Players to watch … and then some

The preseason is pretty much done, save for some fill-in games here and there.

With some evidence to work with, who is the area’s best boys basketballl player?
Here’s a few names to start with, but feel free (as always) to mention other players who have exhibited skills that make them worthy candidates.
Tom Granado (center, Whittier Christian)
Jaycob Camacho (PtG, Santa Fe)
Taylor Siemen (g, La Mirada)
Ricky Kamayatsu (G, Whittier)
Kelsey thompson (F, Pioneer)
Randy Oronoz (PtG, Whittier Christian)
Any others …?

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  • spartan guy

    alex valdez SHS
    he’s a 6 foot shooting guard but man can this guy ball he can drain the three and penatrate at any time he wants. dont belive me? go to the next game and take a look. this guy has some potential. Next year he could be leading his team into the CIF finals. MAYBE?

  • ur worst knightmare

    Senior ARROYO KNIGHT Jeremy Morita 6’2” averaging 20 points a game and is a true team leader. ARROYO gets first MVL boys basketball title since 1998! GO KNIGHTS GO!

  • Chieftain Alumni

    Why cant we get a score board of the current sports in season?!?!?!?!? Is football the only sport that the WDN feels worthy of posting scores on their site?

  • Matt Piazza

    Senior Josh Robbins and 6-7 sophomore Derrick Williams of La Mirada are men-childs. My pick for Player of the Year?: Taylor Siemens


    Roger M
    I heard today that Ken LaVigne from La Serna has resigned as the head football coach there. If it is true thats two new head coaches for the del rio

  • steven garcia

    The player of the year sgould come from a winning program- lets take for example the reighning 3 time league champs of the Del rio league-La Serna. They are filled with phemonominal athletes like PF Eddie Zozaya and junior Mike Acosta but the hard part is chosing which one is the best like choosing an MVP of the 2004-05 Detriot Pistons

  • Ha Ha Ha

    Steven Garcia:

    Are you kidding?? A winning program?? They barely got by CalHi by two points!!

    If you are even scanning the box scores, you have to see that Zozoya and Acosta are usually scoring in the single digits and are not even consistent top scorers on their own team.

    Two of Cal Hi’s starters came from football and La Serna-who won’t allow their (by the way, this is the possessive form for all of you who keep using it incorrectly: “there”) players to play football and focus on b-ball year-round still almost lost to Cal!

    Not a winning program (league champs in the past-not necessarily this year)nor players of the year–by a long shot!

  • ant

    Ed Kim from whittier high. He beat Cal Hi single handedly. (literally!)

  • murray

    Yo, ant:
    Neat post on Ed Kim.
    His presence gives league race a new look.

  • Del Rio Follower

    Hey Mr. Murray is it true, that Coach Mata from Pioneer is stepping down this year? What have you heard?

  • murray

    Del Rio Follower:
    From the horse’s mouth: Not true!
    He has six sophomores on this year’s team and, still trying to salvage this season, he is looking forward to next season.

  • LS big dog

    i have no idea about any thing in the area anymore but i bet the player of the year will be some one from LSHS.

  • Del Rio Follwer

    Murray, Coach Mata might no be stepping down, but Pioneer is letting him go after this season. Pioneer’s new Principal is a basketball guy, and he not to happy how the season going.

  • Friends of the Program

    Murray why do you still let people say bad thing on this site. You already know that Coach Mata is staying at Pioneer. And you let someone say the school going to let him go after the season. WHY? Please let know why.

  • murray

    Yo, Friends of the Program;
    Del Rio Follwer thinks he has some inside info to share and that’s his/her right in this blog. My information comes from people very close to the athletic department, and I’ve no reason to believe DRF, but he still has the right, as do you, to post his opinion.
    Stop and think about it: If I deleted all of the comments that I know to be inaccurate or false, we’d have limited participation.
    What fun would that be?
    But thanks for posting.

  • calhi alumni

    for get u all cal hi is the sickes…2 sick…

  • Coach Mata

    To: Del Rio Follower,

    No i’m not stepping down. And about the school letting me go, that not true. Now if anybody want to talk to me about my basketball program at Pioneer please call the school and we can sit down and we can talk basketball. I love coaching at Pioneer, I love the kids in my program, and i’ll do anything for these kids.

  • Ex-Del Rio Coach

    Why is Del Rio Follower, making things up? I know Coach Mata and he loves coaching at Pioneer. Hey Del Rio Follower why say these things, he great young man, he trying to make Pioneer Basketball into a Championships program. We all know it’s hard to be a high school coach. And then someone like you up stuff like this on this site. Contact Coach Mata and talk to him, I know I have his e-mail, why don’t you e-mail him.

  • Interested Party

    Hey Murray:

    CalHi has lost six out of the fifteen players from the start of the season. What is the word that you hear about this?

  • DonFan

    Mr. Murry what do you think of the el rancho Dons next season?? any big changes??