Pac-10 Punishes Refs

The Pac-10 reprimanded the officials involved in the botched penalty call during Virginia’s fake punt on Saturday night. They will be removed froma future assignment.
Here’s the Pac-10’s statement:

WALNUT CREEK, Calif.–The Pac-10 has disciplined the officials involved in last Saturday’s Virginia-USC football game for failure to apply the playing rules correctly, Commissioner Larry Scott announced today. Those officials involved in making the call have been reprimanded and will be removed from a future game assignment.

The officials misapplied rules for blocking below the waist on a Virginia fake punt in the second quarter. According to the playing rules, blocking below the waist anywhere on the field by either team is illegal if the offense is lined up in a scrimmage kick formation, unless a kick is not made.

“The officials recognized the mistake after the fact and apologized to the Virginia coaching staff. We know mistakes are made in games, but we will not tolerate our officials misinterpreting the rules,” Scott said.

“We believe the reprimand and removal from a future assignment are appropriate,” Scott concluded.

13 thoughts on “Pac-10 Punishes Refs

  1. Guess that means Virginia shoulda beat Southern Cal and the Trojans get away with another one.

  2. and what was the suggestion about SC being penalized because they’re SC? Sounds like some home cookin to me…

  3. What about Illegal man down field? The other 8 players were down field. They need at least 5 players behind the line of scrimmage.

  4. lbc, how the F do you know if the “block” had not happened that just maybe the guy would have fumbled and SC returns it for a TD? Answer: You don’t. It is what it is.

  5. Sped: No home cooking with 13 penalties for USC. I agree that USC is penalized for being USC is BS.

    Dallas: There were a few in the crowd who were mimicing a ref by patting their head for the ineligible man downfield call when they first indicated a flag on the field. Good eye.

  6. Free- My sincere apology to all Hispanics that were offended. I do know it is offensive, that is why I used it with Thai…. From now on, ThaiMoron.(And not replacing Mex with Moron)

  7. It was a screen pass. The ineligible man downfield rule only applies if the pass crosses the line of scrimmage.

  8. i don’t recall that being a screen pass. wasn’t it lofted over the line about 10 yards past the line of scrimmage?

    it’s in the past. usc should have won 42-14 even if you give them that play.

    i’m not here to talk about the past. let’s look forward to usc’s upcoming rise through the rankings

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