5 thoughts on “Morning Buzz

  1. So late yesterday my phone rings and I pick up and what do I hear but the silky-smooth voice of a true hustler: “Oh and fo’.”

    “Rev. Abernackle, you scoundrel, I know it’s you!” I shouted.

    “Your Bruins are goin’ oh and fo’,” he whispered back.

    “You’re not a man of God, Abernackle!” I yelled into the phone. “You’re a man of the gutter!”

    I slammed down that phone and fell to my knees. Please, Jesus, put some fire into that Pistol! Give strength to Prince, or Brehaut, or whichever fool quarterback we’re going with this week, because I can’t take much more of this!

  2. Dupree – err…Bucket, I generally like your characters but this is not one of your better ones. Please save it for the Bruin blog.

  3. seriously–the lack of utilization of norm chow’s services are a crime against the taxpayers of this great state and this great country.

    this pistol offense of the bruins is so embarrassing that it’s not even funny anymore. i explained it to my wife and coincidentally the play where a stanford man simply takes the ball away from prince came on the tv and she was aghast at the whole darned affair.

    ucla was so DESPERATE that they implemented a new offense that is not suited to the personnel (QB) while ditching the services of norm chow! simply embarrassing.

  4. Did you notice the way Harris celebrated after he got that sack? I was happy for him. Horton is playing really great so once Perry is healthy both of those guys need to start at end. And Casey is playing well too. The next question is, who do you want to start at DT, Harris or Armstead?

  5. science V…

    I didn’t know BRUCE was your WIFE! All this time, I thought you were just friends. I guess all those “lacquer my cane and tongue wash my dumper” comments were serious.
    I’m happy for you.

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