No. 101

Chad Kreuter lost his 101st game as the Trojans fell to California 7-1 today at Dedeaux Field. The Trojans struck out 11 times in the game. Cal goes for its first-ever three-game sweep tomorrow.

14 thoughts on “No. 101

  1. Oh no. The Beavers ties the bRuins in the 9th. Come on Fucla…undefeated in baseball. Dig deep. 8 Clap.

  2. NOBS, been to one baseball game this year? Interesting that your buddy Garrett doesn’t show up anymore in the last two years with his lady friend Carol D. Please say you did not attend USC as a student with your obvious immaturity and lack of class in your responses. Fire back if that makes your day.

  3. I Dig Go Go Girls is a line from one of Bucket-of-Sh** AKA Wolf’s posts. Now Wolf has invented another alias. He has more aliases than he does scoops.

  4. NIBS has a great social life listening to Bruins games in the Internet with his pants around his ankles.

  5. trOJies cant hit =0 =0 =0 u reelly reely suck!!! teeheehee =) =) =) & just wait for football!!! even the blu teddies will beat u hehehe now i my Cal baseball!!!
    GO BEARS!!!

  6. Haven’t seen CalGirl floating around much these days! Guess she’s finally out of the tree that she was protesting in and has finished shaving her pitts. Rumor has it she might not even be wearing Birkenstocks anymore…woah!!

  7. T5, want me to tell everyone why you got the boot from the athletic dept? Huh?

    B No Champs, you have a great life with the fantasy of men having their pants down around their ankles.

    Goo Goo, sorry you had to find out about your wife and me on this blog.

  8. Kalgirl,
    It’s that time of year again for you to crawl out of your odorous hole and make your “predictions” on what will transpire in football. Sadly you will be wrong like you have been for the past few years.

  9. hahahehe all you dummies can do is the same old birkenstock and arm pit jokes =6 =6 =6
    how lame!!!
    u just keep using up ALL the water and eat steaks and drive ur bmw until you kill the planet!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    what moar can u expect from evil teDDies and trOJies, blech!!!
    pac10 bball champions!!!

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