Devon Kennard Finalist For Lott Trophy

USC defensive end Devon Kennard was named one of four finalists for the Lott Trophy. The others are Anthony Barr (UCLA), Chris Borland (Wisconsin) and James Morris (Iowa).

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  • Trojan Hoarse

    It’s time for Aundrey Walker to pull from the guard position and pancake block Anthony Barr into submission as payback for last years embarrassment…..

    • ThaiMex

      Don’t be angry at Barr for doing his thing. Besides….he was just finishing UNfinished business!
      fit UN!

      • Trojan Hoarse

        Then don’t be angry at our DL for doing THEIR thing……BTW…. Saturday will be Senior Day, not Señor Day, Amigo….

      • TrojanFamily

        Or angry at Summer’s Eve for doing HIS thing: the douche-troll.

    • ProbationU

      Not sure they are going to trust Walker on Barr. He damn near ended Barkley’s career. Hasn’t been the same since. I am sure both Barr and Williams will have their moments.

      • Trojan Hoarse

        I agree that they probably won’t be lining up directly across from each other…. I was referring to Walker pulling from the guard position, and then dealing with Barr when he least expects it….actually, Walker has been do that quite a bit this season with pretty decent success, as shown by the improved running attack……. he is not cut out for the LT position, IMO….at least not at this stage of his development

        • ProbationU

          The guard won’t have time to pull and block Barr on anything but a run play. He isn’t quick enough. Walker didn’t even wave the cape at him matador style last year…just let him go by. Is Wheeler still playing LT? He can’t handle him either. As far as us…we have 3 true feshman still on the OL. We’d better have some quick passes….maybe hit you with some bubble screens.

          • Trojan Hoarse

            Yes, Wheeler is still playing LT… he is improving, but I will grant you that he is no match for Barr’s speed and quickness… this is where
            Soma Vainuku comes in….if anyone can match Barr, body blow for body blow, it’s him…

          • Trojan Hoarse

            And UCLA’s young OL, TE’s and RB’s had better do a better job of protecting Hundley…. 31 sacks, year to date, is pretty brutal, and further compounded with leading the NCAA Division I-A in penalties, with 94 for a negative 835 yards….The Pac-12 refs haven’t help matters this season either….. the top 4 teams in the NCAA in penalties received are from the Pac-12

  • TrojanFan

    Congrats to Devon! I hope he brings home the hardware. I’m sure some other awards are to follow

  • B.Miller

    Well deserved.. FIGHT ON!