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Here’s a Sports Illustrated story where a Los Angeles agent talks about paying Pac-10. One reason I’m posting this because there seems to be a lot of UCLA followers on the blog lately and the story features players from both schools.

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  • Trojan Conquest

    Shocking……you mean USC isn’t the only school that has players accepting money and benefits from agents?
    Enough with the hypocrisy from the trolls.
    Those in glass houses shouldn’t throw stones.

  • Jethro Sabbath

    This can’t be true. The many Bruin supporters on here always claim that their school plays by the rules. Obviously the parts about UCLA players accepting money are false while the allegations against former Trojans further confirm that USC is the only school that ever broke an NCAA rule.

  • USC owns the Rose Bowl

    Wait.. wait.. UCLA players have been offered money? Shouldn’t you be good first?
    And yes.. there ARE a lot of bRUIN trolls on this blog. Shows who’s who in Los Angeles!
    Even when USC is good, not great, UCLA is still just a school that ONCE had a good basketball program.
    Fight on!

  • Trojan Conquest

    The NCAA used SC as an example. I don’t know how they can uphold the penalties, knowing practically every school in the country had players getting benefits from agents.

  • sweat3030

    because Reggie Bush didn’t cooperate, they threw the book at them… 8 clap.. “C… H… EA… T… CHEAT CHEAT CHEAT CHEAT… UCLA”

  • troganfan

    I think SI wrote this story because they are jealous of UCLA and UCLA should deny everything and all players envolved should ignore this story until they get sued by the people paying them and the NCAA ges involved. Nothing could come of that, right?

  • troganfan

    This is now my favorite sc/tennesse/seahawk/UCLA blog.

  • UCLA Dynasty

    Yes, Janet Jackson tickets or a $500,000 house. Pretty much the same thing, right TroGans?

    Glad my two favorite UCLA players from the 90s, JaManfred Jackson and Juan Antonio Jesus were clean. Also refreshing to see JJ Stokes and Keyshawn Jackson turn that clown down.

  • Giselle (Westwood Rob’s intern)

    Westwood Rob told me to post that JaManfred Jackson never accepted money from agents, but he did accept an honorary Key to the City of L.A. from a grateful Mayor Riordan.

  • Trojan Conquest

    UCLA dynasty………you don’t get it. No school is clean.
    “500,000 house”……….. He didn’t give a house to Bush and his parents, he let them live in it.
    Why do you think no Heisman winners were calling for Bush to lose his Heisman. It’s because they got benefits also.

  • Globe

    Poor Sean LaChapelle. Neuheisel pretty much ruined his life. If he left after his junior year he’d have been a multi millionaire. But he stayed, got hurt & had a draft stock destroying senior season. He’s probably working at Burget King these days.

    Nice work Slick Rick!

  • Rusty Buckets

    Simply because Stokes and Key turned down this guy’s offers does not mean they did not take improper benefits from someone else during their college careers. There were tons of other options for them, as is currently the case, and I’m sure other agents were able and willing to offer more. Once again, ucla fans choose to bury their collective heads in the sand about the truth.

  • Trojan Conquest

    It makes Saban look like an ass. Oh, these poor kids are such victims of the big, bad agent. Give me a break.


    Wow, that was quite a story. Even if only 10% of it is true, it does raise some questions, such as follows:

    1. High profile stars i.e. potential NFL material, at colleges should be monitored more closely than their average teammates.

    2. Let’s be honest, most college footballers today come from relatively poor families, so an extra $500 a month looks mighty good.

    3. No system is going to be totally fail-safe, so these money bribes to kids will continue on throughout the century.

    4. Agents will always be able to justify their money payments because they are “only helping poor kids and their families.” Uhhhh, excuse me, but these reptilian agents are looking out only for themselves, and perhaps their families as an afterthought.

  • NOBS

    WestB00b, how much did YOU get?

  • NOBS

    Fucla Dynadick, you telling me Boy Walton didn’t get any dough? BTW, I wouldn’t spend 5 min in that piece of sh!t house stepBush lived in. I’m sure it’s an upgrade to your IE pad.

  • sonicboom926

    I actually find it somewhat refreshing that an agent and some former athletes are willing to fess up to their actions in the past. Of course, they will more than likely be blackballed now though. Does anyone get the feeling that this story will get swept under the rug by the National media? If this topic had the fervor of steriods in baseball, maybe there would be some push to reform the system. Alas, nothing will come of this and you will see this thing happen over, and over, and over, and over again.

  • charlie buckets mother


    Where are all the Trolls? They all crawl back in their holes?

    Hey Chucker Mother Bucker… Oooooooooh Stuuuuuuupedjones…. Where are you?

    WestHollywood Rob? UCLA Grabstudent? Anyone?

    It’s OK. I understand… Failure on the football field, failure off of it. The reason those guys never got caught was because they were irrelevant. Just like your pathetic public school and all your pathetic comments on this blog.

    Time for you guys to regroup. Looks like a slumber party is your very near future.

  • Ghost of Charlie Bucket

    Ma, i told ya before, git home or it’s “the attic”…

    now down to business: first, wolf, thank you for recognizing the Secret Cadre as the dominant force on this blog!! we are because of you, wolfman!!!

    now to this lame story: oh yeah, this turkey is real believable!! And he is also married to MORGAN FAIRCHILD!!!

    Pishaaw!!! When he shows receipts, cancelled checks, bank records, recorded conversations and photos like the Ultimate Whistleblower (and Cadre Member) Lloyd Lake, then lets talk!!! Lloyd Lake walked the walk, and backed it up, baby!!! And now hes walking around with bags of cash courtesy of Mr. Reggie!!!

    This bozo agent has about as much credibility as Floyd Landis!!! All talk and accusations, but no proof!!

    Show me one shred of proof that my hero Sean the Gazelle LaChapelle illegally took one penny, and I will cut off my flowing curls, get a buzz cut and shave Southern Cals initials onto my noggin!!

    So let it be written, so let it be done!!!

  • Thanks for sharing this great story Scott and for acknowledging the strong and powerful Bruin presence on you awesome blogs, and allowing us to voice our opinions and post our smack talk without editing it.

    I don’t think anyone disputes the fact that agents have always been sneaky in offering players cash…but you must accept this trOJie fans, Bush and his family got about half a million dollars in a period of one year, AND the reason USC got sanctioned is because after the investigation it was concluded and found that USC in fact knew about it, because it was proven that Todd McNair partook in all the bull shit involving Bush and Bush’s family. Let us not compare apples to oranges…NICE TRY THOUGH!! LMAO

    @Charlie’s mom…pathetic school? check this out, you clown #11 ranked university in the world where is USC?

  • charlie buckets mother


    The day you shot out of my vagina, slid across the table, and hit the wall, the doctors told me there would be residual effects. I tried not to believe them…

    Conspiracy theories, false accusations, no credibility… Really Charlie? I see you in a black, raised impala, 21″ inch rims, and a trunk full of stolen speakers, screaming not guilty buddy. It doesn’t look good son.

    But all is not lost. I have a couple of ideas that will really show those Trojans:

    Wear your yellow and baby blue underwear to the next SC game. During the game, take out your Hyundai keys and wave them like crazy at those Trojans. Ha! Can you imagine? Nothing like making fun of someone who has more than you! That will show them… We all know growing up, we dream of lots of money, big homes, and driving a Hyundai!

    And before they know what hits them, here’s what you should do. As soon as you see them put up those victory signs, I want you to put up a sign of your own. An upside down victory sign! Haaaaa! They think they can outsmart you? We all know the long term residual effects upside down letters can have on one’s psyche!

    Knock em dead Mother Bucker!

  • Bruin Rob is a Moron

    Bruin Rob is a Moron

  • Ghost of Charlie Bucket

    BruinRob, thanks for the sweeeeeeeeet scooop!!! 11th ranked!! ahhh the sugar sweeeeet prestige!!!

    humorous how the trOJies thought this story would soil UCLA’s sterling reputation, when it only ended up highlighting the level of proven corruption that put the trOJies into their current…unpleasantness.


  • Free_Thinker

    Bucket-of_Sh** — Are you really as friggin stupid as you sound? Who cares about fUCLA? fUCLA’s reputation??? As what, a lousy football school.

  • charlie buckets mother

    @Bruin Slob,

    First off, let me apologize for not mentioning you in my list of pathetic people. I can see why you crawled out of your hole to post. I never liked being left out either.

    Second, being that you are a man of statistical and factual importance, let me correct your $500,000 benefit exaggeration of Reggie Bush’s benefits. It was closer to half that and over a course of 3 years. Just an FYI since we like throwing out numbers and facts. A man from a school ranked 11th in the world shouldn’t come off sounding like they don’t know what they are talking about.

    And lastly, your HEAD coach Ratheisal has more violations and controversy surrounding him alone than any of our present and past ASSISTANT coaches have had combined. So you are right, let’s not compare apples and oranges.


  • DFWTrojan

    Death to the NCAA!!!

  • @idol of Charlie, do the math CHUMP!!

    $300,000 in cash + 18 months of free rent in a 5,000 square foot house that normally would rent for $5,000 per month in an exclusive area of San Diego =
    $90,000 + #40,000 for Reggie’s car REGISTERED AT USC + Plane tickets for flights and 5 Star Hotels + paid meals to USC’s road games for Reggie’s family which included his Reggie’s little brother since Reggie’s Sophomore season that’s 26 games (including Bowl games) so, that’s 13 road games average cost per person $3,000 X 3 = $39.000 plus Reggie’s monthly allowance $1,500 X 24 months = $36,000 plus Todd McNair’s cash estimated at $50,000 over that period (pretty cheap)- okay, let’s add it all up:

    $300,000 to Bush’s parents
    $90,000 would be Rent for Bushe’s parents
    $40,000 for Reggie’s pimped out car with da upgrades
    $39,000 for Reggie’s family to travel to road games.
    $36,000 for Reggie’s monthly allowance (prob. more)
    $50,000 for Todd McNair
    $555,000 total estimated funds for the Reggie and his posse.

    I completely under estimated the total Bush and his accomplices received. My bad.

  • charlie buckets mother

    Settle down Slob.

    I’ve always assumed you Pandas were demented. I mean, how disillusioned must one be to go on another school’s website and blabber about their lowlife football team. Better yet, make fun of a school that’s been dominating for the last decade.

    I love your numbers slob. 13 road games. $3,000.00 per person (because that’s usually what it costs me when I go to road games. beer prices have skyrocketed), times 3, equals $39.000.

    LOLOLOL! Thanks for clearing everything up.

    Too bad you couldn’t go to a school ranked higher than 11th. I hear some of those schools teach math.

  • Trojan Conquest

    If you idiots actually read the article, you would see that most of the players acknowledged that it was true. So the idiot who said “the ultimate whistle blower”……..well they blew the whistle on themselves.

  • NOBS

    Hey bRuinB00b, I’d be careful if I were you. You can be traced. You are slandering Todd McNair. He’s already going after the NCAA for the same thing. No proof at all. Ofcourse after you file Chap 13, he’d only get a couple of bucks.

  • @KNOBS, yeah right…if he was innocent he would gone after Michaels and Lake for slander…as a matter of fact if in fact Carroll didn’t know anything about the Bush fiasco, he would have sued them as well, because in their book they say they have a recorded conversation with CArroll instructing them to make sure they have all documentation straight (regardig Bush family lease)…please let’s stop all this foolishness already.

  • NOBS

    We’ll see big mouth. Can’t wait til Toddy boy goes after your Toyota Carmy (’72) and Craftman Tool Box.

  • charlie buckets mother

    BruinSlob. The public is dying to know….

    Have you or have you not asked Santa for a calculator this year?

  • @idolizesCharlie, huh? did I not add correctly? OH!! LMAO my bad!! you are absolutely right!!! I will put a calculator on my Santa’s list…thanks for the correction and for taking the time to add…I’m so embarrassed…just want to make it clear though, I did not go to UCLA, don’t blame UCLA for my bad additions. LOL

  • @KNOBBED, for your info…I drive a 2010 pearl white fully loaded Escalade, and when I have to tow my 30 foot boat to the river I use my 2009 Tahoe…and on weekends when not enjoying my boat I ride my Harley Davidson, looking like a Mongol.

  • Free_Thinker

    BruinSlob — I am sorry to hear you have Down Syndrome. I promise to be kinder to you and now understand. Apologies for BruinSlob’s bad behavior to anyone with a Down Syndrome relative.

  • NOBS

    bRuinB00b, fing great. At least you’re close to the river from the IE. I have my own boat DOCKED in Newport….in front of my house. Escalade? Did one of the brothers forget where he left it? BTW, a Mongol would use you as a toothpick. They have what you don’t….class and brains.

  • @KNOBBED, I prefer the river…I hate the snobs at Newport and Long Beach…as for your Mongol reference, I don’t think so, I ride with them all the time. You Wussy.

  • Free_Thinker

    BruinSlob — Like I said, sorry you have Down Syndrome.

  • @stinker, taste it! šŸ˜› (_!_)

  • NOBS

    Right BB00b. Wannabe wannabe.

  • Free_Thinker

    BruinSlob – The little drawing of your face looks just like a butt. I heard that you come from a long line of asses ad now I understand. Do you have a roll of toilet paper at your dinner table to wipe with after meals?

    Ouch! With a face like that your kids must get teased at school.