17 thoughts on “USC Tweet Of The Night

  1. Probably can get him in the 4th round like Fatt Barkley after his disastrous senior year.

          • They were referring to purging the school of all conservative professors.
            Remember, football is a patriarchal sexist racist sport started by dead white slave owners.

          • At UCLA it doesn’t take 15 months and a Fishwrap front page expose like at bozo u to acknowledge the the former Dean of the bozo u Crank Medical School, Dr Carmen A. Puliafito, bona fide drug addict, alky, loser was in fact, still seeing Crank patients, with the approval of Slapsy Maxie, President of bozo u.

          • Squatter, and the newspapers turned a blind eye on the biggest cheater of all time and that was Johnny, they call him, THE CHEATER, Wooden. That was going on for over 10 years. Squatter, how much money did the Cheater spend on his, “professional team”?

  2. Scottie’s a little late to the party on this one – it was up on ESPN all day….

  3. Hope Matt has a talk with Mark Sanchez – the NYJ are one of the three worst franchises in the NFL along with CLE and (currently) SFO

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