Player Spotlight: Pete Adams

Notre Dame USC Football

Photo/Associated Press

Pete Adams was an All-American offensive lineman on the 1972 USC team that many consider the greatest team in college football history. He was also a Playboy All-American and spent four years with the Cleveland Browns.

In the above picture, Adams (77) leaves the field after the Trojans defeated Notre Dame, 28-14, in 1971.  The Notre Dame player is defensive back Mike Crotty, whose father played at Notre Dame under Knute Rockne.

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  • UCLA owns LA Football

    Why only four (4) years with Cleveland? Was Adams tired of sitting on the bench? Maybe O’Daze knows the answer – so what’s the scoop Timmy, Tommy?

    • UCLA Bleauz

      How many years did YOU play with Cleveland?

    • Sally Cushing

      Take your dog somewhere else, you little snot. What have you ever accomplished? What you write is a reflection of who you are. Envious comes to mind, as do immature and unmanly.

    • Mike 70

      What a priq you are. Get alife.

  • Jack B

    Adams was one of McKay’s favorite players. He really liked Pete.

  • Yale O. Leftwich

    those were the days…soon they will return….everything goes in cycles

  • rusoviet

    I wonder if the guy in the trench coat is Bill Dwyre – kind of looks like him.