Alabama Good Fit For Former USC Coach Lane Kiffin


USC and Alabama run pro-style offenses and Nick Saban exerts tight control over his offense so Lane Kiffin can do what he is told and keep a low profile to rebuild his reputation. Before Kiffin got fired, USC ranked 120th in the nation in plays per minute. Alabama ranked 118th.

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  • steveg

    He will have a chance to build a new image. I hear that visors are not allowed at Alabama games. I can’t wait to see the fans when Bama goes to play at Tennessee. Have to give Kiffin armed security.

    • HeySuxx

      An excellent point. That problem hadn’t occurred to me. Kiffy, out of pot and into the frying pan.

    • the SEC has those big potbellied state troopers with the hats all hitched forward to run along side Kiff and protect him!!

      • steveg

        What a sight. Hope I can get that picture out of my head.

        • TrojanFan3.0

          Then bucket streaked by wearing his Alcindor special.

          • marvgoux1

            Alcindor special?

    • Brad Hutchings

      If he’s such a crappy coach, why is Tennessee fan still so bent that he left for USC? This never made any sense to me.

  • USC53

    He keeps falling in gold mines….but he’s a lousy prospector!

  • Joe Blow

    This is hilarious. Today, Wolf wanted to know what success Kiff had. Well, Mr. Wolfie, he just a top job with one of the Top 5 teams in the country. THAT IS SUCCESS. Too bad you’re such a jealous sour p u s s

    • Flagged

      • TrojanFan3.0

        Mom said the meal ticket has expired and she wants you out of the basement….must suck to be you!

        PS….Has the Alcindor special shaping up?

      • TrojanFan3.0

        Can you flag your own posts?

  • wolfman, the Karma Chameleon has shined on you yet AGAIN!!! this extends Kiffs shelf-life on this blog indefinitely!!!

    c’mon McNair lawsuit!!!

    i am boggled the trOXans keep begging for this case to start!!! it will have NO CURATIVE effect on the sanctions!!

    in fact, it will only dredge up embarrassing facts about Southern Cal!! McNair’s story was ripped to shreds by the NCAA, now with their powers of subpoena duces tecum expanded by an actual lawsuit, the NCAA will uncover more info about Pete’s involvement!!

    if anything, this could open Southern Cal to MORE SANCTIONS!!

    • LamontRaymond


      • Lamont, you big Dummy!

        • TrojanFan3.0

          Dude. you are too much!

  • Dr. Paul

    I had lunch with a rabid Washington Huskies ExPat in Robinson’s Food Court in Cebu. He says that Sabin is paying Kiffin minimum wage but had to pay Denny’s a fortune for the menu.

    • marvgoux1

      I bet your pal was happy we took Sark off their hands.

      • Dr. Paul

        Typical MD. Quick to diagnose and slow to prescribe. Kind of had a “wait and see” on Peterson. Certainly viewed Sark a a bit treasonous.

  • Arturo

    SC struggled offensively last year when the opposing team’s D_line imposed itself on SC’s fragile O-line- regardless of the coach. In Kiffin’s defense, the O-line improved a little as the year went on allowing the team to do things offensively that they couldn’t do early on.He won’t have to deal with schollie restrictions and won’t have to set the tone for team. BTW Bama has the best O-line East of the Mississippi.

    • marvgoux1

      Who recruited those O-Linemen?

      • Arturo

        Seantrel Henderson, # ranked OT verbally committed to SC right before the sanctions but waited to see what would happen; left because of sanctions. Just one of MANY cases where Kiffin got players only to have sanctions nullify their entrance. SH would have played where SC was weakest- he started as a true freshman at the U- left OTl

        • marvgoux1

          Seantreal was a bust at Miami, pal. He was a backup his senior year. If Kiffin was a great recruiter as you Sunshine Pumpers claim, he should have been able to overcome the sanctions and recruit good OL. Would of and should of don’t cut it.

  • MichiganTrojan

    Just for the record, can we be clear, under Pete Carroll he was never an OC on his own. The title may have said that…but he was Norm Chow’s assistant and then the booth guy to Sarkisian’s field guy. So all the 2005-2006 offensive stats that media outlets are publishing are misleading at best. To boot, he did not set the world on fire at any point really in his next 4 years as a HC. I would be shocked if there are more than a handful of people out there who could honestly articulate – in the positive – what it is that LK brings from a strategy standpoint. “Pro style” is not adequate. “Bubble screens” may not be fair either, but I challenge you to give me the prototypical Kiffin formation, run or pass philosophy (from the novice standpoint), etc. We know he likes formation shifts prior to snap. We know he likes short slants and bubbles screens. In any case, I disagree that he’s a “good fit” as an OC of a major football program, and think he’s only as a good as a program is strong. If anything Alabama will pick him up, not the other way around. Offensively, they’ll throw a few few firecrackers out from time to time, but they’ll continue their long road back to the middle – not this year though, 7 home games, 4 road games, 1 neutral site game against a terrible team, bloated schedule solves all ills……

    • marvgoux1

      So we should blame Sark for having Reggie Bush on the sidelines on 4th and 2?

    • Brad Hutchings

      Good grief. The guy came into a program under the 2nd worst sanctions in NCAA history, took the helm, recruited like a madman, had a phenomenal season when there was no bowl reward possible and had a mediocre season when scholie limitations started to hit. And you’re focussed on play calling. Unreal.

  • Larry Harris

    Is it too late to schedule Alabama? When Kiffie was OC for PC, the 12 year old across the street would correctly predict aprox. 85% of his play calls. He was the highlight of the football season in the neighborhood, providing comic relief for both Trojan and Bruin fans alike here East of Sepulveda (where it has been rummored to contain no life). There has never been a worse OC ever than Mr. Kiff at USC. Even in our weakened state, we could give the powerfull Auburn haters fits just as long as we keep knowing what was coming most of the time. I even tried to cut Lame some slack when he came here as the HC, just as long as he did not orchestrate the play calling. So much for that pipe dream.

  • Yale O. Leftwich

    LK will coach and recruit to Alabama’s benefit;he will learn how to be a real head coach,they will return to #1;it won’t be long when SC is prominent also,couple years into the top 5,if players quit bailing out;SC NEEDS TO RECRUIT STUDENT/ATHLETES THAT WANT TO PLAY AND ARE LOYAL;you are not a REAL TROJAN when you bail out.

  • Brad Hutchings

    Scott, you’re doing Kiffin a huge favor by lowering expectations to a point where the average Petco trained dog or UCLA grad could meet them.

    No doubt in my mind that 20 years from now, Kiffin will be viewed as a great coach, likely in the same moid as a Saban. Some schools and players respond well to that. Some don’t.

    Please remember. Matt Barkley probably left $20M on the table by returning for his senior season. There was nothing but downside in that decision. He must have felt comfortable enough with his head coach to do that.

  • B.Miller

    Should have started him as a position coach. make him work his way up