Trojan Connection

The Charlotte Bobcats reportedly will hire St. John’s assistant coach Mike Dunlap. Few probably remember that Dunlap was an assistant at USC from 1986-89 under former coach George Raveling.

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    ThaiMex said:

    This is G-R-E-A-T News! Let’s get that BANNER done and paid for and hang it up RIGHT NEXT to Those CURTAINS Today! I can see it already…”2016 PAC 12 Basketball Champions”. The signing of an 8th Grader sends out a VERY CLEAR (?????) message to the rest of the PAC 12.
    -SUCks doesn’t have a CLUE!
    -We know we’re going to SUCk for the next 4 Years (its what we do at LIMBO U!), so let’s work on Year 5
    Fit On Torgan!

    June 19, 2012 2:00 AM



    How’s that “basketball school” thing going for you over at UCLA? Any national championships lately? What? Last champeeenship was in the early 90s? None before that ONE since the 70s? Ouch!!
    USC is a football school and won 6 BCS games (know what that is?) including 2 national titles and 3 consecutive Rose Bowls (know where that is?) in just the past decade… so at least they’re living up to that “REP.”
    That’s ok though, “basketball school” on!! (chortle)



    The thing about basketball is you only need 3 stars and 4 role players to have a chance at a championship (in the pros it is now the Thunder and the Heat)

    SC had a chance at a title in the 90s with Harold Minor and in the 2000s with Sam Clancey.

    A national title will come someday.


    Mex/Bucket will now proceed to acknowledge/criticize LJ’s prediction and ignore the comment about Fucla basketball (the program that recently CHOKED in three straight Final Fours! chortle). This blog is alllll about the bRuins, it’s full of bRuin trolls! (I’m OBSESSED!)


  • Bill

    Championship? What championships? The football school hasn’t won any championships as much as you losers didn’t win the Pac12 South last year!

  • Globe

    ThaiFred – we can’t all reach the lofty heights of 14 losses and narrowly missing out on the NIT.

  • miguelito

    strongest trojan connection = penal system

  • usc50ucla0

    bRuins connected another 5 straight losses to it’s crosstown rivals by a combined score 158-35!

    obsess On lil bear

  • Revenge of Charlie Bucket

    Charlotte Bobcats??? aw, i thought for a moment it said “Charlie Buckets ” now i’ve lost interest…c’est la vie.

    if my big candy deal goes through this week, i promise to sponsor a little league team next year….the only condition is that they call themselves the Charlie Buckets.

    they could wear mis-matched second hand unis and play with a never-say-die attitude just like the real Charlie Bucket!!!!!

    talk about sugar sweeeeeeeeeeeet!!!

  • Jethro G. Sabbath

    Talk about queer!