Answer Wednesday! (SG Forum, Part 3)

Q: CSB said:
With anger over Keligate reaching fever pitch, were you aware our favorite website for Song Girl sleaze, Busted Coverage, actually jumped onboard the Keli bandwagon as far back as September when they did a profile of her? Were they ahead of the curve and did the rest of us jump on the Snyder Saloon too late to save her from getting cut?

A: No, they were not ahead of the curve. She was also featured in Athlon’s magazine. But the controversy did not begin until she was cut from the squad. Now I will say this: For all the complaints I heard in the summer/fall, no one seemed to compliment the fact she was on the squad.

Q: FSC said:
Keli BLOWS AWAY Pfugalin or whatever her name is, this girl is a HOTTIE.

Are song girls now picked based on how high they can rate on the skank meter?

A: Can’t we all just get along?