LenDale White-Pat Haden Update

LenDale White (left) stands near Cody Kessler after the quarterback set his record for touchdown passes in a game.  Photo by Michael Owen Baker/Los Angeles Daily News

LenDale White (left) stands near Cody Kessler after the quarterback set his record for touchdown passes in a game. Photo by Michael Owen Baker/Los Angeles Daily News

The whole LenDale White controversy started near the end of yesterday’s game when witnesses said White got into an argument with Pat Haden. Why?

Several sources told me Haden confronted White over his critical comments via twitter during the Arizona game about defensive coordinator Justin Wilcox. White became aggravated by Haden’s remarks and told the athletic director he was not on his “pay roll,” and “All i said was what people were thinking.”

Haden reportedly told White he needed to support the program better and White questioned Haden’s college football achievements.

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  1. White thinks he’s a big shot because he was great on the field for USC. Off the field, he’s no Marcus Allen, Ronnie Lott or Troy Palomalu, none of whom would publicly criticize Wilcox, then immediately try to bust a press conference like they owned the place or argue with USC’s No. 1 athletic official publicly and name call-twitter about it like a child.

    White made himself look stupid. Maybe he is.

    • He is stupid. He didn’t even have Haden ‘ s NFL career. He preferred the magic weed. Maybe Haden was showing him how to get that extra yard he needed against Texas. LenDale never accomplished squat after he left SC, unlike the other guys you named.

  2. White questioned Haden’s college football achievements – really? Haden has accomplished more in college football, the NFL and life than White could ever dream of.

      • He hung around a lot longer that “pass the joint” LenDale White…but hardly a Hall Of Famer.

      • He led the Rams to mediocrity before being replaced by wahed up John Hadl, Brock Deiter and washed up Joe Namath.

    • Helen, I usually agree with your comments but would have to do a little more research to say that Haden accomplished a lot more in his lifetime. If you take into account each individual’s starting point in life and where they are now, your comment might be more creditable. On the surface it would seem as though you were completely correct.

      • John summed up Haden’s educational achievements and football career very well. He also had a successful career in private equity from 1987 until he took the role as AD at USC. The bottom line is Haden has earned everything he has received, while White signed a large football contract and never delivered.

    • Haden was on 2 national championship teams at SC, and was co-player of the Rose Bowl in the come from behind victory over Ohio State that won the national championship.

      Haden played one year in the old World Football League and then was the Rams quarerback for 6 years; in 1978 the Rams were 12-4 under his leadership and he won the NFC Player of the Year award.

      Pat was also a good and funny football color man i..e that is legal in every state except Utah

      He won academic awards at SC and was granted a Rhodes Scholarship to Oxford

      Other than that Haden was a no-count.

  3. Classic. White telling Haden that he lacks college football achievements is as obvious as reminding a friend not to bring their accordion on an elk hunt.

  4. You go LenDale, don’t let Mr. Politically Correct Scotch breath tell you what to say !!!!!!!

    FIRE SARK !!!!!!!!!!

  5. I was surprised to see White on the sideline after his comments. I figured the comments were addressed before he was allowed to be there. I like Haden, but someone screwed up to allow that confrontation take place at a game. It should have been addressed long before White was allowed to step foot on the sideline.

  6. My comment about White got deleted because I quoted what he twitted about Haden. Suffice it to say it was crude and rude, and since it is in written form it will exist forever.

    When the ol’ running back eventually cools down he will regret burning his SC bridge.

    • Or will he be glad he sees that the Trojan Family as he once knew it under Pete Carroll no longer exists? Now it’s blind obedience or else.

  7. here is my .02 cents: this whole season, which should of been a good one with a new coach and some talking heads getting back on the USC bandwagon, has been a @%#@$ embarrassment. From the Josh Shaw lie to A Brown calling everyone a racist and making himself look stupid to the ridiculous loss to Boston College to the even more ridiculous loss to ASU, now this..and can I ask why are we running up te score on a poor, over- matched Colorado team? Nobody give a frog’s fat A** if cody kessler threw 7 TD’s passes. This season is long over wit and at this point we are looking to our diamond walnut bowl game and next year. Putting 56 on the Buffs just makes us look stupid. Hey we lost to Boston college but killed Colorado!! HUH?>?

    • Sorry , but these comments were not even worth $.02

      SC will be 9-2 going into Notre Dame game, get invited to Pac12 championship, and beat Oregon.

      You heard it here first.

      Fight On

    • Wow. You are weird.

      I saw USC twiddle their thumbs the entire 4th Q against CU. Mercy city. USC never ran it up. They totally eased off and gave Browne some extended hand-off time.

      If you think putting up 56 on CU, when they could have put up 76, makes USC look stupid, then I guess the boys should have just refused to come out for the second half.

      And if you think this season is over, when so much remains to be played out, I’d say USC is bad for your blood. If you’re so embarrassed by SC, why don’t you make yourself proud and pick another school to root for, like ND or ucla. You seem like their type.

      • Not sure if he is one of yours or one of ours!

        Looking at the remaining schedule, I think ASU has the inside track. They have the tiebreaker with SC and they don’t have to play Oregon. Toughest remaining game is on the road in Tucson. Crazy season with 5 of 6 teams in the South in AP Top 25.

        Patrick put in his 2 cents which is more than that opinion is worth.

        • Congrats on your win. It was a little ugly at the end, but sometimes those are just as, even more, enjoyable…it’s like you’ve cheated surefire oncoming disappointment and the future, hell forever, will be none the wiser.

          These coaches, who control so much of our football enjoyment, ultimately as so human, and make some of the most boneheaded calls and decisions. Let’s face it. It must be damned tough to make a living on the sideline.

          • Hundley is having a poor year. I don’t care what his stats say. Some very costly turnovers and 2 for 13 on 3rd down yesterday. Kessler is having a better year so far. I think Brett go caught up in all the Heisman hype. I hope he gets it turned around because he is such a HUGE part of our offense. Both teams still have things to play for. Bruins have a tough road though.

            Utah in SLC will be a real test for SC. Very stout D and Pullman can be tough as well.

            ASU looking pretty good at the moment.

          • If you beat us, Perkins could be the key. You’ve got a running game now. He’s good. Gotta give Pola some credit. He punched out Kiffin and landed up across town. Crazy world.

            I still think ASU will lose again. Won’t matter anyway. Nobodies beating Oregon.

          • You are right about Oregon. I doubt anyone in the South will go undefeated the rest of the way. Could go deep into the tiebreaker to see who gets killed by the Ducks.

            Very true about Pola. An outstanding job for us and he has us very much in play for a top 5 RB recruit. He is bringing some toughness to the backs. Perkins having a good year.

          • One good development for you is the decline of Stanford. I think they would have beat you in Sept. No longer. They’re a dropping stock now. If you watched them against ASU (could score only 10), you’d know what I mean. They aren’t playing for Shaw the way they used to. No running game and toughness seems surprisingly lacking.

          • Our issues are of our own making. Stupid mistakes. Stanford is woeful on offense. No running game and worst QB in the league. Great D though. Keeps them in games.

    • I have to agree with you 100% PC. All rivalry aside, PC your thread nails the SUCC FB Season on the nose. Common sense is a wonderful attribute.

  8. These soap opera occasions need to be aired out in more mature ways or in private;LenDale is entitled to his opinion not privileges deemed for some and obviously not others;he was a truly tremendous running back while at SC,and had a fair year or two in Tenn. or maybe more…I hope Haden will try to heal this ,we do not need it;somebody needs to be the adult in the room.

  9. White does have a point–he’s not on Haden’s payroll. In fact, I don’t think he’s on anyone’s payroll at the moment.

    • And, sadly, he talks and acts like a man who knows he’ll never be on anyone’s payroll again. I wish this great Trojan had a better Third Act.

      • I agree. He should be dominating the NFL right now, but he drank and ate his way out of the game. Pete Carroll threw him a rope at the end of his career, only to cut him within a week. Now, he’s attending Saturday night USC games because he’s not playing on Sundays. Tragic.

  10. If what White claims is true, in 2014, the onus is on Haden risking having any interaction being recorded – aside from his (White) mocking Haden’s NFL career bluntly was anyone pleased with Wilcox’s game plan prior to last night?

  11. Lendale White is a major League KNUCKLEHEAD, and I am surprised he is surprised he got kicked out of the locker room. Hey Lendale, go smoke some weed and chill out. Your unemployed and will be broke in 5 years, so enjoy it while you can.

  12. so by the recent testimony of two former players, Siete is a Racist and O’Hadden is a Coward!!!

    with alums like this, who needs Bruins??

    and what did alum and current Laker Nick Young say when asked who his favorite reporter was?? “My MAN, Scot Wolf!! That’s MY MAN right there!!!”


  13. White may be a bit of a knucklehead, but he’s a lovable knucklehead, and he cares passionately about USC and the program. Haden should know when to just let things go, but that’s the big problem with Haden. Rhodes Scholar, biggest brain in the room, can’t just let things go, steps in them later.

    • Some knuckleheads need to be escorted off the premises by cops to finally get it. Hope White gets off the pot in more ways than one.

  14. Haden controls the credentials, If Haden doesn’t like what Lendale White is saying on social media why does he give him a credential and sideline pass?

  15. Hey didn’t White jump off a building? I saw him on the sideline he didn’t look too happy when the defense turned off the juice. They were flat in the 4th quarter as if their job was done. I saw so many new people on the field I wondered if they completely emptied the bench. I mean you couldn’t wave a towel out there without hitting someone we’d never heard of. Then a weird thought occurred to me; Why do we have so many repeated numbers if we are depleted by reductions in force? How many #4s do we need?

  16. I think both White and hayden should cut each other some slack. I don’t think confronting White on the sidelines during a game is the best place to deal with these issues. Hayden could have easily asked to meet with him at a later date and talk things over privately.

    Do you think Hayden would have confronted White if the Trojans were losing the game? Very much doubt it.

  17. Haden runs to the sidelines again to protect his chubby little boy Suckisian… this program remains a joke. So Lendale believes this staff sucks and Haden’s an idiot for hiring the losers….well so does everyone else

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