Lane Kiffin Joins Unique Club

The last two times a ranked USC team lost to an unranked Washington State team, the coaches got fired. That would be Ted Tollner in 1986 and John Robinsin in 1997.

40 thoughts on “Lane Kiffin Joins Unique Club

  1. Kiffin’s offense is a fracken joke. The good news is SC won’t win enough games to save Kiffin’s job.

    • Sadly, I can’t tell you how many times I’ve said that about Bruin coaches. But this fire, will hit all of the Bruin nation particularly hard. We will always wonder, what could have been? A decade of dominance? Hope Haden goes back to some old friends, like Tollner or Hackett,

    • Yeah, that was kind of the worst-case scenario — a mediocre season with just enough wins for Lane to keep to his job. I guess we don’t have to worry about that now.

  2. Haden should be busy calling a locksmith to change the locks on Heritage Hall tonight. Fire Kiffin and let Tee Martin serve as interim head coach, while the Clancy Pendergass defense carries the team.

    Kiffin is the worst coach in FBS football (probably FCS as well)

  3. So discouraging… Wittek stands on the sideline like he doesn’t give a shit…what a mess offensively. Clancy and the D was good. Can’t wait for next week Kiff. Serious problems ahead….

  4. Every other Pac12 team playing tonight won. Nail…meet coffin lid. Only eleven more to go, culminating in the Bruins decimating these pretenders. Going to be sad to see Lame go.

    • I was telling everyone last night that I have a weird feeling that’s who we’re going to get.

      • Fitzgerald is a Northwestern alum. He’s not leaving his alma mater. You’ve got to find a coach who doesn’t have a deep tie to the program. Sumlin doesn’t to A&M. Petersen’s been at BSU for awhile and no doubt has a connection, but he’s a Cali kid who went to UC Davis, so there’s some hope for him.

        Kiffin could have avoided all of this had he hired a competent OC, but he’s the worst in the business and it’s going to cost him his job.

        Good riddance.

  5. Has this defense given up any legitimate points this season? In Hawaii there was the safety and the garbage time touchdown. The field goal was a result of a turnover, I think. Tonight, WSU scored on a pick 6… oh, I guess the field goal was earned. I was thinking it was after the INT, but it came before. Still, 3 true points given up all season. If the offense (er, Kiffin) wasn’t so putrid, this team would be top 10 material. Instead, they look like a typical bruin team.

    • nice buuuuurn! guess that game didnt burn you enough! and i dont think it looked like a “typical” bruin game (unless youre looking at that horrible 13 – 9 win in 2006). Because the Bruins havent had a credible defense in yeeeeeeeeears …although recently its started to look better. As for the offense, well…just look at the numbers being put up…about time UCLA had a good quarterback, something the trogans can only dream of. so a “typical bruin team”…sadly, more like a “typical sc team” at least for the foreseeable future.

    • You’re kidding right? Oregon State gave up 14 to Hawaii (USC gave up 13) but Oregon State also lost to Eastern Washington (a FCS team). So if you think USC’s defense is good, boy Eastern Washington’s must be the best in the nation.

      USC doesn’t play anyone in their first four games, so believing your defense is great because they can shutdown the worst of the worst does not prove anything. Just wait until ASU and Arizona opens it up on the Toejams. USC better bring an offense to those games or you may see a couple 50-0 games.

      • USC gave up a garbage time touchdown and a field goal. You’re not actually pinning the safety on the defense are you? And there’s a big difference between playing Hawaii on the island and playing them at home. That’s one reason this loss to WSU was so devastating. Bottom line, Kiffin needs to go.

  6. Get the tarmac ready for Chris Petersen or Kevin Sumlin. One of those guys will be wearing Cardinal & Gold on the sidelines next year.

  7. USC is doing its best to NOT return to the sun bowl in El Paso – they must not have enjoyed all the — all you can eat cheap Mexican dives

    Does trojanfan still want to fight everybody? or is he too busy giving bjs at truck stops

    actually, this game is BAD NEWS for the pac12…

    this is THE game that will get Kiffen fired – just like the 50-0 blowout got the weasil fired

    USC will EVENTUALLY become a power again due to this game – I hate to say it

    but until then, quack, quack, quack, quack!

  8. Please Lord keep Kiffin. We knew Haden didn’t want to fire without hiring a new coach to have full recruiting privileges, but he lied. Now he has to explain his lie if he fires kif. The drama is un-be-Lee-vable

  9. Wow, pUSC’s even worse than I thought, and WSU is no longer the cellar dweller in the PAC-12. OSU beats Hawaii worse than the Trojans–and that after losing to lowly Eastern Washington last week. The question isn’t whether or not pUSC will fire Kiffin, but whether or not they can win a conference game.

  10. wow! this is some rought stuff!!
    but where are the Dummies???
    NOBS and T-HOSE are in a dark corner quietly sobbing and whispering “hold me”
    meanwhile T-FAIL is peeking thru the window at them while gratifying himself!!!!

  11. Two great pass plays called by a coach for his two green quarterbacks. This is clearly a coach who is so divinely inspired he did not feel the need to watch any films of Leach’s defenses. This is the “offensive”, and I do mean Offensive, genius who, allegorically speaking, could not make out in a woman’s prison with a blank pardon!

  12. How many times did I say “FIRE KIFFIN!!!” during and after the last season? Did anybody count?

    FIRE KIFFIN NOW!!! The sooner, the better.

  13. Haden needs to be fired. He failed in BB and he failed to act in FB. Last year was a Tollner year. This year may be worse.

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