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  1. Wolf loses sleep bc he’ll probably be fired any day now bc he sucks along with his crap News rag

    • good one stewdog! u get so angree at writer but u cant stop reeding what he rites cuz ur a big sprots fan, u and jack b r alot of fun cuz u have grate prospective on life, smdh,

      • “My mom always said life was like a box of chocolates. You never know what you’re gonna get.”

  2. Thanks for asking Scott. I used to get nervous when USC was on a 34 game winning streak, but now the only thing on the line is a CFP berth, and landing a spot in the playoff will probably worse than losing to UCLA. So the only thing to be jittery about is that SC might win out and jump 7 teams in front of them in the rankings. Yikes!

    • Gee Wet Underpants, did you get nervous when UCLA won 8 consecutive rivalry games (still the record)?

      Little Petey Pom-Pom almost tied the record but shanked his effort and lost 13 – 9, and, because he tripped, stumbled and fell, Little Petey blew a LOCK bid to the BCS game.

      UCLA 35 – bozo u 31

      • You trot out that 2006 sceanario very year. Pretty much the highlight of your UCLA existence. When was the last time you played a football game in January in the Rose Bowl? How many natty’s? How many Heisman’s.? Your program does not measure up bud. Cling to your 2006 dream. It is all you got.

  3. I don’t. I have a 16 year old, am a single father, and because of my job, I’m out of town a lot. I like the rivalry game, but I don’t lose sleep over it. My daughter’s life is more important, and mine too.

  4. I thought about that 1967 game all week long. My father and I sat in the 64th row and O.J. ran of left tackle for 64 yards to win the game… Of course, that was back in the day when a team West of the Rockies had a chance to win a national championship. Thanks, ESECPN.

  5. This game isn’t really big enough to lose sleep over because there isn’t any huge championship on the line, except for the City Championship and the Victory Bell. However, in the highly unlikely event of SC accidentally losing to the little gutties tomorrow, I might be seething and grinding my teeth about this time tomorrow night.

    • RT, Think of finishing with a 12-2 2017-2018 record. Victory over UCLA. Victory over Stanford or Wash St. Winning the Sat, Dec 30, Fiesta Bowl Game in Glendale, AZ. ESPN will carry the Game beginning at 1:00 pm. We must play “one game at a time”, but the opportunity is their for our Trojans. FIGHT ON !!!

      • The opportunity for a great finish is certainly there, and I’d love to see it. However, I’m still concerned about the team’s unfathomable inconsistencies throughout this season. It’d be real nice to see a clean and complete game tomorrow evening against sucla, but this will be the 12th game of the season, so there’s also a possibility it can get ugly with uneven plays like in many games played so far in this season. Fortunately, we won’t have to wait that long to find out.

    • Say what you will.Having watched almost 55 of these games. 10 on the coconut wireless in Hawaii, I look forward to each one. Hold over from my youth…..Playing and beating brubabies always been the best.keeps me young…..It’s the beauty of College football.
      On good day we win 56-35
      Down day :49-31

    • What happened to the mighty Trojan victory you and others have talked about over and over—-if you lose to the gutties??? Not so sure anymore?

      • Haven’t you watched enough football games in your life? The game’s not in the bag until it’s played and won.

  6. Wait, I spy charlie bucket standing with a warmer full of hot dogs. The jobs that guy had to take to pay the bills(shaking my head)

    RIP charlie

  7. What are the odds The Chimp will FaceCup any of his assistants tomorrow on the sidelines? I’d say about 1000 to 1, which is too bad because I would love to see it, especially if he were face-cupping Tom Bradley, the ped-protector DC from PSU.

    • Don’t look now, but The Chimp might take out and wear the laughing Ronnie Reagan mask at the moment he’d realize an imminent loss tomorrow night.

  8. Slept like a baby last night, up at 4:30, but one of the first things on my mind was the game, so here I am checking it out. I was nervous about the 2003 and 2004 games because a national title was on the line. Not so much on the line in 2017. Still, it always hurts to lose to SUCLA, so I hope it doesn’t happen tonight.

    And why does everybody have this game so high scoring? I bet it is more like 31-24.

    • Ucla has worst rush defense in the NCAA, that might keep the score low with the clock running all game. All other signs point to two prolific passers and some weak a** secondaries. Can’t wait to see what happens, Gametime is finally here!

  9. For fans, it is only a vicarious experience, but I bet the players didn’t sleep well. They know that any slip-ups in this game may never be forgotten or forgiven.

    I mean, here we are 50 years later still talking about the 1967 game. And, by the way, I cannot make out that picture. Is that a SUCLA running back going in for a touchdown? It is not Beban because he was No. 16 as I recall. And speaking of Beban, he had a field presence that was second to none.

  10. Clay Helton’s job should be on the line if he loses this game. Unless fans of USC football don’t think the program is important enough to lose sleep over.

  11. I used to have times of waking and the thought of USC losing would keep me awake for a while. If this team was what it could possibly have been and been in the top 4 I am sure it would have created a lot more stress. We still don’t know which USC will show up to play, and if we don’t know that, why should I get stressed. No expectations here, just let the good times roll. Fight on. I think USC needs 48 points to win.

  12. Scott, odd year to throw that angle out there. We’ve clinched, don’t need to be in the CFP this year and are double digit favorites in the game. We all just want to get the game started.

  13. If you read social media from around the country regarding CFB, most fans no longer take the USC Trojans seriously anymore. After that blow out loss to Alabama and the Trojans Clay Helton and his second rate staff were exposed, USC is kind of seen as a laughingstock that is no threat to teams in the SEC or ACC. The Trojans are seen as soft. Nobody really thinks much of them anymore and maybe its just as well.

  14. Nervous, trouble sleeping? This is a football game. This year it has little national consequence, if any. I have been watching these since 1966. It is always nice to win but let’s put this into some perspective. By Monday, the entire world will have moved on except some die hard partisans and the players. There are so many other issues in life that need attention. Do I want USC to win? Damn right I do. This is entertainment, treat it as such. Go Trojans!!

  15. Okay nervous and can’t sleep? Sounds like something you ate, I recommend cutting out coffee and jelly doughnuts after 9pm. That should take care of it.
    As for game anticipation, I usually stop trash talking a couple of days beforehand. That way in the myriad of stuff I say nobody’s going to remember me saying “Ucla is going down like a brick on the deck of the Titanic.”

  16. USC is no longer pictured as being among the elite in college football. It wasn’t the NCAA sanctions that tarnished USC’s image, fans across the country all believe USC got a harsh raw deal from the NCAA.

    What tarnished USC’s image nationwide was when USC allowed Pat Haden to go on the cheap and hire one second rate coach after the other. CFB fans feel USC took for granted their Blue Blood status.

    Being considered a Blue Blood in college football is an honor reserved for a select few, it’s a privilege. There are universities that would give anything to be considered among the elite in college football. Many have tried desperately to make the right coaching hires, tried to spend whatever it would take to better their football programs so that they could garner enough wins and or appearances in enough big games so that they may some day hold the distinction of being considered one of the best.

    USC is doing itself a great disservice by settling for being mediocre, showing no interest at all maintaining it’s Blue Blood status. If USC thinks that because it’s “USC” they won’t ever lose that Blue Blood status, then USC is very much mistaken. The rise of social media that has given fans nationwide a voice as to who they perceive is deserving of being considered elite, is huge.

    The longer USC sits idly by thinking they don’t have to make a legitimate effort to maintain their Blue Blood status by not realistically searching for a coaching staff that will lead them back to prominence, the further from the ranks it gets from being seen as a football program that’s deserving of such an honor.

    • Yeah right. Some moonshiners in backwater Bama gets a new phone and all of a sudden he decides whose a blue blood in football. I guess all the hall of famers (college and pro) have no voice.
      Last time I checked, Saban went out and hired our former coach as a staff adviser even though he had another previous coach on his staff as an OC. That showed real confidence on his part.
      SC is a blue blood because even in down years we win, and in good years we win it all, and more often than most. When or if that changes, then things might change. But the last time I looked we beat the B10 champions last year, no?

      • When was the last time USC competed for a national title? The last time USC competed against a team that competes for national titles on a yearly basis the way USC used to…USC was taken to the woodshed 52-6.

        • How about Michigan? And they hired the mighty harbaugh. We’ve gone years without winning before, didn’t change our blue blood status then and it certainly won’t now after the RB last year and if we win out this year.
          Your obsession with the staff has skewed your perspective on who SC is or what sustains us. We will win again, with or without these coaches, because we are SC, and the recruits know this and keep coming.

          • Hate to break it to you there Pud, but the recruits have already started to decommit from USC thanks to Helton. But you go right on believing Helton is the right coach for the job. Hell, give him a contract extension. AHA HA HA HA HA HA!

          • Hahaha, check with any local recruiting service, he was never figured to stick. Alabama has had more decommits this year than the ONE we’ve had. Funny thing is, do you know who we have on campus today? Of course not.

        • Yea the coach hired our two former head coaches to make sure he could beat us in a game the featured a new coaching staffs first game together. Wow sounds like he felt it was in the bag.

        • Pffft, to what you think. We will win a championship again, sooner rather than later. And BTW ask auburn, Arkansas and Bama, we’ve beaten them too. Your little sky is falling isn’t quite working.

  17. How is it that the Los Angeles Rams were able to turn around their team so quickly without the influx of a complete overhaul of players from last years team to where they are now, one of the best teams in the NFL? The Rams made the right coaching hire, a coach who proved his worth in less than a year on the job.

    The Rams are now the model for how to be a winner when it comes to football being played in the City of Angels. Who would have ever thought that could happen in their lifetime? WOW!

  18. If you eat a dozen dounuts close to bedtime Scottie, then you will definitely have trouble falling asleep. As for the Ruins making me nervous? Absolutely not. They are worse than USC in every single category. I smell a blowout.

    • Fight or flight, they usually good for a quarter or two, then they start worrying about their draft status, and facial scarring so they pack it in.

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