UCLA AD Dan Guerrero: ‘We’re not all about a coaching carousel’

UCLA athletic director Dan Guerrero (center) talked on Tuesday about Steve Alford and the state of the Bruins' men's basketball program. (Brad Graverson/Staff)

UCLA athletic director Dan Guerrero (center) talked on Tuesday about Steve Alford and the state of the Bruins’ men’s basketball program. (Brad Graverson/Staff)

After one of the most disappointing men’s basketball seasons in recent memory, UCLA athletic director Dan Guerrero responded today to fans who have called for him to fire head coach Steve Alford.

“I believe that those that want a coaching change are not going to be happy no matter what I say,” he said. “I believe that others who may be disappointed in the season will understand what UCLA’s all about. We’re not all about a coaching carousel every two or three years. We’re about building a program and doing our best to build our program the right way.

“There are very few coaches around the country that, in their first two years, at any place, will go to two Sweet 16s. You would hope that we would’ve been able to build on that. And we didn’t. We had a subpar year. There’s no question about that. But that was one year.”

Read the full Q&A here.

  • UCLA Dynasty

    You could probably say the same thing for coaches that go to three Final Fours.

    • MPPBruin

      The amount of focus we put on the tournament is a little nuts. Lose your first game and it’s a fireable offense. Win two games and you get a contact extension.

  • Nicholas Le Mero

    D Guerrero said: “Honestly, I wish that they hadn’t done that, in that I would rather have those individuals, down the road, spend their money on supporting this program, buying season tickets. Maybe donating to the basketball program,than buying planes with banners”
    Why in the world would anybody send money to UCLA when they are getting millions at the Rose Ball gates, millions in TV revenues, … and paying coaches part time millions and millions, when they should not be paid more that someone teaching in the classroom ?

    • Tim Smith

      would LOVE to hear an explanation of why a sports coach should not be paid more than someone teaching in the classroom.

      • Nicholas Le Mero

        Why should they be paid more at an educational institution? At least a teacher in the classroom teaches something valuable for the Society as a whole, while Basketball in College is a just a game for the benefit of the NBA without any compensation from them when drafting players, which is quite amazing and hypocritical. In Europe a Professional soccer team for example which recruit a young player from an amateur club compensate that club. It is amazing to me that Universities do not require it, to at least offset the cost of their schorlarship. I would not spend a dime to watch those games. On TV its free!

        • Tim Smith

          Please explain to me how a sociology professor teaching something “valuable for the society as a whole.” Basketball and football coaches earn universities tens of millions of dollars. The more successful an athletics program is, the more money it brings in, and the more money there is for the university as a whole. UCLA received $20 million plus last year from tv revenues alone. THUS, it is in the interest of a university to hire the coaches of the highest skill level possible. So obviously, that requires a significant salary. Despite Alford’s subpar season, division 1 coaches earn every penny of their salaries and more. Also, please let me know where I can find free TV — would love to get in on that.

          • Nicholas Le Mero

            You only see things thru the almighty dollars! Which so much of the millions dollars revenues that you mentioned why then does D Guerrero want your money? I only spend one semester at UCLA that’s why I have been following them on TV like ESPN Pacific Networks etc.. It cost me nothing! I do not pay attention to their commercial much less buy them . The success about any basketball or Football program is not so much about coaching (There are a lot of coaches including lesser known ones who can coach- Andy Enfield was unknown but he took FGC into the sweet sixteen and did pretty good during his third year at USC. Its about first recruiting players wanted to go to your school and why? like under the table payout.

          • Laker Rod

            You have it all wrong. It’s the coaching which makes the success of the program especially football. Recruiting players is only one facet. Coaches still need to know how to recruit the right players and “develop” them properly and have them play the proper positions.

            Alabama football stumbled and bumbled after Gene Stallings retired in 1996. They went through Mike DuBose, Dennis Franchione, Mike Price, and Mike Shula. None of these guys were well prepared nor experienced to take over a program like Bama who had previously won 12 voted national championships and their most recent in 1992. Go look at the recruiting rankings. Alabama was always been consistently high.

            They went through a 13 year dry spell before finally deciding to shell out the big bucks to Nick Saban who had recently won a national championship over at LSU. Look at what happened for Alabama shortly after. Major success.

            How about Bob Stoops over at Oklahoma. In his 2nd year after taking over OU won a national championship. Previous to this they were stumbling and bumbling for a while.

            Look at where Nebraska is now after the retirement of Tom Osborne.

            Look at what Jim Harbaugh did for Stanford. Stanford was in the dumps prior to Harbaugh. Look at what Harbaugh did in his first season at Michigan when Michigan was previously stumbling and bumbling for many years.

            How’s this for bball. Is Arizona the same program since Lute Olsen retired?

            Look at the recent NCAA champs in bball…you usually see the same coaches in the Final Four and also the champs.

            And besides you have to have a good coach to even get players to come to your school..right?

            The issue though…how can UCLA even hire the right coach when it doesn’t even have a proper athletic director to get the job done. Need to replace Dan Guerrero first before anything.

        • gotroy22

          That’s right, Victicrat Studies is much more valuable.

    • gotroy22

      Have you seen the leftist propaganda they teach in the classroom? They have banners all over the campus honoring the avowed communist Angela Davis, who helped Black Pathers kill a federal judge. The athletic department is the only good thing the Little Red School House produces, giving us teams for the rest of the Pac 12 to compete against every year. Otherwise they should return the area to it’s original purpose, a garbage dump.

  • Bigwoof1

    First of all, I’m impressed with the level of questions asked by the reporters. And, like him or not, many of Guerrero’s answers make a lot of sense, and show concern for the entire Bruins sports and university programs. It shows also that his job encompasses a lot more than what occurs on the football fields or basketball courts. If you still feel he’s not done a good enough job, so be it. But consider the job as a whole rather than certain parts (key though they may be) before screaming for total condemnation. Personally, I’m on the fence, but need to know more facts and less opinion and rumor before making any decisions in my mind.