Clay Helton/Andy Enfield Tour

Talk about an exciting time. Like Coachella. Or Frank Sinatra and Dean Martin.

Clay Helton and Andy Enfield will make four stops on their speaking tour in May and June. Here are the dates/location:

May 8 (Balboa Bay Resort); May 15 (Founders’ Room, Galen Center); May 17 (La Jolla Country Club) and June 2 (Indian Wells Country Club).

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  • JustOwns

    Clay and Andrew troll Un-Hoi Polloi Newport Beach, La Jolla, Palm Springs and Galen Barn begging bozo u donations – It’s called the “Touch Me for $$$$” tour.

    • schammer47

      JO, Resorts and Country Clubs have much to offer sensible, respectable, successful Classy People. Your day after day inappropriate presence on our USC Trojan Blog gives unmistakable notice that you, JO, lack good sense, are disrespectful, a social loser, and a life-long unemployable UCLA wannabe. Next……

      • JustOwns

        Who is “our” 47? Please be specific. because you tend to copious irrational assumption and opinion w/o creditable purpose.

        • PHIL NEIMAN

          I hear the Mora/Alford tour kicks off at the Barstow YMCA, and that owns is one of the waiters!

          • JustOwns

            Phil tongues his own rim shots.

          • PHIL NEIMAN

            When I am reduced spending my time trolling bruins on one of their boards, you can put a bullet in my head. You are truly a sad case study, as your life lacks any meaning. Admit it owns, you were devastated when Hillary lost, weren’t you.

          • Pasadena Trojan

            No he wasn’t. He was already devastated by swearing allegence to ugly. All he could become from that fine degree of ugly is a pizza delivery guy.

          • PHIL NEIMAN

            Question- how do you get a bruin off your front porch?
            Answer- Give him the $9 for the Pizza

          • Pasadena Trojan

            Please do not insult Barstow when you mention Just Owns in the same sentence. You will devalue Barstow when you do that. Thank you.

          • PHIL NEIMAN

            You are correct. Barstow is much better than any town owns could reside in. Dear Barstow residents-please accept my humble apology

          • gotroy22

            They tour the Hollywood leather bars.

  • Alvarado

    Smart move to shake down the donors with both coaches in tow rather than re-visit the ‘burned over’ sites a second time.