• EncinitasBruin

    What would be the top three things you thing are missing from the UCLA football formula right now?

  • Timothy

    Realistic basketball expectations?

  • 88 Straight

    Jack, can you give us an accounting on which true freshmen have played and which appear to be redshirting at this point? I know we have had 2 departures with Crhis Clark and Cordell Broadus, so you can exceed them. Thanks!

  • commentar

    Can Christian McCaffrey stop torturing us and go pro next year?

  • MPPBruin

    What’s a good story you have from a road game you’ve covered?

  • BruinInSeattle

    How can we salvage the season with seemingly our entire first string defense injured? …maybe thats more rhetorical than answerable. by the way, i hate stanford as much as I hate USC right now. Im really bummed Sark is out. what if they get someone good now?

  • inhonorofpooh

    An analyst on P12 Final Score said everything changed for UCLA’s D when Stanford brought in Mustafa Branch to help with the D ends, coming back in motion to handle them on running plays. He claims after that time in the second quarter, UCLA D ends were not getting off the ball in the same way, & Stanford broke the will of the UCLA D ends. How much faith do you have in that assessment, and do you see our new DC having adjustment problems like this for the remainder of this season?

  • Tommy B Low Us

    It is obvious that teams don’t respect the read option with Rosen under center. Do you think the coaches would consider moving to a pro style offense to complement the players avaliable?

  • Romeo

    Our defense does not seem to have changed much, even though we have a new DC in Bradley. Do you believe that Mora is micromanaging the defense? If so, do you think he should let Bradley take over given our recent defensive struggles?

  • gotroy22

    Does the Stanford rout last Thursday mean USC is no longer consisdering Jim Mora for the USC head coaching job?

    • Timothy

      at the very least, Mora would make a lateral move. Would not downgrade jobs. When he leaves, it’s for the NFL, Oregon, or an SEC job.

  • Scott Marshall

    will Mossi Johnson be out next season too? is his injury a career ender? do you think Darren Andrews or Stephan Johnson could take his spot for good?

  • Scott Marshall

    do you think UCLA’s defense will be good enough to stop cal thursday?

  • Timothy

    which players injured early in the season will apply for a medical redshirt…Vanderdoes, Morneau?

  • Darwinian

    Could the recent rash of injuries in defense be due to a lack strength and conditioning training? Is Sal or Bradley working on changing the training regimen to prevent injuries?