3 thoughts on “Tirebiter Podcast Time

  1. Scott —interesting take on the USC/UCLA game. However, it’s possible this game WON’T be a “microcosm of the season.” It’s possible that we don’t go up big at the beginning and let UCLA into the game late. This could be a game where UCLA takes the early lead —but —as Rosen gets more and more beat up, USC comes on big and buries UCLA at the end.

  2. * Podcast Correction*: USC vs Wisconsin was the 1963 Rose Bowl, not the 1962 Rose Bowl. “Who goofed, I’ve got to know.” “My lips are sealed, but his initials are SW.” “That was mah-velous, Jim…simply mah-velous!”

  3. Podcast needs to go after what is wrong with USC football. It is the administration. The thinking that being in SoCal in a hotbed of top athletes alone can win championships is outdated and false. You have to bring in the better coaches also.
    So when is USC going to stop being cheap when it comes to hiring coaches?

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