14 thoughts on “USC-Arizona State Kickoff

    • Poor Owns, your hero Hillary is a laughingstock for keeping the $250,000 from her good pal Humble Harve Weinstein and your ruins are a laughingstock after giving up 605 yards to the Mildcats.

  1. Well ESPN has the talking heads who hate SC it will be fun to watch. This week is NBC and they are Golden Domers. If we get behind early we will have to listen to how over rated our team is. I can’t wait.

  2. I need to go to RofT more often. I have to admit, I come here out of habit and because of the commenters.

  3. espn, the clown network, has stuck it to USC again. 7:45 PT will eliminate any east coast viewers and the bias will continue in the polls. I hate espn.

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