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Matt Barkley sets the TD record with 6 tonight. Here’s what he said on when asked if he thinks about his future during games like this: “I don’t think about it.”
Asked about USC fans chanting one more year, Barkley said, “it could be one more year.”

7 thoughts on “Discuss The Game

  1. I was wrong about SC being affected by the cold and altitude, they did great. One thing I was unaware of but found out fast was that the Buffs are really a green team. Even after their first score I felt they were not going to win this one. Now it’s get ready for Washington. Fight On!
    I’m on the record that Barks spends one more year at SC ala Leinhart.

  2. It almost sounds like a cliche now that many people talked about this on and off the air, but I think, barring any major injury, Barkley could indeed improve his stock by coming back next season. Realistically, it’d be a stretch to say USC could win the national championship, but it might be a reasonable goal to be in a BCS bowl if he stayed.

  3. I love that kid. It didn’t seem like Leinart had much of an improvement plan when he came back. I know that Barkley will if he does. And I know that he’ll have the offense opened up for him from game 1 next year, unlike this year. Fight On MB7!

  4. What was Barkely doing in the game with a 3 plus touchdown lead with 5 minutes to go? Come on Kiffin, get a backup a few reps once and awhile and don’t let Barkley risk getting hurt when the game is out of reach.

  5. Besides Barkley’s outstanding performance, how about Drew McAllister’s solid tackling and defending in the first half and NO PENALTIES!!!

  6. Yeah I gotta admit that SC is becoming a gentlemen’s team and I mean that in a good way. Back in the Carroll era they had a lot of penalties that seemed over the top but they felt they could prevail in any circumstance. I think the team earlier this year played the same way except for the last few weeks. SC is now one of the least penalized teams.
    Maybe the softer less ballyhoo over the top of yesteryear is beginning to show itself in a more confident but quieter team. Their record denotes that either way this is a team on the rise.

  7. I see a change in that SC is working with more discipline than under PC, the players rely on what they are taught and not so much on raw ability which usually gets them in trouble. Maybe I need to lighten up on coach K, maybe. I see a great team next year with Barkley coming back.

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