USC Freshmen Tuerk, Williams Honored

USC freshmen Max Tuerk and Leonard Williams were named to the All-Freshman teams. Full teams here.

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  • TrojanFan

    Wait a minute!….Brett “The Messiah” Hundley was shut out, interesting….ok, after further review i see they threw him a bone, honorable mention

    Bucket, this calls for the cadre to step in and investigate

    • Ben Factor

      I don’t think Hundley should feel bad for losing out to the Heisman
      Trophy winner and the Oregon QB. Hundley played very, very well.

      My uninformed guess is that Hundley
      will be a more prized NFL prospect than either Manziel or Mariota.
      Furthermore, he will be a big problem for USC. He is one thing that
      Neuheisel did right.

      • SoCal_Native_59

        I have to agree on 1 thing. Neuweasol must have wanted to burn that redshirt last year but did the right thing. Hundley gave the defense fits this year. Next year? It really depends on who they bring in. He will need to focus more on his dropback passing to make it long in the show. As a great quarterback said,”there are a lot of really good young running quarterbcks in the NFL, there are not any old running quarterbacks”,

        • CheattheSystem

          Just curious, Did Hundley really give the defense fits this year? OOOOORRRRRR….was it the vaunted Tampa 2 that everyone despises.

          In the game I watched, Hundley was a decent manager of the offense, but Jonathan Franklin won that game for Ucla. The two third down plays were big, but they were essentially the same play that Locker hit us with two years in a row, that Luck dissected us with two years in a row and that Arizona hit us with…that and running up the middle.

          Mariota is better than Hundley right now, I think he will be better later, too.

          • TrojanFan

            IMO the two early TD’s off of turnovers weres a bigger factor than anything elese

          • SoCal_Native_59

            Can’t disagree. Franklin had a great game.

  • Ben Factor

    Congratulations to Williams and Tuerk. By the way, retired professional scout Lannie Julias cited them last February as two of the top five in USC’s incoming 2012 class. The other three were Ruffin, Seymour, and Simmons.