Tight end Alize Jones flips from UCLA to Notre Dame

Tight end Alize Jones has officially decommitted from UCLA and picked Notre Dame, ending a relationship with the Bruins that had cooled for weeks.

The Las Vegas Bishop Gorman product is rated the second-best tight end in the country by both Scout.com and Rivals.com, with the former granting him five stars to the latter’s four. UCLA has spent its recent recruiting efforts focused on No. 1 tight end Chris Clark, who is regarded as a better blocker than Jones.

Clark — a 6-foot-5, 253-pounder from Avon (Conn.) Old Farms School — decommitted from Michigan in early December, but the Wolverines piqued his interest again by hiring head coach Jim Harbaugh.

  • EncinitasBruin

    While mildly disappointing, this is no big news. The push needs to be for Clark, whose blocking skills we could really use. Duarte is our “finesse” WR/TE who has a ton of upside potential as a pass catcher. Let’s go, Mora–finish strong over the next 20 recruiting days before Feb 4 Early Signing Day.

    • MPPBruin

      Duarte is one of my favorite players on the team, if not #1 now that Hundley and Kendricks are gone. He’s such a fluid athlete. Great to watch.

    • Tom Oday

      “Mildly disappointing”???

      • ProbationU

        It has been rumored for months, so only mildly disappointing. If the Bruins land Clark, then not disappointing at all.

        • EncinitasBruin

          Bingo. If it were out of the blue, I would have replaced “mildly” with “extremely.”

    • gotroy22

      Who are you recruiting to be your breakaway speed deep threat receiver? Seems like all your current receivers are bulked up but slow.

      • EncinitasBruin

        Rangy is the word under Mora for WRs. Goes for the big hands guys like Payton and Duarte. The WRs that are current prospects are in the same mold. Our speed guy is Mossi Johnson, an under-the-radar WR who is fast with great hands. We don’t have an Adoree Jackson–but who else does?!

        • ProbationU

          We have a few we are working on. Don’t forget Kenneth Walker who has speed but questionable hands. Devin Fuller is pretty quick as well. We could use a real field stretcher. Perhaps we end up with Carlos Strickland out of Texas that just de-committed from Texas Tech.

  • Ted

    Alize Jones saw the writing on the wall…Ucla started pushing hard for Clark, the #1 Tightend recruit and looked elsewhere. Ucla better get Clark though.

    • ScottWolfSniffsHisOwnFarts

      Auuwwwoooo!!!! That’s it. Because everyone knows that you never need more than 1 TE. Clark also won’t select public school, but the good news is that there may be a bunch of 2 star recruits available. I feel so alive!!!! Auwwwwoooo!!!!

  • ScottWolfSniffsHisOwnFarts


    Ruh roh.

  • 8 Krap

    Clever recruiting pitch…….tough call for Clark…..While at Stanford, Harbaugh proved that he can develop NFL caliber TE’s, but who will be throwing him the ball at Michigan next year?….The lure of catching passes from Rosen may be too great to pass up…..

    • drakejr

      UM just put an offer out to a 3 star TE recruit, I think they know how the Clark recruitment will turn out.

      • 8 Krap

        You may be right….however, Harbaugh typically ran two-tight end sets in his power offense, so I doubt that they will stop at only one TE….and Harbaugh has a great eye for talent, so I wouldn’t be too hasty and kick a 3 star recruit to the curb….

  • disqus_oisEN2ZrAH

    Team UFC swayed him to South Bend! We need leaders over here !

  • disqus_oisEN2ZrAH

    If we land Equinameous we all forget Alize!

    • Antoine Porche

      Equinameous brown is going to sign with notre dame

  • Antoine Porche

    Aliz’e Jones was going to flip to notre dame because of Notre dame record of having a tight ends being drafted in the 1st 3 rounds of the draft ( fasano Carlson Rudolph Eifert Niklas & this year Ben koyack ) and the fact that UCLA wasn’t going to use him as a receiving TE

    • hadji

      Alize flipped because of his boy (roby toma 2.0)and his rich dad using his private jet. It had nothing to do with tradition

  • jameskatt

    UCLA should try to model itself after Ohio State. Ohio State has the best combination of players to play anyone from Oregon’s speed to SEC power. Watching them beat Oregon was more than satisfying.

    Ohio State has 4 Tight Ends. UCLA has none.