Morning Buzz: USC Enters Season With Cornerback Questions

USC Trojans defensive back Chris Hawkins (4) and USC Trojans wide receiver Deontay Burnett (80) run a drill. USC is holding fall training camp on Howard Jones Field. Los Angeles, CA. August 2, 2017. (Photo by John McCoy/SCNG)

In my story for today’s paper, I look at the questions USC has at cornerback this season, where many players are unproven.

“In the pass-happy Pac-12 Conference, USC needs three dependable cornerbacks on the field for most games. Iman Marshall returns as a two-year starter. What about the other two spots? Ajene Harris, who started four games last season at nickel back, is expected to be a starter. And so is Jones, despite a freshman season when he mostly performed on special teams.”

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9 thoughts on “Morning Buzz: USC Enters Season With Cornerback Questions

  1. That’s why football is such the perfect team game. Great play by the D Line and Linebackers will take the pressure off relatively green CBs.

  2. You undercut your supposed strongest arguments. When Adoree went out in the Rose Bowl, it all collapsed, right? Except that the 4th quarter was the best the defense looked all game. Oops!

  3. I think this area is of the most concern, that of an inexperienced defensive backfield (except Biggie) because the PAC-12 is a passing league and DBs are going to be challenged throughout a game. I can’t believe Pendergast is going to leave unproven CBs out there going one-on-one on an island and hope for the best. That would be suicide as there are too many good QBs in this league.

    • Just sayin’ uhhh but yeaf weren’t there good qb’s last year on other teams and don’t other teams lose good receivers?

      • Washington, WSU, Oregon, Stanford, CAL, Utah (?), Arizona, ASU & that school across town have experienced QBs or 5th year transfers. I’d say the league will be tougher QB-wise this year…

        • Yeah you’re right, a big fat target on our back esp. starting @ # 4 USAToday/ESPN Poll

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