (after they removed four courts for the aquatics center at Sunset Rec a few years ago, finding court time is harder and harder), the community who plays there (including faculty), and hundreds of kids that enroll in the summer camps each year. The club tennis team has over 100+ members, hosts inter-collegiate tournaments across CSU and UC campuses, and regardless of the athletic teams, tennis is very popular in Southern California. And, this is not to mention, the problem this causes for the the two tennis teams that already share these eight (now six) courts.

        Again, I get it — basketball (and football) matters and is the economic (and face) of the athletic department. But all of this displacement for two perennially top athletic teams and literally tons of students, community members, and staff just so 12 basketball players can have their own separate facility to practice in, as if all the new amenities in Pauley Pavilion aren’t enough? I’ve personally seen ALL of new Pauley — including the new weight room, film room, locker room, etc. — and to think that is not “enough” for players is sickening when they have to take out two tennis courts in an already crowded court-time environment for athletes and general students. This is where college sports is going, I understand, but this does not sit well with me.

        • ThaiMex

          From what I understand…the two tennis courts will be rebuilt near the Tennis Center…Their loss is temporary…

          • uclaguy11

            That would be great — and I hope that is true. Thanks for sharing this. Any idea where they would go?