The Pac-12 Fines A Coach $25,000 And It’s Not Lane Kiffin

The conference announced tonight it fined Arizona coach Sean Miller $25,000 for two incidents after the Wildcats lost to UCLA. Miller “confronted a game official on the floor” and “acted inappropriately toward a staff member in the hallway of the arena.”

This is the first time I can remember the Pac-12 fining a coach other than Lane Kiffin.

Full statement after the jump:

The Pac-12 Conference announced today that it has reprimanded and fined University of Arizona men’s head basketball coach Sean Miller $25,000 for two post game incidents.

The two incidents occurred after Arizona’s loss to UCLA in the Pac-12 Tournament on Friday, March 15th.  Immediately following the game, Coach Miller confronted a game official on the floor, and then acted inappropriately toward a staff member in the hallway of the arena.
“The Conference has a formal system of evaluation and feedback in place for coaches to express concern about officiating,” said Pac-12 Commissioner, Larry Scott.  “Coaches play a significant role in the overall officiating program and are expected to address concerns through the structure provided,” he added.  “Threatening, intimidating and unprofessional conduct will not be tolerated.”
Pac-12 officials are graded on game performance.  Future assignments are based on this grading structure as well as coach feedback.  The Pac-12 previously warned Coach Miller about inappropriate, post game conduct toward officials.
“Even in tense and trying moments following a game, we expect Pac-12 coaches to conduct themselves in a professional manner,” said Commissioner Scott. “Our coaches represent their teams, their universities and our conference.  We expect them to set an example for our student athletes and to meet the highest standard of sportsmanship and behavior on and off the court.”
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  • gotroy22

    It was a terrible call that gave fucla the game but Sean Miller knows better than to show up the Commissioner.

    • ThaiMex

      Very “QUEER” how U Stupid Clowns can blame Clock Operators, Referees, and guys mowing the lawn when you lose, and then also blame referees when U-C-L-A wins against anyone. Jealously, I suppose is the real reason…but i don’t want to downplay the whole “QUEER” thing.
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