USC Morning Buzz

The NFL draft resumes today and the Jaguars (33rd overall) and the Eagles (35th) could both use quarterbacks, which is good news for Matt Barkley (and Geno Smith).

There are a quite a few big names still floating out there like Manti Te’o and, of course, Robert Woods. Alabama tailback Eddie Lacy and Stanford tight end Zach Ertz also remain undrafted.

So if Barkley slips past 35th, could he wait for a long time before he gets drafted?

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  • you Dummies sholdda NEVER come back!!!!

    c’mon!! the Cadre’s gotta lotta mo’! a lotta mo’!!!

    lets get to work!!

    oh i DO feel so ALIVE, i really DOOOOOOOOO!!!
    (spinning with arms out looking up at sky)

    • WEB_Dupree

      Bucket, if you were drafting a trolling team from among the Bruin trolls on this blog, whom would you pick first?

      • don’t try to put me in a Sophie’s Choice moment, you think you can create dissension in the Cadre with such trifles???

        we are AS ONE!!!!

  • dtksr1

    Come on Scott… the coach of the eagles is not going to draft Barkley and throw his offensive philosophy in the trash can. I think the West Virginia QB Geno Smith will get that nod…

    • dtksr1

      I am though, really saddened for Robert Woods and how Kiffin screwed him!

      • dtksr1

        I am also wondering if the pro-teams have a lesser opinion of Manti Te’o after Alabama exposed him pretty good as a non-factor in their title game?

      • gotroy22

        It’s a mystery why Kiffin would snub Woods and favor Lee so much instead of using both equally to demoralize the opposing team’s secondaries. It’s almost something you’d be disappointed to see in Pop Warner level coach.

        • Golden Trojan

          That is a mystery why the offense focused not just on the pass but just one guy the last 2 seasons, is it really Kiffin or Barkley? We’ll know if and when Barkley plays at the next level.

          • Really ? Have you read any of what Barkley has said ? It’s was all Kiffin

          • dtksr1

            I will never undrstand why Kiffin thought Lee by himself would outscore the other teams. Why the coaching staff (they had to damn well see this too) didn’t demand Kiffin open up the offense. Why the players didn’t revolt (well maybe they finally did after the Sun Bowl). Was everyone afraid to tell this man his gameplans sucked?

  • Spedjones

    Franklin before Woods or Barfly? Hmm.