Answer Wednesday!

Questions on a new and a departing player highlight this segment of reader questions.

Q: Trojans Rule said:
Scott, was DL Devante Wilson, who enrolled Monday, a highly sought after recruit last year or was he more like just a kid that Kiffin liked, and what did he do last year? Thank you very much.

A: I know the coaches liked him when he signed. I was also told by former USC star linebacker Chris Claiborne, who coaches and trains high school athletes, that Wilson is a quality player. I’m not sure how much he can do next year because he will be coming back from knee surgery. So he might need to redshirt next year and then play in 2013.

Q: marvgoux said:
Why did 5 star WR Kyle Prater fail at SC? Was he just another Whitney Lewis?

A: His biggest liability, in my opinion, was his speed. He was the same tall like Mike Williams and Dwayne Jarrett but did not have their speed. That was compounded by numerous injuries, which clearly irritated Lane Kiffin, who frequently mentioned his inability to practice consistently.

Q: Trojan Conquest said:
OK, I’ll try this question one more time about players not getting medical clearance. Obviously doctors and USC “can’t discuss the players medical situations.” What everyone wants to know is why SC has so many more of these players not getting cleared, and then they go play somewhere else. I doubt the other schools are saying…”what the hell, let’s roll the dice and hope they don’t die.” Also I’m not looking for speculation like “SC is a private school and is exposed to more liability”. I don’t see Notre Dame shying away from Armstead. How about using your fine USC journalism degree and do an investigative report on this?

A: OK.



  • torpedoman

    TC… You have two chances of your request going any farther than his answer of “OK”….
    2) none!

  • sureshot

    “He was the same tall like Mike Williams and Dwayne Jarrett”

    Wait, what? Is you learn english riting at skule?


    sound like he gots a public learning like what UCLA teaches

  • NJ Trojan

    “His biggest liability, in my opinion, was his speed. He was the same tall like Mike Williams and Dwayne Jarrett but did not have their speed.”

    Give me a break. His 40 time listed by Scout & Rivals (which are always faster than reality) were between 4.5 & 4.6. Both Williams & Jarrett ran between 4.6 & 4.7 (which are reality). Williams & Jarrett caught everything thrown at them & from what I read about Prater in practice, he was nearly as consistent. Prater’s biggest problem was Woods & Lee. And Grimble & Telfer, especially Telfer, filled the role of big receiving target.

  • USC owns the Rose Bowl

    “He was the same tall like Mike Williams and Dwayne Jarrett”

    Also, THIS is the mentality of UCLA football fans:

    spedjones said: Embarrasing as in playing in the first ever PAC 12 championship game or getting hit with the hardest cheating sanctions since SMU? Hmmmm.
    January 17, 2012 3:34 PM

    UCLA fans on this blog are actually proud of their appearance in the Pac-12 championship game thanks to USC being on probation (USC 10-2 UCLA 6-8 and a 50-0 shellacking). The UCLA fans that I know on a personal level are embarrassed. UCLA is a joke. Like these message board geeks. LOL

  • spedjones

    awww, I’m flattered OTRB! Thanks for referencing me in a thread I had nothing to do with! Funny you’re not embarrassed by the worst cheating sanctions since SMU though. What does that say about you?

  • Bluerhino45

    Do you guys remember when the sanctions came down all the cheers UCLA fans were shouting about now it’s our turn and now we’ll get all the recruits and all that garbage. Only to find out nope! No one still dosent want to play for your school in fact they’re willing to miss out on 2 post seasons and face a lack of depth instead of wearing those ugly uniforms. UCLA just does not have the athletes to compete nationally…. I hope mora can bring in those skill position players to do so….. As for Kyle prater I’m disappointed we couldn’t get the guy on the feild for whatever reasons I wish him luck wherever he goes.

  • Bluerhino45

    Speedjones… The worst sanctions since smu and were still crushing UCLA… So what does that say about your squad? Wake me up when your JV squad actualy does something on a national level.

  • Trojan Conquest

    Scott, I’ll hold you to it. Too bad Yahoo isn’t looking into this.

  • Bluerhino45

    You guys need to weigh the armstead issue as a risk vs reward type deal. The risk is death on the feild.. Football is no where near that important…ever. The reward is a starter at defensive end? Sorry guys who even cares what the reasons are. If the family felt the USC doctors were bogus they would be holding press conferences saying so. But they’re not it’s something serious guys that’s all you need to know

  • Nabob

    Spedjones is just like every other UCLA fan…in that his hate for USC outweighs his love for UCLA.

  • Trojan Conquest

    Bluerhino………..again, I’m tired of speculation on this. I find it hard to believe that USC is the only school with a heart, and the rest are just hoping that the kids don’t die.

  • ProbationU

    Think Hank Gathers. Nice to see SC being careful, as they should be.