Robinson Induction

John Robinson will be inducted into the College Football Hall of Fame during ceremonies this weekend in South Bend, Ind.
Hopefully, he will not miss a passing tournament for San Marcos High School, where he serves as the defensive coordinator.

10 thoughts on “Robinson Induction

  1. Scott, why the snide remark about “not miss a passing tournament for San Marcos High School”? If you were going for humor, you missed the mark.

  2. John Robinson is a great coach and class act. More than can be said for Wolf.

  3. Someone has to keep the idiot(s) honest. Consider it my public service Rewind. You’re welcome.

  4. Actually, that is humorous and knowing John Robinson, he would be the first to get a laugh out of it. It is good that he continues to help out at the high school level and previously at East L.A. JC after retirement.

  5. i was a Robo fan as a young ignorant boy. i overlooked his mouth-agape countenance and Southern Cal pedigree and came to respect him and still do.

    congrats Robo!!!

  6. I remember the Oklahoma game in 1981 when Robinson kept Mazur calm by joking with him on the final winning drive.

  7. I think you’re condescending tone is out of line, Mr. Wolf. I believe that you are implying that his current employment status is worthy of your contempt. Far from it. Do not think that your roll in this world as a middling beat writer gives you license to judge others for what they do. Remember, character counts. John Robinson has it.

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