On Baxter

Tailback Dillon Baxter was unquestionably the star of the scrimmage offensively because he added some pop that definitely seemed missing in recent years. His 50-yard TD run where he juked through the defense was impressive.
Granted, the secondary was walk-ons but linebacker Chris Galippo was also on the field on that play. Without making too big a deal, Baxter definitely looks like he adds a missing ingredient to the offense next season.

14 thoughts on “On Baxter

  1. Kiffin said it was “like Reggie versus Fresno”. Why didn’t Wolf report this? And he was a day late reporting the tampering charges.

  2. The most telling aspect of Secondhand Wolf’s incompetency as a journalist is his strong tendency to infuse his own opinion into the “facts” he reports. In that story, he sardonically refers to an “alleged” quarterback competition and “reports” that Mustain was “relegated” to the second team.

    Wolf should go back to JC J-School. Better he should give readers facts, and not opinion pieces infused with sarcasm about what he agrees with. Wolf’s problem is an overestimated opinion of himself. The guy works for a third-tier newspaper that is a barely afloat.

    The good reporters at the real Southern California papers, Webs and blogs seem to know the difference between opinion pieces and sport news stories. USC fans need a reporter to provide readers with news, not a hubristic hack who infuses his opinion into every piece he writes.

  3. SWBJ…

    Have you ever been praised in your entire life? You clearly have an axe to grind with Wolfie. Blogs are meant to offer quick notes of facts and opinions, so lighten up and enjoy this FREE blog.

  4. SWBJ, I know I’m not the first, but you have very insightful posts and I praise you for them (Sorry Rodney ahole)

  5. I don’t need praise. I do think USC fans deserve a balanced approach to coverage and Secondhand Wolf neither does it in the blog, nor in print. If the DN wants to give him an opinion column, they should do it. Otherwise, don’t pass him off as a journalist.

    The fake aliases are unbelievable.

  6. Well, no offense (pun intended), but back to the topic at hand, namely, Baxter. If he is the real deal, this kid could jump-start the offense next year. Between an improving and more experienced QB (take your pick) and a consistent running back, I like the Trojans’ chances.

    Now, if Troy can only stop other teams’ offenses we may be in business.

  7. i never thought i would find myself saying this but, Lawyer John, it is great to hear from you!

    the blog has fallen into perilous disrepair lately due to the proliferation of low-brow brawlers who employ childish (“yeah well i slept with your wife!”) come-backs and often ignore the topic at hand.

    despite the fact that you are known to be a pompous, self-aggrandizing, arrogant, condescending know-it-all, all least you brought reasoned arguments and an often objective perspective.

    i am working as hard as i can to help Southern Cal, but i can’t do it alone. they completely ignore wolf now, so without your help i fear Southern Cal may totally implode when the NCAA’s verdict comes in. what do you sayan alliance?

  8. Bradford = Thunder
    Baxter = Lighting
    RoJo = quick strike
    Prater = Mike Williams II
    Woods = Could be better than all of them
    Barkley = should be salivating with all these options!

  9. Bucket — We will know about NCAA soon enough and all you bRUIN trolls will be eating WolfSh**. You could not be more wrong if your name was Scott Wolf. Oops, I forgot, it is.

  10. Seriously SWBJ, why do you engage these trolls? You’re giving them exactly what they want, attention. I don’t even read their comments, and it’s glorious.

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