Latest NCAA Football Odds

Here are the latest odds from the Las Vegas SuperBook. Have the oddsmakers seen USC’s kickers?

Alabama 5-2

Ohio State 3-1

USC 7-1

Florida State 8-1

Oklahoma  18-1

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  • Michael Guarino

    College football playoff odds are instructive— but not infallible– guides to the season. Critically important facts —-such as bench strength, short week scheduling, loss of senior talent at key positions, experience along the lines—-are not weighted appropriately. The first 4 teams you listed have equally solid shots at the National Championship — but the odds on all of them are gonna skyrocket up and down throughout September. Let’s wait and see where we are in the first week of October.

  • Old Trojans never die

    I have not seen any comments of worry coming from the special teams coach. And for the most part a kicker kicks the extra point and shouldn’t be called on to win the game as we did in the Rose Bowl.
    I have ben watching high school football for years and have never seen a consistent kicker at that level. I don’t think the high school coaches worry too much about field goals. Unless we get a late transfer from a JC we are going to have a slow start to kicking duties.

  • Alvarado

    Road opponents for the programs listed

    USC: @ Cal, WA St., Notre Dame, AZ St. & CO

    AL : neutral FL St and @ Vanderbilt, TX A&M, MS St., & Auburn,

    OH St.: @ IN, Rutgers, IA, NE & MI

    FL St.: neutral AL and @ Wake Forest, Duke, BC, Clemson & FL

    OK: @ OH St., Baylor, TX, KS St., OK St. & KS

    The toughest road schedule seems to be OK which I believe will knock them out of the running real fast with having a first year coach and frankly not ready for OH St. and both KS St. and OK St.

    To me the easiest seems to be USC’s ‘maybe’ WA St. definitely Notre Dame…..

    The home schedules are a mixed bag – as Wolf said in his column on Sunday – this IS USC’s year

    • hoohoolianFUCLA

      There’s Alabama racking up those frequent-busser miles again with another 8-home/4-away schedule.

      The neutral site is
      3 easy hours for Alabama – Highway 20, doorstep-to-doorstep
      4.5 hours for FSU – Thigpen Trail, up the Cahulawassee River, through the swamps, uphill and without shoes.

      Alabama travels like a momma’s-boy; if they can’t see where they tossed their sister’s panties last night, they don’t go…Though the vote was unanimous, they probably opposed TAMU joining the SEC because it meant 10 hours on the bus every other year.

      • Alvarado

        Well I’d say they musn’t be too thrilled about ‘driving’ up to MO to face the Tigers every other

      • JustOwns

        In case you hadn’t noticed Mr HooHoo, with the exception of 2 away games, the balance of Andyain’twinning’s non-conf basketball schedule are home games.

        bozo u has 8 cupcake home games vs 2 away cream puff games. As a reward for grinding out the grueling Non- conf schedule, Andyain’twinning has the bozo’s lined up for the highly anticipated 5th tier Diamond Head Classic.

  • Clay Russell

    I actually made this bet the summer before Pete’s first natty. Given the fact that so many things have to go right and you have to wait through so much drama, it’s one of the sweetest bets you can win as a fan.

    • ItsAllAboutTheBall

      Things definitely need to go right..such as keeping Aaron Rodgers out of the End Zone on 1st & Goal from the 9. Seems like a much bigger accomplishment now than it did at the time.

      • Alvarado

        Rogers didn’t look all that good on that critical series inside the 10 yd. line he HAD USC 1st and goal – the most pathetic was 3rd down when he gave up and threw that low side arm pass that died on the turf.

        The record for Cal was 10 – 1 (USC the sole loss) – they got jobbed out of the Rose Bowl when Mack Brown pleaded for votes fr the final poll. Rodgers benefited hugely coming out at the end of his junior year and then watching Favre for three years straight until he was given the reins in 2008 – that extra year at Cal and 3 on the bench are the the basis of his success something I hope Darnhold considers.

      • Pudly76

        Didn’t he just complete 26 straight?

        • Alvarado

          Yes he did

          • Pudly76

            So it was an accomplishment of a sort, as I remember. Crazy the way that game went.

          • Alvarado

            Absolutely – if anything I’d say Rodgers learned something that day – don’t matter how golden the game starts out nor how smooth the glide – you have to finish – Theismann 1970 set that record and lost

          • Pudly76

            Absolutely, winning is all that counts, but I must say, it was a hell of an exhibition to witness (if you weren’t a db).

          • ItsAllAboutTheBall

            He evidently forgot in the NFC Title Game at Seattle a few years ago

          • Alvarado

            Yeah true in fact that’s been what Cowherd rags on about him – when the chips are on the line he has difficulty making a comeback. Maybe but he sure seems to have elevated himself to that top 5 tier in the NFL i.e. funny how many of us I included focus on a flaw by a great qb or pitcher or stickman or forward and somehow expect that person to be better than the rest and by the rest I mean the rest the other 99% of the schlmiels that no one has ever heard of.

            You’re right though the same was Harbaugh’s loss when he faced PC again this time for all the marbles in the NFL and not Stanford vs. USC

        • JBKayak

          Pete’s bend don’t break, nothing over the top of you defense. Rogers almost had the winning combination, ALMOST

      • Clay Russell

        Not to mention the politics that goes into even naming the participants.

  • Christian

    Alabama lost a TON of talent, especially in the front 7. Don’t see them being in the final 4 when all is said and done.

    • Alvarado

      I agree not just because they lost so many talented players but it is not easy to continue over and over winning – it isn’t.

    • Michael Guarino

      Yep. These rosy Alabama NC odds are gonna change dramatically after the Alabama/Florida State game…..

      • Alvarado

        very very true

  • Trojan96

    I like the fact the books are dropping us down a little bit. It puts a little less pressure on the first 3 games. Hopefully we can come out strong in September. Our team hasn’t been able to do that the last couple of seasons and Western Michigan will not be a pushover. Fight On!!

  • LamontRaymond

    There’s a math-based line of thinking that you should NEVER punt, and not kick long field goals. I’d love to see SC test the latter.

    • Jack B

      Interesting thought. I might try if my kicking personnel were that bad. Pretty high risk I think.

      With a good kicking game, I’d definitely rely on it. Terrific punting and long FGs can really sap an opponent. I only say that based on my experience as a player. It gets in your head if the other team can keep you bottled up. Frustration never works in your favor on the field.

      I also think it depends on your short yardage offense. If you’ve got a guy like Lendale White and a speed merchant like Reggie Bush, as well as a sharp mid-range thrower like Matt Leinart, I like your theory much better.