Quarterback Battle In 2016?

For many reasons, Max Browne should be the starting quarterback against Alabama in the 2016 season opener. In my mind, the fact he is a good kid and loyal to the program are reason enough. Plus, he is clearly better every year.

Based on three practices (not many obviously), it appears there could at least be some competition. Freshman Sam Darnold does not look like a typical QB in his first week of college. He is athletic and fearless on his throws. This is probably good for Browne and the program. Competition makes everyone better. And it’s better to have more than one quarterback who can play next season.

25 thoughts on “Quarterback Battle In 2016?

  1. And let’s see how durable they are, once the practices become more physical…….

    • Rudy was a good kid and loyal to the program. He didn’t start but got his won movie. Should Max get his own movie also and start. I bet most coaches (USC and elsewhere) would describe all walk-ons as good kids and loyal to the program. So maybe Scooter is onto something, let all the good kids that are loyal to the program start and then we could abolish scolarships for football. Think of all the money the schools would save….

  2. I’m going on record to say that I believe Browne may be the best QB in the fold right now. He has made great progress however because Kessler has more game experience he will be the man this season.

    I will say I believe Max will win more games for us in 2016 than Kessler will this season.

    • what is exciting about Browne is his deep ball passing ability. we haven’t had any one at USC EXCEPT Sanchez who could throw the deep ball accurately. with our WR corps, its gonna be fun!

  3. Wolfie, the QB Whisperer, wouldn’t know a good signal caller prospect if he actually tried to scout for 10 years. Earth to Wolfie – USC recruited and signed Darnold because they thought he could be very good. You’re late to class as usual.

    • It wasn’t too long ago that Scottie made fun of USC for recruiting Darnold. Now he’s singing his praises. Perhaps to manufacture a controversy? Naw, Scottie wouldn’t do that.

      • Exactly!…. If I remember correctly, Scott was slamming the poor kid because of what appeared to be weak stats….. until he finally realized that it was because of an injury shortened season!!!!

        • Yes, and there was another OC qb, can’t remember who, who for a few weeks SW was ballistic because we didn’t sign…critical because we had Town , then Darnold.. Browne we be a excellent leader and QB, then….?

          • I think it was that running QB from Servite, Travis Waller, who wound up committing to Oregon last year?……

          • After last two recruiting cycles 14,15- staff from all indications has done excellent job.So for me, when some one under the radar comes up, I trust there’s a gem .Blue Shirt..Burnett seems to be one..he has impressed Juju tremendously.

      • Helen, this is your post from 10 months ago, quoting Scott:

        “If you watched Sam Darnold’s impressive highlights that I posted yesterday, you would have a hard time believing San Clemente went 2-8 last season.”

        “Darnold is just a three-star.”

        “And why not offer Waller? His stock is certainly higher.”

        “But Kiffin was never going to backtrack. And this explains the offer to San Clemente’s Sam Darnold today.”

        — Scott Wolf quotes on Sam Darnold

    • Jackie,
      Do the math.
      Wolfie has 20 comments so far on this blurb alone. Jack Wang (real name) on the UCLA site has about 10 total for his last 5 blurbs. So Scott doesn’t need to know a good signal caller, does he? He just needs to know how to play you.

      • If you knew anything about math Troll Boy, you’d know Trojan football fans outnumber the little gutties 20 X 1 and we provide the info here, not Wolfie, who didn’t even think Darnold should get an offer. This is all over your little gutty head, I know.

        • Math?… Heck, troll boy needs to pull down his pants in order to count to 21……

  4. Scott says Browne should be the QB “if nothing else because he is loyal and a good kid”. Come on Scott! This is big time football and only the best should play. You would be the first to criticize Sark if Browne turned out to be a stiff. be consistent. you think Sark should have orange slices for the kids after the game too?

  5. If team is in total control of the game later in the 4th quarter and, if Browne and/or Darnold continue showing progress & promise, Sark would have to give them some meaningful time on the field as they earned it. 2-other scenarios: If Kessler is having a great year and in the Heisman race, I can see Sark staying with him as long as he doesn’t get banged up and, if Sark thinks next year’s team will surround the new QB with experience and talent (like Leinart had at Auburn) he won’t be that much in a hurry to play another QB every chance he could.

  6. “USC offered a scholarship to quarterback Sam Darnold of San Clemente. The news here is that it offered Darnold but not Servite QB Travis Waller, who is expected to announce his decision Tuesday.

    Darnold is just a three-star. How does this affect David Sills? Is it the final sign that the Baby Quarterback will go elsewhere? And why not offer Waller? Did USC feel he is unattainable? His stock is certainly higher. Maybe they think it would scare off Ricky Town if Waller committed.”

    Scott Wolf – June 28, 2014

    • There’s no way in He-DOUBLE HOCKEYSTICKS that Darnold starts over Max Browne. Not even a competition battle. Wolf must be sipping on grandpa’s ol’ cough medicine.

      • Just mind boggling sometimes what SW posts.It starts conversation, however,in the short and long run I think it keeps more people out of conversations. Both freshman QBs are talent’s , upsides huge,that’s why they are Trojans. Greene is very talented.. Heck the team is full of extreme talent, marvel at possibilities… As for now we are 0-0..

    • Hanging on for dear life…….and filling out his transfer papers for San Jose State, or San Diego State….or Ventura JC

  7. Sounds like Darnold looked like the typical freshman today per Sark in his pressor.

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