Hearsay makes for interesting reading, but ….

Athough the intent was thinly veiled, the comment implied a high school coach had recruited a player from another high school.

The implication was that an illegal act had taken place, yet no evidence was furnished to substantiate such action.
In other words, it was a cheap shot.
Two phone calls to the schools involved confirmed that a student athlete had withdrawn from one and enrolled at the other.
A legitimate reason for the transfer, although not offered officially, was provided.
So far, no proof of recruiting has been offered.
Why was the term recruiting used in the original comment?
Such accusations, and make no mistake, this is an accusation, no matter how veiled, are irresponsible because of the potential damage and/or harm it can cause not only a program but an individual.
Granted, high school supporters are becoming increasingly quick to jump the gun and point fingers when student/athletes move from one school to another. Little consideration is given that they might be moving for reasons other than athletic purposes. Even then, so what if their decision is based on a desire to play in another program?
To those folks who always take the low road and automatically assume something involves unsavory agendas, without some credible evidence to back it up, please think twice before before sharing it.

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