Weekly Q&A: Arizona State

UCLA has a critical home game against Arizona State on Saturday at 6:30 p.m. as a loss will almost certainly erase any hopes for bowl eligibility with its rivalry game against USC waiting next weekend. If you have questions about UCLA football, leave them below — or shoot me an email at thnguyen(at)scng(dot)com — and I’ll post answers THURSDAY.

  • Daniel flores

    We haven’t heard a single word out Dan G. Regarding this season and losing recruits. Have you heard anything

  • https://www.facebook.com/thekindcompany1 Steve W, MD

    Can you give us a list of key players who will be out. Seems like a ton more than usual. Thanks.

  • bruin4life

    What are the chances Mora still has the head coaching position after the season?

    • Paul

      The answer should be “none.”

  • 92104bruinfan

    Was there any particular incident or set of circumstances that drove so many de-commits within a short period of time? I’m the losing didn’t help, but wondering if there was anything else at play.

  • Paul

    Are you hearing anything about discontent among UCLA football boosters (i.e. Casey Wasserman)?

  • Dez Bruin

    Is Darren Andrews eligible to play another year of college football? Also which players won’t be eligible to play another year on account of graduation or having no years of football eligibility left?

  • Dez Bruin

    How likely do you think Josh Rosen would play as a Bruin next year? Have heard rumours that Sam Darnold might play another year but no such rumours yet on Josh?

    • https://www.facebook.com/thekindcompany1 Steve W, MD

      Darnold is clearly not ready even though he’s a high draft pick.
      Rosen on the other hand, fingers crossed.

      Ideally darnold leaves and Rosen stays

  • Richard

    I’m wondering why u wear thick framed eye glasses.
    It does present w/ an aura of more gravitas but have u considered contacts, frameless or wire frames? Just asking?

    More seriously, have u heard that we have a good shot at getting more highly ranked recruits than those that baled on us?
    All were 3 stars (except JC OL) and I was hoping that was an indication that we had a good shot at higher ranked recruits like the DB Tyreke Johnson outta Fla., etc etc

    UCLA will still face 2 teams ranked in the top 10 nationally in sacks, ASU & sc. What is the O/U for sacks before JR is put out of a game again ? Any changes contemplated in the starting OL?

  • Bruinsfan99

    What role do donors and boosters play in coach hiring/firing? Is it purely financial (putting up the funds to end a contract early)? Any other tidbits that add to the equation of keeping or sweeping a coach out? Also, if Mora finds a way to stay for next year, what will be the buy out amount then if things don’t improve? I recall $13mil is due after this year.

  • Buster Bruin

    Coach Mora has consistently blamed the defensive problems on poor tackling and, more recently, on injuries. Have you seen any sign that Mora also believes that the overall defensive scheme may be to blame for the poor results?

  • Buster Bruin

    Now that it has been established that Josh Rosen sustained a concussion in the Washington game, do you know whether television analyst Brock Huard has reached out to UCLA or Rosen to express any regret for his premature and speculative comments?

  • Kenji Bellavigna

    What’s the story on Jordan Lasley? He’s been having problems since fall camp

  • Toby Soto

    What are the chances that Tom Bradley is fired at the end of the season? Seems like from a scheme point and player development wise he’s run out of excuses for why we are playing so badly. Any candidates you would suggest for a replacement, maybe someone extremely detailed oriented and creative like Fisch is with the offense?

  • Toby Soto

    And what are the odds that our AD loses his job? I keep hearing that athletics overall are in decline over the last 5 or so years. Who else would be a good canidate to replace him?

  • J S

    It seems like Mora has almost overnight become very forthcoming about player injury information, contrasted with his tight-lipped approach over several seasons. Is he now attempting to play the “injury card” to explain away the team’s dismal performance this season and to save his job? Have any reporters called him out on his newfound approach to dealing with injury information?

  • Ed Garrett

    how big a loss do u think kboogienthehoodie will be to 2018 recuriting class?