Sun Bowl Apology Tour

If you are keeping score at home, USC coach Lane Kiffin’s apologized for the following since the Trojans were selected to the Sun Bowl.

1.) Tony Burnett’s tweet critical of El Paso; 2.) Late arrival to Sun Bowl dinner even though Trojans were only 30 minutes late, Kiffin said; 3.) Leonard Williams’ tweet critical of El Paso.

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  • winner of the 2012 Drove a Rolls Royce into the Ditch Award????

    TIE!! between Kiff and Mitt Romney!!!!!

    • 3 way…..with Baylor!

    • TrojanFan

      Worst defense in the country just abused that ruin Oline

      #17 needs a ice bath after that game

  • Anyone know how Baylor is doing in the first quarter? hahahah

  • QueenKiff

    And tomorrow Kiff might apologize to losing to this UCLA team that’s getting tossed around by Baylor.

  • 4th and 18? What a play call Lessa! hahahahaha

  • 21-0

    • Come on bRuins, don’t let Baylor beat you 50-0. PLEASE

  • 15 yards for #19 hahahahahaha

  • 28-7

  • 8 Clap, hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha 35-7

  • gillyking

    Nice 1st half bruins! The only thing missing is your all white surrender jerseys from last year! 3 game losing streak heading into next season…. lol

  • nard dog

    I LiKe to watch the holiday bowl. Bruins smell like farts and play like diarrhea. Happy New Year.

  • steveg

    fucla back to the same old stuff, mediocrity. OH BUCKETS, YOU LOOK SO STUPID.

    • TrojanFan



      I feel so alive!

      Mediocrity is a understatement

      The team should of stayed watching the whale show at Sea World

      Great effort there bucket, please explain what happened

  • steveg

    There will be a couple more before the game is over and they are on the bus out of there. Kiffen is not in control, lacks the ability to lead, and SW has reported that thousands of times already. Wolf, nobody is listening to you.

  • TrojanFan

    Once again, the wolfman out trolling his own blog….what a class act

  • betomas

    So when does coward Pat Haden MAN UP and take control of this sitch? Fans all over LA are sick and tired of this ridiculous debacle! What the hell is Nikias doing?? The NCAA is still breathing down the side of our neck. No bueno.
    Kiffin is a bumbling idiot and he runs his mouth enough to bring a bad spotlight to SC.

    • TrojanFan

      Seek medical attention!… you’re compulsive anger issues might lead to someone being hurt…No bueno!

      Try focusing on the acutal game, and not on the side shows

    • Bro, I’m sick of Haden and the Greek. Both losers.

  • Golden Trojan

    The dinner thing is more Wolfbag BS, a nonstory he’s trying to make a story. Young men making stupid tweets they didn’t think anyone would see, that’s news. The only score I was looking at is if Baylor would put up 50 on an unmotivated Bruin team.

  • oregon111

    ucla sucked ass and embarrassed the pac12

    Seastrunk looked good — he looks at least as good as Barner – so I wonder why the Ducks didn’t use him more when they had him?

    must have been over that Willie Lyles scandal

    • TrojanFan

      oregon111, do you think anyone around here gives a shit why the ducks didn’t play seastrunk

      Go troll a Kansas st. site

      PS….the Willie Lyles scandal is going to set your program waaaaay back, mark my words

      Chip is ready to leave at a moments notice

      • gotroy22

        Speak for yourself. I want to know why such a talent left Oregon.

        • TrojanFan

          you’re in the minority, good luck finding an answer

          • gotroy22

            That’s why we read sports blogs, to find out the answers, as in whatever happened to our great corner Wiley…

  • The Monopoly Is Over Here 2.0

    Did Jim L Moran apologize for the ass kickin his team took??”?