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  1. 45-17…USC is focused and motivated, Mora has lost the team. Toilet bowl is the only thing to play for


      • More importantly, the ruin scum need two more losses to ensure they stink and suck at all times.

          • Kinda like the abuse (well deserved) Roy “wanna lollipop” Moore is receiving.

            UCLA 35 – bozo u 31……..

          • You mean the well deserved abuse Minnesota Democrat Senator Al Franken (let’s r*pe CBS journalist Lesley Stahl) is receiving?

          • LOL.

            The Moron screams and shouts about Al Frankenstien’s(sic) indiscretions with women.

            Yet at the same time the Moron ignores his own legal problems with 12 women charging him with se*ual misconduct; he also remains totally silent regarding, Roy “What’s your name child” Moore, underage se*xul assualt allegations.


          • Hey Owns do you agree with Mika and Democrat NY Senator Gillibrand that BJ Clinton should have resigned in January 1998 when the 50 year old president was discovered to be doing a 22 year old subordinate in the Oral Office? Should Democrat Minnesota Senator Al Franken resign for molesting an unconscious actress? Should Democrat NJ Senator Menendez resign for his frolicking with underage prostitutes?


          • You Morons scream and shout about feminism when you are the biggest pervs around. Are you wearing your hat today?

          • Your politics good, your school sucks in athletics! Way too many conservative Trojans from the old days roaming the region.

    • I’ve said it before. The Tidy Bowl man will not have them. Maybe need to strive for the Barf Bowl.

  2. USC 38
    ugly 23

    But if Gomer, Fredo and Tee11 get cute with the play calling instead of just ramming it down their throats, then……………..

      • Gabby, I had no idea just how close Darnold’s and Rosen’s stats are this year:

        Darnold: 243of383/3198/24/11

        Rosen: 237of391/3094/21/9

        Overall S&P+ O rank: USC #14; UCLA #16

        S&P+ Rush O rank: #40, #45

        S&P+ Pass O rank: #7, #30

        Overall S&P+ D rank: #56, #122

        S&P+ Rush D rank: #50, #98

        S&P+ Pass D rank: #11, #65

        So USC’s passing O is better than UCLA’s passing D (rank differential of 35), but not as much as USC’s rushing O is to UCLA’s rushing D (rank differential of 58).

        UCLA’s passing O is 19 spots below USC’s passing D, but UCLA’s rushing O is only 5 spots below USC’s rushing D.

        So, yes, for USC’s O, emphasize the rush but don’t lose sight of the significant edge in passing as well. That would seem especially true if UCLA is extremely intent on defending the run.

        For UCLA’s O, it’s not as clear whether to emphasize the pass, or the run. They are not quite as good as USC’s D at either, but the differential is not too bad in either.

  3. Either 63-35 or in a low score game. …..49 -24…Rojo and Carr both need oxygen after multiple Long TD runs.

  4. Every week, teams lose games that they “should win easily” because winning’s not as easy as it seems to someone who’s never won anything or competed at anything,

  5. For some odd reason I have this queasy feeling in my stomach about this game. I can’t help but think the coaching staff will get too cute on offense and the defensive backfield will get picked apart by a desperate Rosen passing attack. I really hope we are focused on this game as opposed to looking forward to the championship game. I am anticipating a close contest. I am not as confident as most are about this game. Last team with the ball wins it. Score 41 to 38. Winning team? Toss up.

    • It’s gonna be fine, David. USC is ready, willing and able to kick the living crap out of UCLA.

    • Causes of concern for SC: no FG kicker, already clinched division, rivalry game you gotta throw out the records, UCLA season defining game with a W and Rosen can read secondaries. Luckily, Mora is a bit*h and USC found it running game, Bruins (#129 rush defense) have no answer for it. It takes a huge effort to beat Sam Darnold and the Bruins with Mora don’t have it. USC 42-27 dominating the time of possession. FightOn!

    • Why would USC be looking forward to the championship game when we don’t even know who we will be playing?

      • Mora was trying not to give bulletin board material, a la Lou Holtz, but is too emotional of a dude and he comes off like a victim whining. He mentioned injuries as a concern, weak sauce.

        • That sounds about right.
          Sure hope we get to see him freaking out (1) on the sidelines and (2) in the post game presser……

      • Tee and Darnold should put up at least 50 (the way Toledo rang up Bowling Green) and the D will chip in a score. Rosey will get some points.

        There is far more talent on USC’s O than Toledo has and the bRuin D is very much equal to BG’s.

  6. I feel a disturbance in the force, something I haven’t felt since Ted Smith or Larry Tolner. Where the superior army loses to a brash band of rebels.
    Nah who am I kidding? USC 42 Ucla 14

  7. USC celebrates 50th anniversary (to the day) of the famous 21-20 crusher (little gutties were never the same) by winning 51-38.

    • Not a bad guess. For UCLA to score 38, it will take a heck of a game by Rosen. For USC to score 51, it won’t be as hard–they just need to consistently stay out of their own way.

      • It’ll be Honker Rosen’s last real shot at doing anything important in L.A. I’m giving him the benefit of the doubt. Our CBs aren’t exactly nails.

      • “they just need to consistently stay out of their own way.”

        Exactly…eliminate the mental penalties and lackadaisical turnovers. The play calling inside the 5 yard line needs to be better

  8. A USC loss to UCLA could be the Trojans biggest win in years…Clay Helton will have sealed his fate. Trojans should win this game 44-10 on talent alone.

    27-25 UCLA if Helton didn’t properly address the undisciplined play we’ve seen from the Trojans that has seemed to have gotten worse over the last few games.

  9. With this years Team it is virtually impossible to accurately pick a score ?

    Which Offense shows up, hopefully “not” [ @ End of the 1st Quarter, USC 0 – Colorado 0 ] !

    The Trojan Defense keeps bailing the Trojan Offense which moves the ball up and down the field but doesn’t score enough until the “D” is exhausted in the 2nd half where the Offense picks up the slack !!

    I just don’t see Rosen doing much except for running for his life through the entire game !!!

    Remember, the “Hit” on Darnold called out by a Bruin “punk” circa preseason has now reversed back on Rosen and this “Hit” could get/be ugly ? !!

    Does RoJo run for 300+ yards, does Darnold pass for 300+ yards ???

    If so, USC 47 – UCLA 13 !

    If not, USC 33 – UCLA 23


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