Oh, well, the Ducks have been doing that to every team they play, so why not SC?

    Does it feel better to get beat by 21 or by a last second field goal?– Seems I feel the same, not happy.

    Not sure what to make of the Trojans. They are not a great team, but then again there are few in the land this year– Oregon, Auburn, Boise State and TCU maybe.

    The usual ucla suspects on our blog could have shown a little class with SC’s beatdown, but not surprisingly they displayed their usual bruin “syle.” If you met these guys face-to-face they would back down like little girls.

  • SCUSCfan

    Lawyer, I don’t think most of them are UCLA fans. I’ve never seen most of them post on the Gold blog. They are probably banned and can only get on a blog that does not monitor vulgarity. In any event they come on here just to get a rise since they have nothing better to do.

  • I DIg Go Go Girls

    Lawyer John = Typical Rah Rah SC fan. “Oh well, Oregon….” give me a break. Are you really a Trojan? Is that how it is now John , oh well ??????


  • Free_Thinker

    Oregon is just a fantastic football team. It is little consolation, but we had a chance until late. Remember, Oregon slapped around a Stanford team that should be in the top 10 this week.

    Oregon’s fast break pass play is a quick-strike knockout punch that frees open a receiver in the flat. Oregon has beaten everybody with that play because they are really good athletes and sell the play so well that it sucks in the LB’s and DB’s.

    The difference in the score could have easily been just one TD — Barkley’s late pick cost us seven when were only down 14 and Oregon converted to make it 21.

    Overall, we were outdisciplined, outcoached and outplayed by a damn good team. That is just reality right now.

  • Gnossos

    The better team won last night on both sides of the ball. Congratulations Ducks, hope you go all the way and take out a SEC team or whomever you play.

  • Ghost of Charlie Bucket

    i see the usual thin-skinned crybabies were up all night grousing about their AP Champeens going down in flames!! oooooh and now a challenge to a fistfight?? so laughable but then bitter old Lawyer John has become an unintentional parody of the disillusioned trOJie of today!!

    tough internet talk (are you 13 yrs old???) but here’s what I suspect: if confronted man to man, face to face LJ would act tough for about 10 secs and than like so many sissy upper middle class trOJie types, he would start to tear up and squeak: “you touch me and I’ll call the cops!!” or even more likely: “i’ll sue!!!!!” so am i right, LJ? only you would know, i guess, but you can keep the answer to yourself…

    but don’t worry you ferocious fella, your big internet fistfight challenge won’t be answered: The Cadre members are lovers, not fighters!!!

  • @LAWYER JOHN, back down face to face? F you LMAO I’ve had face to face confrontation every year with you trOJies…and the one backing down you losers, bring it on!!
    @freeStinker, it was NEVER close, don’t be fooled but you temporary lead in the 3rd quarter. Oregon did not play that well, there were many dropped passed by the Oregon receivers, had those receivers made those “circus” catches they did against UCLA the Ducks would have scored 90 on the trOJies. And if not for poor ball protection and those Duck turnovers USC would have never scored 32 points – they would have been lucky to score 10. So taste it!! :p (_!_)

    Oh, and it should be noted that USC could not score against Oregon’s second team defense.

  • Unemployed USC Alum

    Coach WHiffen screwed us out of OUR BOWL game victory for the season against WHOREgon with his screwey offense play calling. I’ll just have to re-live the glory days of our EMERALD BOWL CHAMPIONSHIP.

    USC Alum ’05

  • dtksr1

    The game went pretty much as was hoped for up to about the middle of the 3rd quarter. Stay close in the score, don’t hurt yourself in picks, fumbles & penalties and get some 3 & outs from your defense. If the offense had played a little better on 3rd downs, not lost 2 picks, then maybe the defense would not have been pressed so much and gased to handle the rest of the game better. With the exception of a few questionable 3rd down plays, I thought Kiffin called a good game. Barkley and Wright both could have had better games. The Offensive line should have never allowed Oregon’s defense get to Barkley or rush him as often as they did.

    Having said all that, I really want to see the team that can beat this Oregon team for 4 quarters…

  • oregon111

    I would have thought at least one of you would have mentioned this: Thomas was way more accurate than Barkley

    If Barkley was better on his long ball???

    So, you see what happens when you lose to a crappy team like Washington? It drags down your whole season.

    Oregon and Stanford are both just really good this year.

    So us Duck fans hope your team can pull it together and beat down Oregon St and soften them up for us.

    Your D front 7 are tough until they start getting winded, then they are just about useless.

    And here is why I said the Ohio st comparison doesn’t hold value: Last year, Ohio st made Masoli beat them with his arm – and he could not do it.

    When USC loaded up on James, Thomas was throwing darts to his wide open receivers.

  • Tirebiter

    @ bruinrob Its nice to see that bruins rather watch our games than their own lol. seriously i have never seen a ucla game unless they are playing usc (i do watch their lowlights though)yet you guys are glued to the tv watching usc play even if it is to see them lose.

  • ThaiMex

    Dear Bag O’ Hot Air…
    What next? You gonna threaten to HOLD YOUR BREATH and stomp your feet? Anger management issues?..sounds more like a lack of maturity…or perhaps you’re, as I’ve long suspected…socially challenged/retard?

    You might want to re-fill that XANAX prescription ASAP, because next week won’t be any better…

    (see you at the flagpole after school on Tuesday, bring your lunch!)

  • Free_Thinker

    Hey Wolf, you little contrarian you. You had Texas at #1 at the beginning of the season. Now, besides losing to that train wreck in Westwood, they’ve lost 4 for the first time in eons. You really know your college football don’t you Wolf.

    USC should not lose again this season.

    The Washington game is the most painful because we lost to a clearly inferior team. The Stanford loss hurts, but the Trojans gave them all the Cardinal could handle and but for a little clock issue, we might have won.

    So far, in Lane’s first season we are headed for 10-3, with losses coming to the #1 and #10 teams. We could easily be 11-2 and, without the Stanford clock deal, 12-1. Not too shabby.

    Hopefully, we stay focused, get a little pissed and take out frustrations on remaining opponents.

    Fight on!

  • @tirebiter, I’m a college football fan, I attend every UCLA game and have not missed one in years…I watch college football all day, and every day if it was on, no matter who’s playing, but I specially enjoy watching USC get their assed kicked and will enjoy watching them get a beat down in their next three games and again in the “Who Sucks More” Bowl December 4th.

  • Free_Thinker

    Wolf is such a loser. He writes USC gave the Ducks a scare in the third quarter. USC gave them a scare all the way until the last Barkley pass was picked. Chip Kelly was looking worried and they were frazzled. In the end, USC lost to a damn good team that will likely win the BCS national championship. As usual the idiot Wolf has them rated below TCU in his AP ballot. What an idiot. Too bad the AP let’s this moron vote.