Hearsay makes for interesting reading, but ….

Athough the intent was thinly veiled, the comment implied a high school coach had recruited a player from another high school.

The implication was that an illegal act had taken place, yet no evidence was furnished to substantiate such action.
In other words, it was a cheap shot.
Two phone calls to the schools involved confirmed that a student athlete had withdrawn from one and enrolled at the other.
A legitimate reason for the transfer, although not offered officially, was provided.
So far, no proof of recruiting has been offered.
Why was the term recruiting used in the original comment?
Such accusations, and make no mistake, this is an accusation, no matter how veiled, are irresponsible because of the potential damage and/or harm it can cause not only a program but an individual.
Granted, high school supporters are becoming increasingly quick to jump the gun and point fingers when student/athletes move from one school to another. Little consideration is given that they might be moving for reasons other than athletic purposes. Even then, so what if their decision is based on a desire to play in another program?
To those folks who always take the low road and automatically assume something involves unsavory agendas, without some credible evidence to back it up, please think twice before before sharing it.

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  • Anonymous 2


    Ask ex-Whittier Redskin, Pioneer, St. Paul, Cal High assistant coach Munoz about “legitimate reasons.” Does this student still live at the Motel 6? Munoz should know, he helped him move there. And after CIF concluded its investigation and found “no wrong doing,” where did he move? Pico Rivera maybe? Now that’s a cheap shot.

    But enough of that Murray, what are you trying to prove conjuring up the past? We all know that your investigative reporting is ridiculous. Maybe you should go write for the Mid-Valley News.

  • murray

    Yo, Anonymous 2:
    Not sure what you mean by ‘conjuring up the past.’
    I think we’re talking about two different athletes. The individual you mention is ‘the past’ and what I’m talking about happened less than three weeks ago.
    Obviously, your interpretation of and tactics used with ‘investigative reporting’ differ from mine.
    But thanks for posting.

  • Dons

    I take it Roger Murray is referring to former ER freshmen TB Jared Morales transferring to St Paul. Well I do not know if he was recruited or not. Heres what I do know, last season Jared’s father was always at ER games, both freshmen and varsity. He seemed to be very pleased with the school. During varsity games Jared was always on the sidelines and so was his older brother who was a coach on the JV team. Jared’s dad would always film the varsity games even though the team went 0-10. Why would someone be filming games of a team of which he knows nobody, my opinion is he probably really loved the school to be at every game filming it. If Jared’s parents didnt like the education at ER, then they obviously would have never sent Jared’s sister to ER, she attender ER for about a year and a half, and they would have never sent Jared to ER to begin with. Somehow both Jared and his sister are now at St Paul. If the parents were so unhappy with the ER education then he would have never attended ER to begin with and would have been going to St Paul all along. Seeing how St Paul has a track record with getting kids from other schools, things lead me to believe Jared was recruited after this past football season. Had Jared played pop warner for the PR Dons then he would have obviously been pursuaded to go to St Paul since 8th grade, we all know St Paul is all over Rivera Park on Saturday mornings. Jared played pop warner for the East LA bobcats, so St Paul obviously had never seen him or heard of him, that is until week 5 of the ’06 season. I cant say he was recruited 100%, but what else are we to think. I think I can rule out education as a reason why he is attending st paul. Jared was the man on the freshmen team and really seemed to like playing at ER, my brother was a coach on the freshmen team and he cant think of a reason why Jared would leave ER.

  • Anonymous


    Your post is another example of what Murray was trying to convey in his original entry.

    You have no credible evidence and yet you continue to make accusations about an upstanding coach and his staff. On top of that you are dragging a kid and his family through mud by implying they were unduly influenced.

    Just because you attend football games and your brother is a coach at the Ranch doesn’t give any real insight into what a family is thinking.

    A decision by the family to move their kids to another school is not an easy one and in this case it has a financial impact as tution is now involved. Have some respect for the family and respect the decision they made.

    I hope you are not represenative of all Don fans. The Ranch has a great tradition of football and class and your accusations, whining and mudslinging just sullies that tradition.

  • just a mom

    I thought that St. Paul was a private school and able to take students from wherever. Also the education at a private school is thought to be much better than at a public school.

  • Ex-Whittier High Football Player

    Coach Munoz didn’t coach at Pioneer he Coach at Whittier.

  • http://observer observer

    Wow…Now you say you don’t know if he was recruited or not. The thing that I find very interesting that a parent can’t make a decision to change schools for their kids sake without such ridicule. Come on now they obviously live close to St. Paul if they were attending El Rancho. I’m not an El Rancho hater but come on we all know that is not the best school. Not that St. Paul is either but it is better academically and as a parent who my sons play for the Dons, I don’t blame them. I live one block from El Rancho and my kids will attend St. Paul starting next year. So we can’t knock the parents or the kids, my kids want to go to St. Paul it’s their choice as well as mine and my husbands. One more note my boys play for the Dons and its just not them alot of boys want to go to St. Paul. Good Luck to all schools.

  • Wrestling Mom

    Where are the wrestling photos? We need more coverage on local wrestling.

  • Anonymous 2

    Ex-Whittier High Football Player,

    Munoz did coach at Pioneer, summer of 1994, briefly. He was quickly fired when he tried to institute “Jarhead” type of training during dead week period, to the freshmen.

  • Dons

    I never said that he was recruited for sure, its all speculation from what I know about Jared. All i know is that I really never envisioned Jared leaving ER. Of course a private school should always be better than the public school because there is less kids per classroom and a teacher can devote more attention to the students. If you will be enrolling your kids at St Paul, then good for you and them. Common, like the kids family is going to read this and be devestated because im “dragging them through the mud.” I will not say he was recruited just like I cant say German Arias was or Guzman or Chavez, or numerous other kids, but what I will say is if the shoe fits wear it.

  • Anonymous


    Go and spew your passive aggresive rhetoric somewhere else.

    To paraphrase you “I’m not saying they were recruited…but if the shoe fits?”

    Give me an f’in break. Your rumor mongering is the worst kind. How many people at work or your friends have you back stabbed with the same BS?

  • A chief Parent

    My son was one of the best players in the area last year and all i could say is that he received a few calls from St. Paul

  • Dons

    I have back stabbed no one with rhetoric, of course no one from my work or none of my friends have ever recruited someone from ER.

  • Anonymous

    And Cal Hi, Amat, Cantwell or any other school in the area didn’t call? And of course you didn’t tell anyone till now?

    Especially in light of some the issues Santa Fe has had with transfers?

    C’mon, if you are going to make stuff up at least make it good.

  • LS grad

    i played for LS and i always knew that players were getting recruited all the time. but the thing is if coachs want cheat that is there problem. but everyone knows that it happens. but it is not nearly as bad as some of the bigger boys in southern CA. but that is sports. people go where they feel that they can go to a DI school. but any of the DIO RIO schools can get it done.

  • Anonymous

    A chief Parent ,

    I talked to ur son and have no ties to SP other than I have followed them through the years. Your son approached me…Get your facts straight…What a joke….I hope your sorry 8th grade son tears it up at SF and D7……

  • http://blogger blogger

    My grandson goes to Bishop Amat and people ask him all the time is he happy there? we could use someone like you? etc. But you know what who gives a crap. The person who will make the decision is his parents and as much as they talk to my grandson because he is a great player they haven’t called his parents. It’s easy for kids to talk alot and that’s the way it goes. Be happy for the kids who can get outside the box and better their academics, if they can.

  • Chieftian Alumni


    What the hell is your problem!?!?!? Why would you ever refer to someones kid as sorry? Is that what you have been reduced to..blasting on peoples kids? I cant believe that Mr. Murray would even let that one in because that is down right wrong. I hope that statement comes back to bite you in the rear!!!!!

  • A Fan


    Please tell me that you’re a 15 year old kid that doesn’t know any better. Because a grown man would never, and should never, attack a persons kids. Even if you don’t like the parents the kid had nothing to do with you. That was a cheap shot and really is beneath a grown man.

    And what’s wrong with playing for Santa Fe? He’ll be on a team that’s favored to win league, maybe the divison, and if he’s good enough to get a ride the recruits will find him. Every school in the Del Rio league has had kids move on to D1 college football, so the recruits will find them (some kids have even gone on to play pro ball). It’ll be up to him with his play and grades whether he gets a ride or not.

  • LAPreps

    St. Paul has had a reputation in the past for recruiting local quality players. Do they continue these tactics today? Who knows…often times, the kid, or the kids parents are the ones making contact with the program. So it is all speculation whether players like Guzman, Chavez, Arias, Grigsby were recruited…

    It seems that once you build a quality program, players are going to want to play for a winner where they can get some exposure and possibly a D1 scholarship. It seems that Santa Fe has done so well in the last few years, that they constantly get transfers coming in…are they illegally recruited? Who really knows…All I know is that St. Paul is getting some quality transfers, such as Diamond Ranch’s Aubrey Haynes and possibly Rosemead’s Tra Sumler. Maybe Jared Morales should consider returning to the ranch. If Jose Casagran gets the job, and runs the wing-t, ER will need a quality running back!!!! Anybody out there interested? Ooops…is that considered recruiting? 😉


  • Anonymous

    There are a few of us here posting under Anonymous. While I’ll take credit for postings rebuking Dons and a couple of others, I would never bash one of the kids.

    I personally think that is deplorable and disgusting when someone does that.

    We can sit here all day and take shots at each other and give our opinions (which quite frankly don’t mean much in the grand scheme of things) but to make take shots at the kids who play….that is wrong.

    We all have our strong opionions about our teams but we can’t forget that these kids play because they love the game and we whould applaud them and respect them for that.

  • Prep FB Realist

    Hey Murray,

    Why would you post an entry criticizing hearsay when all this blog is doing is creating more rumors and hearsay? Isn’t that ironic and foolish on your part?

    Your last line is “please think twice before before sharing it.” Maybe you should think twice before creating this post.

  • scj

    Any chance of the Whittier Daily News running a summary of where local recruits commit on the first official day of signing on Feb 7.

    The OC Register runs a column about commitments. Would love to see where some of our local players are going.

  • Anonymous

    From Aram’s blog….

    Trouble on the Ranch …

    Aubrey Haynes is leaving the Ranch for St. Paul.

    In the same month that Diamond Ranch senior defensive back Terrence Dennis committed to Fresno State, Panthers’ junior running back Aubrey Haynes left for St. Paul. This seems like a very conspicuous move, considering that D-Ranch has sent its share of players to D-1 factories.


    I don’t know if this is more rumors and or hearsay but something BIG happened at Cal Hi today. I can’t say what yet. Maybe Murray can if he knows.

  • murray

    What you’ve heard to this point is still a rumor, and if it is as BIG as you say, have the patience to wait until more information is available.
    If true, it will be just as BIG then as it would be now. You’ve already accomplished one thing by peaking everyone’s interest.

  • Cal Hi hater as well

    I’m hearing as well something big went down at cal hi yesterday, A big shake up with their football program. So is this true?

  • http://blogger blogger

    Come on CAL HIGH HATER give us some information, what is the BIG news….very interesting.

  • Black and Gold Parent

    Were waiting. Besides Im tired of reading

    Latest News

    Sorry, no items are currently available.

    CAL HI HATER: can you lend a little more insight?

  • Atoyac

    Their might be another Del Rio League Football job opening very soon!!


    Iam not really a cal hi hater, I just don’t like cheaters. Let’s just say there will be 3 new coaches in the Del Rio

  • Chieftain Alumni

    Am I to believe that we might not be seeing one of our DRL teams stretching in the sign of a cross next year?????? By the way.isnt that politically incorrect for a public school Mr. Murray?

  • murray

    Yo Chieftain Alumni,
    Actually, it looked more like a plus sign.
    But still,

  • La Serna AND Cal High parent

    I have a question that’s off the subject, but does relate to Cal High – Has anyone heard anything about Nick Grisby? Today is the commitment day for colleges and I haven’t heard or seen anything on him. Did he make it to any school??????

  • http://blogger blogger

    Give me a break do you really think those coaches will be stretching on the sign of the cross? After what they did to those coaches I highly doubt it. I don’t really care but I’m sure those coaches will be looking elsewhere about 50 miles away.

  • Anonymous

    Actually, Mr. Murray it was c cross. I coached with them at St. Paul and Cal High! It was a cross.

  • murray

    Actually, letter of intent day is Wednesday, Feb. 7, and Nicolas Grigsby is expected to sign with Arizona, the school that has been loyal to him throughout.

  • murray

    Yo, Anonymous,
    I wasn’t questioning intent, but rather appearance, that from atop the bleachers, it looks less like a cross than a plus sign.
    At least Cal’s version did.

  • Anonymous # 98234987234


    what proof, if any, do you have to support this claim/implication?

    if you are going to set about rumors that can greatly affect many lives, at least have the intestinal fortitude to be more clear about it. afterall, you’re already hiding behind your computer screen.

    btw i heard peyton manning will be playing for santa fe this year. being that i’ve seen a football game or two in my time, i obvously know what im talking about, so its definately going to happen.

  • Cal Hi hater as well

    Well Rumor has it that We may be seeing a new head Football coach at Cal Hi by this spring. Now Murray can you check up on that?


    Stop all this B.S. When did the game of football become such a political matter. Why are fingers being pointed at anyone??? WHY because CAl High BEAT SAnte Fe and there where hundreds of people to witness it. Nothing was done wrong, the game was played and officiated just like any other game. If any fingers should be pointed they should be pointed and directed right up the anal cavity of the head coach at sante fe. what a self centerd A-HOLE. How low do you have to go to deny a child of his senior year of sports. Especiallly when he himself HAD no matter in the situation, you want to blame someone blame the parents, don’t take it out on the kid, nor the whole football organization, let alone the head coach. Cal high has risen and previaled proving that these kids can not only achieve greatness on the field but in the classrooms as well. DID ANYONE EVER STOP TO THINK ABOUT HOW MANY PLAYERS ARE LEAVING THE CHIEFS ORGANIZATION, IF THE PROBLEM IS BASED ON TRANSFER STUDENTS “RECRUITING” THEN WHY DOESN’T THE SCHOOL BORED MAKE IT HARDER FOR STUDENTS TO TRANFER FROM ONE SCHOOL TO ANOTHER.. OH WAIT THEY DO THAT BECAUSE THEY WANT THAT CHILD TO GET THE BEST EDUCATION, BUT NO ONE IS FOCUSSING ON THAT, ITS THE WHOLE WHO’S THE BEST FOOTBALL TEAM AND WHOSE THE WORST.. THAT GUY MUST BE RECRUITING BECAUSE THEY WHOOPED US, DID YOU EVER SIT BACK AND THINK MAN YOUR TEAM JUST SUCKS???

  • La Serna AND Cal High parent

    Mr Murray;

    Thanks for the Grisby follow up, I got the dates wrong and thought it was on Tuesday.
    Really happy for Nick, I was following on Cal-Preps but could no longer find his name listed at the end of the season.
    Good Luck to him!


    Posted by: murray | February 6, 2007 02:50 PM

    Actually, letter of intent day is Wednesday, Feb. 7, and Nicolas Grigsby is expected to sign with Arizona, the school that has been loyal to him throughout.
    Yes good luck to Grigsby maybe Arizona can teach him about loyalty. How many schools in four years.

  • B&G Parent


    Where the hell do you get off calling Jack Mahlstede a self centered a-hole? Have you ever played for this man? Or coached with him? I think not but yet you feel the right to call him names. JM is a great man that has earned the respect of his community, former and current players, parents, school BOARD (which you spelt incorrectly PINHEAD!) and his peers! Recent Jack was honored at a school board meeting for his accomplishments as a coach and teacher. And in accepting his award he took time to bring up the retirement of La Sernas Ken LaVigne and what a wonderful job he did while there and how much hell be missed not to mention that he is constantly giving praise to his wife, family and coaching staff. Doesnt exactly sound like a man that is self centered to me. As for Cal beating SF and nothing was done wrong then why did CIF find it necessary to make them forfeit? There was a chance for a rematch but Cal got bounced from the playoffs. Do we really need to go over this again?

    Players leaving the Chiefs organization????? Are you kidding me? They are as strong as ever with a crop of very talented athletes at all levels and a coaching staff the challenges them to work hard in the classroom and on the field.

    With all that being said I believe that you are talking out of your a-hole< \b>.

  • Get Your App In

    Wow THREE open football head coaching jobs in the Del Rio League crazy?

  • NEB

    The only recruting that Santa Fe does is to continue to be successful. Success breeds success. I dont define success by winning. Success is equal to the quality of a program. Success is what draws athletes to Santa Fe.

  • Lurker

    While we are on the topic of Cal High and there upstanding coaches. I am not saying whether I agree with this or not, rather a funny story. A friend of mine is a JV coach at a high school that played Cal High this year. In the first quarter of their game the running back was injured on the play, actually broke his leg (not the funny part) but when he was examined the kid was upset because it was his senior year! I found it interesting a senior on JV, why not develop a sophomore or junior? Maybe there is no need, due to a deep list of potential cal high prospects!

  • blogs

    nothing happening at cal!

  • Insider

    Not a rumor its a fact….the head coaching position at CalHi will be open! The position is now vacant just not made public. Take it to the bank new leadership on Mills next year. Get those sorry SP coaches out of the Del Rio League!!!

  • http://blogger blogger

    That’s right the rumor is true you say sorry SP coaches give it a break. The head coach is responsible for that team. Let Cal Hi be responsible for their own actions.

  • http://bloggertoo bloggertoo

    Yes I heard that it is a fact about our coach at Cal High. He made his bed and now he has to lie in it. I don’t think that’s a fair hit against St. Paul coaches. The way I see it is we took away from St. Paul this past year. Hopefully we’ll get a coach that makes the right choices.

  • http://SPSdad SPSdad

    Hey Insider,
    I’m speaking as a parent tough break for Cal High this year, good luck to them next year. It’s always hard to rebuild your program. St. Paul coaches i’m sure do not want to be in the Del Rio League their very happy where they are.
    Show some class, this is not St. Paul.

  • Condor 4 Life!!

    I just wanna thank Lou Munoz for our current situation. Was it worth having Grigsby at our school now. I guess Dusan new it was coming…..

  • Mike

    Is this rumor all true? Ancich changed grades and the principal new about it and now both fired???

  • Anonymous 2

    To all Cal Hi Parents (Martha, just a mom, etc.),

    We told you so!! And to think, you all believed in Ancich.

    As coaches always say, “Get your heads out of your a$$e$!!! In this case, Dusan’s.

  • Anonymous 2


    Why haven’t you followed through on the latest happenings at Cal Hi? Are you not the investigative reporter? Have you not gone to Cal Hi and asked, “Don’t you know who I am? I’m Roger Murray. I need to know the facts.” Just like when you sometimes go to games without your press pass, expecting that a volunteer ticket taker recognizes your mug from the latest PREP RALLY, and lets you in for free. And when they don’t you start to flaunt your pen and notepad, demanding to get in. Just like the Fat Kid in Willy Wonka’s Chocalate Factory.

  • Anonymous 2


    I hear that there was a small “support” group at the district, consisting of parents and students who are trying to not look like idiots after we had told them time and time again that Dusan is not a man to be trusted.

    Any truth to this? Come on, get off your high horse and start reporting.

  • Anonymous

    Hey Martayou still out there??????

    Would you like a little something to wash these words down with

    (Posted by: MARTA PALOS | November 6, 2006 11:38 AM)

    So when is the next booster meeting? That one I might want to attend!!!

  • Chieftain Alumni

    Oh lets not forget about this these two little gem:

    By no means is he, or any of the coaching staff, responsible, for this unfortunate situation. Also, Dusan Ancich hasn’t blamed anyone (including SF) for this. So your little tirades about him are in vain. He is above all this.
    Posted by: MARTA PALOS | October 31, 2006 03:15 PM

    With 300 players playing for them, problems will happen, and I know the Cal High coaches and I like their class and leadership.
    Posted by: Just a mom | October 28, 2006 08:41 AM

  • El Rancho

    Can someone please just sum up what is going on at Cal High.

  • just a mom

    First of all, I have no idea where you all get your facts. Mr. Boline told the school over 2 weeks ago that he would be retiring at the end of the year. You are all implying that grades were changed in order for people to play sports. Where is the proof that anything that you say is true? How can you all possibly, in good conscience, make these serious allegations against someone without absolute proof to back it up? If what you are implying is true, then certainly that is wrong and things need to be done. I want to see proof and not all these allegations against people that could destroy their lives.

  • murray

    ‘Can someone please just sum up what is going on at Cal High.’

    I can’t wait to read the responses to this request.
    El Rancho: Be careful what you ask for.

  • Chieftain Alumni

    just a mom,
    Isnt that pretty much the same response you had to the masses saying that Cal High Football was doing something wrong only to have CIF prove them right? Just wait for it it will come! And when it does the Condor Nation wont be able to blame Santa Fe this time.

    Hey Drew, St Puals looking pretty good right now with their recent rb transfer. Theres still time to save yourself. 8

  • http://bloggertoo bloggertoo

    The fact of the matter is it doesn’t matter if there are 1200 boys Coach Ancich is responsible for all of them…Missing a grade and changing a grade are two differen things. The one I feel sorry for is the Principal. He got messed up with all of the coaching madness. In a nut shell Murray: Cal High’s coaching staff are a bunch of cheaters and the head coach and principal are going to pay the price.

  • sikah urchit


  • Chieftain Alumni

    If youre sick of our chit (as your screen name states) then why dont you stop reading these blogs? Is Dusans daddy bffs with the Grigsbys or do they always hang out at game time???? Theres still hope for them because CIF has another PURSUING VICTORY WITH HONOR ONE-DAY COACHES TRAINING on March 15th.

    Truthfully, I hope any and all openings for head coaches are filled with people that make their programs stronger (without cheating) because I am tired of hearing from everyone else how weak the DRL is and SF can finally get some respect for their domination of it!

  • Marta Palos Proud Condor Parent

    I am proud that I have been part of the Condor Football Organization for the past three years. I stand proudly by Coach Ancich. No matter what, he is a man that is loved by the players, parents, and supporters. He will always be the Coach that led the team to a win against Santa Fe, ending their winning streak. No matter what, EVERYONE KNOWS CAL HIGH WON AGAINST SF.



  • Marta Palos

    I would like to dispel all rumors regarding Coach Dusan Ancich getting fired; he is not fired, and will not be fired. This I guarantee. His future as CHS coach lies with him. Everyone needs to stop spreading vicious rumors that could be affecting a wonderful man and his family.

    Condor fans, please make sure that you visit our “football” website (not the WUHSD website) for important information.

    Best wishes to Coach Dusan and his beautiful family.

  • Chieftain Alumni

    Funny..I wonder if all of you would be as sympathetic and understanding if the shoe was on the other foot. There are no percentages in following rules. Its must be 100% no matter who you are or you should always be looking over your shoulder. Jack Mahlstede has been coaching way longer than Dusan and as far as I know his programs have never been found guilty of rule infractions that have cost them to forfeit games.

    Yes Marta Cal did beat SF but just think about it for a minute. They had to have a D1 running back transfer to their school to which the coach stated he would be used sparingly prior to the game only to have him carry the ball a season high 39 times and they still had to take SF into overtime and block an extra point to beat them by one. And everyone can spare me the crap they could have beat SF without him. Then they had their celebration short lived with CIF announcing they have to forfeit the win. I dont know Marta. Seems kind of like an empty win to me but thats just me.

    Forfeit: to lose or lose the right to especially by some error< \b>, offense< \b>, or crime< \b>.

  • http://c10j3m1 tank

    Loui munoz Jr.
    I have one question for you if there was no recruiting involved , then why was your dad a calhi coach untill Nick Grigsby got there. explain how that worked out.
    Also St.PAul was and is a much better place without Nick , you and your cheating DAD…..


    Anonymous #98234987234
    I could affect so many lives,it’s the cal hi coaches that did that. Acting like they coached at a private school still. So take your intestinal fortitude and shove it

    Louie JR
    So let me get this straight you and nick decided to leave after spring ball went to cal hi but because nick was living in Pioneer area he decided to go back to ST. Paul and then they started losing and he became homeless. I thought he became homeless that’s y he left ST Paul not because he decided after spring ball? And then moved into a motel 6 in the cal hi area, Is there not a motel 6 across the street from Pioneer? RUMOR Is you lived there also. Just a rumor?
    As far as you being loyal to your brothers at ST Paul then y leave when things got tough who cares about the coaches. You left your brothers behind.Iam glad Ill never be in a foxhole with you.


    how is it that DUSAN ancich GETS FIRED!! he may have done some questionable things but he is a great guy and football is his LIFE! the condors are his life! its a brand new season “my last one and a couple of other guys last year as well” and were getting SCREWWED!!!!! ALL BECAUSE OF SOME GAME! AND NEGATIVE ATTENTION TO WHITTIER??? PSH YEAHRIGHT!! he made cal high football and put them on the map! we beat santa fe, La Serna , El rancho, Pioneer,and Whittier!! coach dusan is getting fired but its not just him! 7 COACHES!!!!! ARE GETTING FIRED!!!! COACHES THAT LOVE US AND WOULD DO ANYTHING FOR US!!! SOME GUYS ON THE TEAM LOOK UP TO THEM LIKE FATHERS! i wonder if whoever made the call thinks about us and when i say “us” i mean the Football players that actually are around and effected by dusan and the coaches. all of this over a grudge! it doesnt make anysense! i ahve so much respect for dusan but this is not fair how much more stuff is cal going to go through? first of all grigsby came by his own desision 2ndthe guy that cost us santa fe and our record…CAME FROM SANTA FE..if anything dont yo think that since they are such experts in regulations or a student to transfer “ROMEO PELLUM” they coul have told us as soon as he transferd…or maybe the the ineligable player was abak up plan in case we beat them…this is all politics! there is no such thing as smash mouth football anymore and having fun with hard earned victory! its just sad that a couple of grown men cant get over grudges and attack Cal high has a football team”as ONE”… but we still have to be strong “”as one” were comin back with a vengance with or without dusan ancich!!

    “And though the Cal players may perform with a bad taste in their mouths, they know they had nothing to do with most of the drama that has surrounded the program, and that as it was before the drama, and will be afterward, they will be judged by how they perform in the arena.

    With that in mind, would you want to be the next team to play the Condors? ”
    Rogger Murray

  • Condor 4 Life!!

    OMG…Louie please stay off this board. You dont want none of this we remember what happened last summer for u running your mouth. If the you are so much part of the SP family why did you run out on them. We didnt need you at Cal and for that didnt want you here. Pretty sad trying to explain lies… oh well thats what they teach your sorry a$$e$ at SP…..

  • Condor Player

    you people are lame! grown men arguing over high school football…seriously!! GET A LIFE!!

    whatever happens with coach ancich i stand by him 100%. he has been an awsome coach and wonderful role model for us all. we get through this with dignity, just like he taught us.



    marta thanks for always being there for us and i hope that you continue. no matter wut happens you will always be the one we look to from now on for leadership. they cant take u from us 2!


    mrs gurdian (marta) tell us the truth bout wuts goin on. we beleive u and u hav alwayz led us the rite way. ur not talkin so pleez tell us the truth this time and pleez dont abandon us–PLEEZ!

  • Chieftain Alumni


    Its my understanding that Cal was warned TWICE before their game with SF by SF and they chose to ignore the warnings. Sorry but you can take that to the bank. Plus how can you make a statement like he may have done some questionable things and still look up to him????? That kind of mentality just blows my mind!!!!!!!!!

  • murray

    Hmmm, Chieftain Alumni;
    Not meaning to butt in, but your comment to TRUE CONDOR PLAYER, ‘Cal was warned TWICE before their game with SF by SF and they chose to ignore the warnings.’
    Warned about what? Or whom?
    With a statement like that, it would seem necessary to be more specific.


    hmm…, Chieftain Alumni,

    you say we were warned twice…when you mean warned were you talking about those spies that were watching us practice the day before….or the very day that guy from santa fe came???? just let me know when you can sack up to a teen-ager

  • sikah urchit


  • Chieftain Alumni

    What I heard from around SF was that a call was made during summer to inquire about this player to SF and they were told they should check into his residence because as far as the SF staff knew he hadnt moved and that this was reiterated the week of the SF CAL game. Anyone else out there with such knowledge care to back me up on this one or Mr. Murray why dont you just put a call into SF? Im sure you must have some inside source over there.

  • A Fan

    I’ve been reading what everyone is saying and what disturbs me the most is the Cal High Players coming on and saying they don’t understand why their coaches got fired. Guys, THEY CHEATED and were caught.

    I’m sure that your coach taught you that teammates should be trusted to do the right thing for the team. But your coach didn’t do that. He let you guys down. I would be mad if I was a former player at my coach simply for the fact that I don’t think he believed in us and our ability to win, he thinks that he has to cheat to succeed. That his team wasn’t good enough with what he had, he had to cheat.

    I’ve been on teams were we had to get rid of players because they were hurting the team. I thought they were great athletes and friends but the team comes first, the family comes first, not the winning.

    A coach should be teaching their players to be good people and men. And as men you should face the consequences of your actions.

    I feel sorry for the players and parents because a coach let you down. As a man he should take responsibility for what he did, and if he is a good guy like the players are saying then you can forgive him afterwards. But at least know he did do something wrong.

    I hope that you young men will learn that how you do something is just as important as what you do.

  • Concern & Proud Condor Parent

    To All Who Blog!
    Coach Ancich is a “GREAT” coach, as his coaching staff. They are great with our boys and our boys respect them greatly. At least Coach Ancich didn’t have one of his players living at his house until he could find a place for him to live. Oh, doesn’t anybody know about that? Just ask Jack Mahlstede, oh yea!, he might deny it. But we know the truth. We need to keep our eyes open with this great “Jack Mahlstede”. He is not that great. Ask him where his grandson Adrian lives. He should be going to Cal Hi. But we know its okay for him to go the Santa Fe, Oh yea, Mommy and grandpa teach there. Jack Mahlstede teaches them to play dirty as his coaches. Why is it just Santa Fe that Cal has all the problems with. Other coaches teach displine with there players. Win or lose they line up and shack hands. My child had a chance to go to Santa Fe High, and I’m so glad that we didn’t enroll him there. I love the way Coach Dusan Ancich coaches, he keeps the team “UNITED” and makes them feel like they are family. As he does his parents. Look at the stands when you come to a Cal Hi football game (Varsity, J.V. or Freshman). How many seats do you see open? How many games did Santa Fe or any other schools in the Del Rio League have to turn people away, because they were sold out? No matter home or away games this coaching staff has made our team and their families feel like one big family. Coach Ancich is a very well liked man, as his brother and their families. You people who think you know everything need to re-examine Jack Mahlstede and his coaching staff, their not that great as I have known four of them for sometime. They are the staff that needs to be investigated into. They didn’t get all their wins by clean play or rules! Open your eyes CIF!! And you who say that Cal Hi wouldn’t have beat Santa Fe without Grisby, bottom line and on the field with lots of people to see, “CAL BEAT SANTA FE”, it is something Cal Hi coaches, players, parents and staff will always remember. Whatever happens in the near future, our boys will be stronger and work harder for what has happened to them this past season. They have a strong bond and a definitely good players coming up. (J.V. Del Rio League champs 10-0, Freshman 9-1). So my prayers are to Coach Dusan Ancich and his staff, be strong and your are backed 110%.

    • Aj

      whoever posted this is a real puss. Nobody lived at Coach Mahlstede’s house LOL you’re just vomiting nonsense. Cal High really is a school for sore losers, and this post is written by a coward.

  • http://footballfan footballfan

    That’s the best advice I have heard. To keep Louie Munoz off the blogs. That kid is ridiculous, him and his dad are some work. St. Paul don’t want them and none of us do either. No one is doubting that Coach Ancich is a great man but rules are there for a reason. Good luck to Cal High and their new coaching staff.

  • Maureen Buckingham

    I think this whole thing with coach Ancich has gotten out of hand. People shound not be spreading rumors. They should get their facts strait before they say anything It’s ashame that you all want to runin this man’s life and the all of the kids in the football program. He truly cares about these kids. He doesn’t just care about themn as football player he cares about their education. He as even set up a study hall for those players that need help in bringing thier grades up. He has the support of the parents as well as the students.
    Maureen Buckingham Grandparent and Cal Hi alumni

  • Maureen Buckingham Cal Hi Alumni

    I think this whole thing with coach Ancich has gotten out of hand. People should not be spreading rumors. They should get their facts strait before they say anything It’s ashame that you all want to runin this man’s life and the futures or all the the kids in the football program. He truly cares about these kids. He doesn’t just care about them as football player he cares about their education. He has gone so far as to set up a study hall for those players who need help in bringing thier grades up. He has the support of the parents as well as the students.
    Maureen Buckingham Grandparent and Cal Hi alumni

  • Chieftain Alumni

    You know the great thing about being a teenager is that you can say something completely ridiculous and get away with it as other will probably just pass it off as being young and ignorant. No SF coach ever told TR to transfer to your school. It was his and his familys choice to go over there. As for spying on Cals practices, I dont think so. Just because Cals coaching staff does it doesnt mean that everyone else does it. Yes, thats right. Some of your very own beloved coaches were sent running from the hills above La Sernas practice field when they realized they were spotted days before their game with Cal. Santa Fes program doesnt operate that way.

    Besides if all the rumors are true of Dusan changing grades or what ever it is that is getting him fired or asked to leave its still not the fault of SF. Dusan has apparently brought all this down on him by his own actions.

  • Get Your App In

    The head coach of CAL called the head coach of SF and asked him about a former player. The Sf coach said Check his residency other SF players that live on his street say he did not move . There was no watching of any practices. The Cal coach was ignorant or careless you tell me. The Cal Administration was warned by the SF Administration in September of 06 that this same player had some residency issues and it needed to be cleared up. The Cal Administration was ignorant or careless you tell me.

  • Lurker

    “They have a strong bond and a definitely good players coming up. (J.V. Del Rio League champs 10-0”

    LOL…how many of them where seniors!!! Real Question is how many have graduated! (you can refer to my post below)

  • Concern & Proud Condor Parent

    Chieftain Alumni,
    Boy it is funny how you seem to know everything that supposely is going on at Cal Hi. Maybe your the one that is doing all the spying. As for Jack Mahlstede taking in a player from another school so he could go to Santa Fe, I know this is true. I didn’t say this just happened yesterday. It happened a while back. Jack Mahlstede recuits all the time. He just doesn’t get caught. All of you seem to know it all, but you really don’t. Our boys adore Coach Dusan Ancich. He is a good man and especially a good coach. He has brought good to Cal Hi. Cal Hi would not be the same without the leadership of a fine coach. Whatever you say, you don’t know the true man we know. We’re around him all the time. We see how he is with our kids. We don’t have this loud yelling like we hear from other coaches. He treats our kids like they are human and not dirt.
    By the way Lurker, it was a preseason game and only used a couple of seniors. Junior and Sophmores are only on the J.V. team. Get your records straight. They do have a stong team coming up, now they just have to stay strong and they will do good. Our main concern right now is to support and stand by Coach Dusan Ancich. What makes me laugh is none of you know exactly what the thing is with Coach Dusan Ancich. Let him be, he is a great coach and is adored by this team.

    • Aj

      dude you don’t know a thing, Mahlstede never recruited, sound like a sore loser

  • B&G Parent

    To all the Cal Faithful:

    You all think you know about SF & Cal. Everyone else thinks they know about SF & Cal. Where we all differ is what we have read about Cal in the WDN and according to their reporting CIF found something not right and made them forfeit games. That is something you havent read about SF. That rumor that was posted over and over in these blogs became fact. I feel other rumors will become fact in the very near future.

    DEAL WITH IT!!!!!!

  • A Cal Dad

    Fascinating how the story grows. Everyone has something new to add. It would be nice to know the truth. I hope Ancich hasn’t done many of theings he’s accused of. I’ve coached youth sports in Whittier for about 11 years and have run across very few coaches who know how to inspire confidence and community in their teams the way he has. The Cal football staff has done an excellant job of developing a “program”. (The basketball program should take note!)I know that the staff has earned the respect of my son which is very important to me and to him. I have tried to set examples of integrity, sportsmanship, effort, and respect through sports. Success is a result of these things. I know that this staff understands these principles. I pray that they didn’t compromise what I’m sure they were taught. I hope that they don’t let him down.

  • Chieftain Alumni

    Concern & Proud Condor Parent

    So how long have you been following Cal High? Please dont tell me that its just been since your kid has been attending the school. What do you know about Dusan beyond the short time he has been there at Cal? I can truly talk about Jack Mahlstede having played for him as well as my son, numerous family members and close friends. He is a man that still commands my respect to the point when talking to him its still always yes sir and no sir. You made the comment that he teaches our boys to play dirty which is way off base but yet wasnt it a Cal player in both the JV and Varsity games against SF that took a blatant cheap shot on an SF player at the end of the game as time was running out? Let me guess.they play dirty its just they dont get caught, right? And why in the world would seniors be playing in a JV game preseason or otherwise???? That is just plain embarrassing for their program! SFs JV teams always consist of sophomores. Its very rare that a junior is allowed to play on JV and usually has something to do with discipline reasons. Heck, a couple of years ago the SF JV team played their entire season with Keith Gaines in his freshman year at QB.

    Why is it that Cal just has problems with SF? Lets see.when did all this start? It sure wasnt while Patricio was there. It started when Dusan took over as their head coach. Maybe it was inbred with him because everyone knows there isnt any love lose between Jack and Dusans daddy.

    If you feels so strongly that SF cheats than I urge you to stop crying about it and go to CIF and lets see what happens.

  • Third Party

    what i find interesting is the fact that the one player that just about everybody says was recruited, was proven to have legit paperwork.

    what i find even more interesting, is that the same people decided to shift their claims towards mr. rivera. now all due respect to him, but why would calhi “recruit” a player who was the third string qb at best (not even listed on the MaxPreps roster for the 05-06 season)? even after he transfered to calhi, he didn’t even start. why would any program recruit a player with that sort of “record”? furhtermore, just because he was found to be inelligible, does not mean he was recruited, let alone that calhi “cheated”; and for that reason, you cannot call coach ancich a cheater either. at the same time, just because nothing was found to be wrong, that does not mean nothing happened either. now you may say “it is the coach’s responsibility to keep track of their players,” when in all reality it is not. the coaches are not the ones who fill out transfer paperwork, let alone are responsible for checking to make sure that a player lives at a certain house. it is the responsibility of the respective school’s administration and athletic director. now maybe the coach does have a little bit of responsibility in your opinion, but that does not change the fact that the administration fills out the paperwork, and if they find something wrong, it is their responsibility to tell the coach. now some people still like to say “he knew what was going on.” however, nobody on these blogs is coach ancich, and i further doubt anybody is a member of any of the whittier union high schools’ administration, so in all reality nobody is in a position to make such a statement, or accusations of any sort, no matter what school they relate to.

    it really disheartens me that people have stooped to such a low, that they resort to calling names and making accusations over the internet, letting the future of a few kids who happen to go to a rival school, and the honor and livlihood of a mans job hang in the balance. don’t think that for one moment that what is said on these blogs isn’t noticed by the school’s administrations. i played ball in my better days, just like many of you, so believe me, i know that a lot of times its more than “just a game.” but resorting to name calling and dragging somebody’s name through the mud in the name of “school spirit” is utter bull. in my opinion, unless you have absolute proof, or your “source” is 100% reliable, and you’re willing to provide your sources, its best to keep it to yourself. afterall without any of that, what you have is nothing but heresy.

  • Anonymous

    Attention all Condor Football Supporters. This blog has done nothing to help Coach Ancich. In fact it has hurt our team greatly by all the lies and accusations that are completely inaccurate. It seems that this has been a forum for all the persons that have an agenda to disrupt our program to feel tall and important.

    I am asking that all the truly loyal Condor fans to please stop posting anything regarding Coach Ancich and our coaching staff.

    Let the noisy and misinformed people continue to post if they wish. However, instead of taking our frustrations out on this blog, and making ourselves look just as desperate as they do, lets save it for the field. They cant be looking forward to next season, getting the Condor players this upset with them. Thats definitely a few games I am looking forward to watching.

    GOOD JOB LAST NIGHT!! You all acted like truly dignified and honorable peoplejust like Coach Ancich taught you.

  • Marta Palos, Proud Condor Parent and Football Booster President!

    Attention all Condor Football Supporters. This blog has done nothing to help Coach Ancich. In fact it has hurt our team greatly by all the lies and accusations that are completely inaccurate. It seems that this has been a forum for all the persons that have an agenda to disrupt our program to feel tall and important.

    I am asking that all the truly loyal Condor fans to please stop posting anything regarding Coach Ancich and our coaching staff.

    Let the noisy and misinformed people continue to post if they wish. However, instead of taking our frustrations out on this blog, and making ourselves look just as desperate as they do, lets save it for the field. They cant be looking forward to next season, getting the Condor players this upset with them. Thats definitely a few games I am looking forward to watching.

    GOOD JOB LAST NIGHT!! You all acted like truly dignified and honorable peoplejust like Coach Ancich taught you.

  • LK

    I know we all might not be big Roger Murray fans, but the heading to this blog says it all. "Accusations" can be devastating and it’s the ignorant views of people like you who make issues like this implode. Not a single person on this blog has an ounce of evidence. If there was, we wouldn’t be having this conversation. The district is plainly concerned with the image that CalHi Football is putting off and the people of this community continue to antagonize it. The finger pointing needs to be at the CalHi Administration. Since when is it a teacher’s responsibility to check on the living situation of a student? CalHi’s Administration is completely 100% responsible and have continue to let a school that Dr. Carruth built up, fall to pieces. It’d be nice if Sandy T would open her eyes and see that her appointed principal has thrashed the CalHi image. The basketball program – BOYS AND GIRLS – has been a ball of yarn and it’s finally unraveled, the baseball program has cut 2 Division 1 baseball players because of the coach’s ego, and we focus our attention on the football program who has year in and year out taken in kids with an array of social issues and given them a place of belonging. Show some respect for those who give their underpaid time to those in need and a cost unpaid by yourself.

  • just a mom

    Great postings, third party, anoymous and LK. The boys from Cal High were something to be proud of last night and handled themselves with class and maturity. I also agree that with the baseball coach at Cal High, the administration really needs to look at other programs rather than the football programs.

  • Anonymous

    Something to ponder- Why would Dusan be shopping around for other jobs if he did nothing wrong??? There is several things that parents don’t know have happened while his tenure as the head coach at Calhi. The assistant coach they refer to is Lou Munoz that brought Grigsby. To many things have occurred in order to go into detail. If Marta Palos states “This is something that will not be easily forgotten if we’re disregarded.” Then what you’ll hold a grudge forever. Whats next take it to the supreme court..LOL. Anyhow if parents knew the behind the scenes accusations you would be shocked. So I ask you this if Ancich resigns will you take your kids with him? That is what fathers do right take there kids with them or at the least good fathers. Intersting to se how this plays out.

  • Anonymous

    If he doesnt have any affiliation with Lou-ser Munoz why is he in pic #2.

  • Anonymous



  • Anonymous

    Marta Palos what a priveledge it is to have you leading our Booster program. We hope that once all this hoopla ends, we can resume to be one of the leading contenders in the DRL, with you by Dusan’s side, leading our players and families to CIF.

  • Tech Savy

    As for the head football coach at Cal High…”If it doesn’t come out in the wash. It will come out in the rinse” Enough said….Im out…..

  • Anonymous

    im proud to be a condor i think the comments and speeches that were made really showed everyone that was there how much of an impact coach A really gives us

  • coach52

    What a shame the mud that is being thrown about on this board. I am a long time whitter resident and a coach as well. I have seen Coach Ancich turn around a struggling program over the past few years. I saw him turn around Cerritos and he obviously is an excellent coach from a long line of excellent coaches in his family. The things that are being said have no merit because it is all hear say, no facts, yet. I have great respect for Coach, i know him personally and though i did not like him at first i have great respect for him now. He is a proven winner, loves his kids, a great family man, ect. The Grigsby thing was unfortunate, but CIF approved him, not Coach A’s fault. And the kid who was ineligible from Santa Fe, well the AD has to take the blame on that. Bottom line nobody likes a winner, especially when that winner beats you. Good Luck Condor’s and Good Luck Coach.

  • Get Your App In

    Cal did not recruit TR. TR left SF because he was not happy. He felt he could play QB at Cal. He was listed on the Maxpreps Cal High School Roster as a QB until he was found to be ineligible. He even had stats in two games. He did start against SF at fullback. In that game he played about 35 snaps. Backups dont play 35 snaps in BIG GAMES!

    No name calling. No finger pointing. Just facts.

  • B&G Parent

    Good call COACH52Bottom line nobody likes a winner. From your own words, it helps explain all the crap talked about Santa Fe and Jack Mahlstede in these blogs because he and his program are proven winners!!!!!!

    • Aj

      hell yeah!

  • coach52

    Get your app in. Like I said an AD or school admin problem not the head football coach.

  • observer

    Get Your App In…
    where do you get these facts?

  • Get Your App In

    The best place to get the facts is from the people involved. If you ask TR or Coach if TR was recruited they will say no. Ask TR or his dad if TR was happy at SF they will say no. Ask TR if he transferred to Cal to get a shot at QB he will say yes.

    I have a copy of the Cal stats from Maxpreps at the 5 week mark. TR completed at least 1 pass in two games. If you watch a copy of the Cal vs SF game you will see TR at the start of the game at fullback #11. Every time Cal ran a play in the POWER I TR was playing fullback.

    In this case Coach was aware of a possible residency issue as was the administration. Coach should have done more research, before playing this player. The administration does not decide who plays and who doesnt the Coach does.

  • Get A Clue

    Get Your App In:

    Ok-I watched the Cal-SF film and you’re right, he was in 35 plays. Three were QB sneaks and a couple of them were penalty plays. Did you watch #11? He does nothing . . .he barely touches anyone and he supposedly was looking to hurt SF for letting him go!

    Ok-it’s been a long time since The Parent blogged and now the mud being slung is bringing out the truth! He had NO impact on the game–he never even touched the ball, much less any of the opponents (unless you count him getting flung to the ground a couple of times).

    And the maxpreps.com stats that show him playing were after the games were over and the starting QB was pulled. So if you know football–you know what I am talking about!

    So, stop trying to impress: CIF approved the SP transfers and the Cal Hi administration, without an AD, cleared TR as eligible. That IS their job and they dropped the ball. And the slander regarding grades is just that, SLANDER!

    And the only thing we cheated on was cheating out of your victory which you thought was wrapped up! Also, I forgot how SF walked away without shaking hands like . . . well, you fill in the rest of that sentence!

    Don’t quit your day job!

  • Anonymous

    Get your app in –
    you start out on the right track, then go tragically wrong. TR’s transfer came in Feb, at Coach’s request all transfer papers were reviewed by the administration in June. Unfortunately, there was no active AD and the Principal was unavailable. The people in their place only checked to be sure the student was academically eligible to attend Cal, not CIF eligible. This error is documented! What we are seeing is politics at work: Superintendent – Santa Fe VP, Ass. Superintendent – LS Principal, School Board Pres – LS football dad. Negative paperwork on our coach – nonexistent.

  • Chieftain Alumni

    Hey Get A Clue,

    If TR was as useless as you state then why did Dusan play him. Coaches in the lift see things like missing block and yank your butt out of the game if youre not doing your job asap.not keep allowing you to take the field. According to your blog its as if you think Cals staff is incompetent with actually saying it. My personal guess is that once NG was cleared to play TR was Dusans way of throwing SF the finger.only to have it shoved you know where by the CIF ruling!

    As for not shaking hands..a fight in the freshman game, a near fight in the JV. That was the smart thing for Santa Fe to do.

  • Get A Clue

    Chieftain Alumni:

    He was a decoy used for misdirection.

    But to say that his playing was cause for overturning the victory is ridiculous.

    But then your god, Mahlstede, is satisfied with victories like that: does everyone know how he pulled the same stunt when he lost an important track meet against El Rancho? He had the ER victory overturned on some petty infraction, just to get “the win”.

    But, you’re right, the important lesson is to follow every rule. But as an addendum, if you can’t win on the field–and you’re wearing the black and gold–find some way to overturn the victory so you can get the “W”; or asterick . . .

    • Aj

      sounds like the talk of a loser

  • Get Your App In

    If there is no AD and the Principal is unavailable than the Coach is responsible. If TR was so bad, then why did he play in the game. Are you telling me that the Cal high coach put a player in the game to intentionally hurt SF players? Thirty five times? If that is true, that is worse than recruiting. He still played in three games . I am not questioning his talent. CIF cleared him because used a false address.

    It was decided before the game that SF would not shake hands. The SF coaches shook hands with the entire program from Cal. The lower level games were very heated, and the year before there was a cheap shot taken by a Cal player when SF was taking a knee. If you dont remember I have a copy of the cheap shot and you are welcome to it. The Coach from Cal was behind that ugly display of malice.


  • Anonymous

    cheiftainalum, the fights were all started by sf, not cal. so, i guess it was a smart thing to walk away. cal only wanted to shake hands at all three games. bummer, they didn’t get the chance because sf was such sore losers they couldn’t handle the loss.

  • Get Your App In

    At the JV SF vs Cal Game SF had to remove their chain gang at the start of the 4th quarter. The Ref felt they were in danger. The chain gang was brought to tears because of the way they were being treated by the Cal Coaches and Fans. That game ended with the Cal and SF JV coaching staffs at mid field going at eachother. Not a good example for the players.

    At the freshman game there was a fight at the end. Mainly because the field that Cal used to play its lower level games had both teams fans on the same side.

    After the cheap shot from the year before it was a smart move by the SF coaches to send the SF players to the bus. Why risk another cheap shot?

  • Chieftain Alumni

    Get A Clue,

    Make up your freaking mind. First you bash TR for his play and when I call you on it now you say he was a decoy???????? You have Grigsby in the backfield and say TR was a decoyas if he was who SF was keying on. YA RIGHT! Everyone in wearing black and gold knew exactly who Dusan would give the ball to no matter what he said in the paper. You really should think of changing your name from get a clue to clueless.

  • B&G Parent

    It must be nice living in your own little Utopian society there at Cal.

  • just a mom

    Get your app – were you at any of the JV or freshman Cal – SF games? I have a freshman player and watched as all players went through the line and one of SF boys slapped one of our boys in the face which started the whole disgusting display on both sides. Both sides were ugly – both boys and parents. As far as the JV game, I am very close to one of the coaches and one of the members of the chain was talking crap to our boys which were responding back to them and this coach told both parties to shut up. As the chain walked by this coach the boy from the chain hit the coach in the back. The coaches stopped the game and the ref replaced the chain gang. After the game, most of the SF coaches surrounded one of the coaches and began to push him. As the other coaches came over they had to tell our Cal High boys to run to the bus. I will compliment one of the SF coaches who came over and apoligized to our coaches for the other SF coaches behavior and gave our coach a monkey pod lei as a sign of good will. That coach wore that lei for a long time. That SF coach is truly a class act. The other coaches from SF should really learn some lessons from this one individual. I get so tired of the lies that are posted on this website. I think we all know that this is a game…no one is winning the superbowl, millions of dollars are not at stake. We all need to step back and take a deep breath.

  • SF Mom

    As a SF parent, I urge all supporters of SF and Cal to agree to disagree. As a SF parent, all I care about is that ALL players get to play, and are safe.

    I feel bad for what is happening to a role model that obviously means a lot to the players of Cal. I read the article, on Coach Ancich, and was moved to tears that our supporters may have caused unnecessary grief to a young family and the players of Cal. In that respect, all this bad mouthing back-and-forth is causing grief for our own Team.

    We have the title. Does that really matter with this BS being thrown around? My child has friends at Cal that play ball. They are acting more mature that most of the adults on this blog. They are still friends. They may tease, but theyre never hurtful with each other.

    I dont think Cals coaches caused the problems. I dont think SF coaches caused the problems either. I DO THINK THE PARENTS CAUSED IT! We cant seem to live our own lives without trying to live through our children. I for one will be cordial and respect the parents of Cal that show me respect. I suggest all you SF parents do the same. I would hate for something irreparable to happen because we could not shut up!

    Cal, good luck with your efforts, and I truly do hope your players get to keep their coach.

    SF parents, we need to feel proud of everything we do. At this moment I am proud of our players, but not proud of how we are behaving. Lets get it together, put this all behind us, and start a brand new season holding our heads high without a doubt that we acted and behaved like well meaning adults.

    God Bless

  • with my own eyes & ears

    Just a mom,

    Well if you heard it from a CAL coach then it must be true!! What a crock for crap. While I wasnt at the freshman game I do know that the majority of what you said about the JV game is pure crap! First of all it was one of the Cal coaches that told one of the chain gang members while asking Cal to leave him alone told the boy, Shut up fat ass. The SF staff had no idea what was going when the ref came over and said they need to get those boys out of there. The poor kid came to the SF sideline crying uncontrollably. And trust me when I say this poor kid is one of the most soft spoken and kind kids youd ever meet. And no one from either coaching staff was ever pushed. Yes, there were words exchanged between a few of the coaches but SFs administration and varsity coaches were already there on the field having received word of what happened at the freshman game. And were you also told that this coach that received the lei was also apologizing for the other members of Cals staff as well for their actions? But saying the Cal kids had to run to bus is just lol ridiculous. Mr. Mahlstede sent the JV boys to the endzone never allowing them to come out and shake hands fearing a fight so who exactly were the Cal boys running from?????? Did this coach also mention Cals display of awesome sportsmanship in having the bus as they drove away behind the school creep along while they chanted that want-a-be Remember the Titans song out the windows with a few Santa Fe sucks thrown in as the SF boys cleaned up the JV field? My guess is he probably left this stuff out since Cal is so perfect and Santa Fe is sooooooo bad.

  • Get Your App In

    Yes I was at the JV game. I know I heard the ref say coach replace your chain gang they are in danger. I think that both football staffes have a few hot heads and they got out of control at the end. Nobody pushed anybody that I can assure you. I also saw the exchange of the lei and that was the only bright spot after the game. I have also been to many games at Cal and have seen the chaos that ensues at the end of every lower level game. The field setup is wrong. I dont know how the fight started at Cal but it happened.

    That wasent my point, my point was about the end of the Varsity GAME. Neither team needed to have an incident to ruin the rest of the season unlike the year before.


  • with my own eyes & ears

    just a mom

    p.s. Thanks for sharing your second hand information of the SF-Cal JV game with us.

  • just a mom

    SF mom, I appreciate what you said but it seems to be too late. It seems the coach has already resigned and so the damage has been done. Many boys are devasted. So now lives have been changed and for what?

    Please let us all remember to be calm. I will not respond to the ugliness in the past few blogs for me, none of it hurts me I consider the source. But other lives have been hurt and I am sure there are other ways that this could have been handled. I love sports and I love to be involved, but I cannot stand these kind of situations. I hope all will try to have calmer heads.

  • 1 disgusted parent!!!

    SF, with the school board in your pocket, you’ve accomplished what you set out to do. Coach resigned, because of these blogs malicious accusations. An entire community and family are devastated because of the lies on this blog. Was it all worth it? I mean, now you may have a for sure win against cal with new players and coaching staff…so, was it worth it?

    All of you that had a hand in this, may God grant you the full knowledge of what you’ve done, and may you go to bed at night realizing you destroyed a community and family for a sure win!


    SF mom, thank you for your kind words. I will be one of those parents that will treat you with respect, because you have been the only one on here from your group that has earned it.

  • Atoyac

    Hey Murray hearsay has become fact!!

  • proud to be a chieftain

    hahaha i love it. we got him outta there. he couldnt take the heat huh? now whatcha gonna do marta palos? ur players were begging for ur help, hahaha u gonna quit to? you condors make me sick!

  • chieftain parent

    get your facts straight!!!!
    at the freshman game the cal player called one of our kids “the N word” and grabbed him by the face mask, also one of the cal coaches that week was a sub @ SF and trashed talked to all the kids that week. also cal players came and vandelized one of our cars in the parking lot.

  • Chieftian Alumni

    So Mr. Murrayis it true? Did Dusan resign?

    Why would you say that SF has the school board in their pocket? If we did wed have a stadium by now! 8) Dont all of you ever get tired of being so paranoid? I really dont think if he actually did resign its over playing an ineligible player. And I would also have to guess that he didnt do so over a silly blog. If the school board were to go after him over hearsay and accusations in a blog and he were to get fired over the hearsay then they would be setting themselves up for a huge lawsuit, dont you think? Im sure there is so much more to what has happened. From what everyone has said about Dusan it seems to me that if he felt he was being wrongfully accused then he would stand up and fight for himself just as it sounds from everyone here he has taught all his players, not tuck his tail and run and hide. I mean after all he decline to comment in the article written by the WDN on 2/15/07 about all of the inspiring support shown for him.

  • Marta Palos, Proud Condor Parent and Football Booster President!

    Coach Dusan Ancich has resigned as the head football coach for Cal High.

    We wish him, and his family the best. I know he will leave behind a group of players that will miss him dearly, but also wish him the all the success in the future.

    We were all proud to be part of Coach Dusan Ancich’s football organization.

    SF, there is nothing more to talk, blog, or chat about. We’ll see you again on the field this fall.

    Good luck Condors, you make us proud.


  • B&G Parent

    You know Marta that Chieftain has a really intriguing point. With all the support of the parents, kids and community why is Ancich resigning???? Is it not that your innocent till proven guilty so why isnt he taking a stand on all these allegations and hearsay??? The appearance of the situation leads me and Im sure many others in the belief that he just might be doing so to avoid being fired. While I might not share the ha, ha attitude of some of the SFers in this blog it is somewhat perplexing. I wonder what his dad has to say about this whole situation of his son resigning under a cloud of controversy and allegations.



  • http://c10j3m1 tank

    Sounds like Dusan has already moved on , he is in serious talks in taking the Downey high job. I wonder if a coach Munoz will be apart of his new staff(hahahaha) , I would hope Dusan has learned that a coach and player package deal wasnt worth it.
    Rumors are many calhi players are not happy and may be looking to transfer. 1 rumor is QB Drew Harris is looking into Orange Lutheran.
    I curious to see if the so called Dusan supports will be jumping on the Downey band wagon….

  • Condor player

    next year we are going to play the best we can, despite coach ancich leaving the true cal high players are coming back the ones that are willing to struggle and step up and be then men that coach taught us to be…im coming back next year…im not going anywhere! its hard but im gonna do it not for me but for the team!

  • Anonymous

    QB Drew Harris is looking into Orange Lutheran. Yeah, like he will actually play there. There was no reason for him receiving 1st team all-league behind Santa Fe’s kid. The QB at Pioneer had better better stats, both passing and rushing than Harris. Pioneer QB had one bad game against Whittier, Harris had, what, 4 bad league games. Against Pioneer he completed same amount of passess to his receivers as he did to the defenders; against Santa Fe, non-existent (anyone could have handed it off to Grigsby; against La Serna same as the Santa Fe game, a Grigsby show. El Rancho, correct me if I am wrong, less than 100 yards passing.

  • Third Party


    you can piss and moan all you want about harris making first team all league, but it wont change anything. the fact of the matter is that all of the league coaches gather together and vote/decide on who the all-league players are. if anything you should complain to the whittier and pioneer coaches for not trying hard enough to get their players elected. where did you hear that harris was going to play at orange lutheran?

  • Tech Savy

    As i stated on feb.15,2007….As for the head football coach at Cal High… “If it doesn’t come out in the wash ,it will come out in the rinse”…..Enough said… Im out

  • El Rancho

    Drew Harris is a decent QB in the Del Rio league, but honestly he would ride the pine at Orange Lutheran.

  • football lover

    If there rumours are true that drew harris is looking into transfering to orange lutheran you got to be kidding me! they play tackle football over there not whittier flag football! just like cal thinkin they were gonna win with mr 4 schools! in 4 years, and that didnt happen you playing for lutheran will surely not happen , you are just another kid out of cal hi who plays football four years because its something to do! dusan needed to leave there he needs to be at a school that supports his ideas and were kids work 110% and can play at the next level! not some smurfs

  • Anonymous

    Looks like this Harris kid is not the only one.

    According to rumors on OV Varsity. Katella’s QB is looking to transfer.

    They are going to have to fight the upperlassman QB’s already in place.

  • Anonymous

    Seriously, Coach Ancich has resigned therefore now you people need to find someone else from Cal to pick on?

    Please, Drew is just a kid! Would you like people talking about your child like this? Is this the way its going to be, when he is gone (hopefully graduated from Cal)who will be next?

    I wish Drew luck if he does decide to leave Cal. But if he doesnt, I hope he shows all of you exactly why he made first team all league.

    Come on people, find something new to be upset about. This whole Cal winning over SF is getting old. GET OVER IT, YOU LOST ON THE FIELD!! You cant hate everything and everyone from Cal, can you?

    Please warn us who is next on the chopping block, so we can prepare ourselves.

    Condors, with or without Ancich, give them hell next season!! SF, these are just a few of the boys to watch out for, consider yourselves warnedDrew Harris, Chris Shelgren, Jasper Meza, Jarred Brennan, Greg Perea, Eric Stern, The Urquiza Bros., Matt Davis, Tony Mele, Vito Castellon, James Cervantes, and all the Varsity Condors!!!

    So go back to your corners, discuss who is going to be next on the chopping block.

    I think we Condor parents and players have shown we can take everything you can dish out. We are here, weve challenged your program, weve soiled your perfect record, we plan on doing it all over again, so get used to it!!

  • Chieftain Alumni

    I think Drew is going to have a break out season next year if he stays at Cal. He has the size and arm strength but he might get lost in the shuffle over at OL. With that being said he still only completed under 50% of his passes. Best of luck to what ever he decides to do. I hope he stays because Id love to see him and Fooks go head to head.

    And your right.this whole Cal winning over SF is getting old. GET OVER IT, YOU FORFIETED YOUR WIN ON THE FIELD (and now your coach is gone)!! You cant continue to keep blaming SF, can you?

    Thats a nice list you put together but thats all it is. The senior group (minus Fooks and Gains) of SF boys next year is the same group that as sophomores went 9-1 on the season barely losing to Fountain Valley on a horrible call by the ref. And if I remember correctly they gave up a whopping 6 points in league and yes it was to your Cal high boys so I can see you optimism for next year. Mix them with the group that are going to be juniors next year and SF is going to be as tough as ever!!!

  • Anonymous

    Third Party,
    You are right. The Whittier and Pioneer coaches should have fought more for their QBs to be voted ahead of Harris in the All-League voting. With that being said another Anonymous states the following:

    “I wish Drew luck if he does decide to leave Cal. But if he doesnt, I hope he shows all of you exactly why he made first team all league.”

    Reasons why he made 1st Team All-League:
    SFHS 4 12 62 1 0
    LSHS 2 8 38 0 1
    WHS 9 15 174 0 3
    ERHS 0 4 0 0 1
    PHS 5 14 58 0 2
    # YDS
    SFHS 4 0
    LSHS 6 -3
    WHS 3 -1
    ERHS 0 0
    PHS 2 5

    Reasons why Palacios at PHS should have made 1st Team All-League:
    WHS 14 26 143 0 5
    SFHS 7 14 64 0 2
    ERHS 15 22 214 2 0
    LSHS 12 27 172 1 2
    CHS 8 13 124 1 0
    # YDS
    WHS 12 41
    SFHS 8 -8
    ERHS 6 13
    LSHS 8 7
    CHS 9 10

  • The Truth


    If you’re gonna try to use the stats, then get them right. Harris had 3 TDs against Whittier and 0 interceptions, not the way you wrote it. And he threw a TD pass against Santa Fe which helped lead to that final score.

    Palacios had a good game against El Rancho-who went 0-10. Did they play at Pioneer cuz there field was trashed when Cal had to play there. Ask anyone.

    Harris had a good game in 1st round playoff when Grisby went down in the 1st quarter. So it wasn’t just hand-offs. If you are going to use the facts then tell all of them.

  • Anonymous

    The Truth,

    You are correct, it was a typing error on my part, he did throw 3 TDs and 0 INTs against Whittier. I also did give him credit for the 1 TD against SFHS.

    But we are talking about ALL-LEAGUE, 1 good game against Whittier does not constitute a 1st Team ALL-LEAGUE. Pioneer’s coach should have lobbied harder for his QB. At least it will give Palacios that much more of an incentive to down-right take it next year.

  • Anonymous

    The Truth,

    Palacios also had 2 other good games, stat-wise, against LSHS and Cal Grigsbys, although the Titans lost both.

  • chieftain parent/former player

    we all sit here and talk trash about each others programs but it has gotten way out of hand when you start picking out kids by names and tearing them down, we forget that they are ONLY KIDS NO MATTER WHO THEY PLAY FOR! they are right the coaches vote for all league selections.
    In ref. to the trash talking on this blog, it didn’t start until Cal Hi’s game against SF was changed and you (Cal) started blaming SF for it you ask any kid from SF and they say and take it as a lost but they can’t change the ruling from CIF so leave it a that.


    Whittier did not fight for their QB Alec Campos because he was injured during the 3rd game of the season. He had trouble throwing the rest of the year. He’s good to go now, he will be one of the best QB’s this year. I was told that whittier picked Harris over Palacios, he had a better game vs Whittier.

  • Interested Party

    Chieftain Alumni:

    Would Harris and Fooks go head to head next year? I heard Santa Fe got another one of their “incidental transfers”- a QB from Long Beach. So is Fooks going to be the man next year?

    Anonymous, etc.:

    The coaches vote for All-League and they don’t just look at stats. They know the players and how they played in the games. If the player made TD passes or first downs, if they run the QB sneak effectively, if the interception was on the receiver more than the QB, and so on. The voting is done . . . and the other coaches spoke so accept it.

    Good luck to all the QBs next year!

  • Chieftain Alumni


    Hadnt heard of any transfer from LB but everything I know and have heard about SF football is that Fooks is the man. In my opinion anyone transferring in would be hard pressed to beat him out as the starter and with the kid from the freshman team this past season waiting in the wings SF shouldnt be hurting at the QB spot for a while. I guess well have to wait for when spring football starts to see whats going on.

  • Anonymous


    Wow. Did you hurt your back stretching for that one?

    “The coaches vote for All-League…If the player made TD passes or first downs, if they run the QB sneak effectively, IF THE INTERCEPTION WAS ON THE RECEIVER MORE THAN THE QB, and so on.”

    Really? But like you said, the voting has been done.

    Good luck to the 6 schools in league next year.

  • Interested Party


    Are you trying to tell me that an interception cannot be the fault of the receiver? Like when it hits ’em in the hands and tips up for someone else to get?

    You need to start watching football. . .never mind, it’s obviously too complex a game for you to understand.

  • Anonymous


    You must blame everyone else for your shortcomings. Of course it can be the fault of the receivers, but no one actually takes that into account especially in the stats. Last time I checked not one network, or even football trading card has the stat: INTDR (interception due to receiver). Not one coach in this league looks back and tell Murray, “Yeah, well he did have three interceptions but two were caused by the receiver.”

    So please spare me your:

    “You need to start watching football. . .never mind, it’s obviously too complex a game for you to understand.”

  • Interested Party


    That was the whole point: that the coaches vote based on performance, not just stats! They saw the game and have an understanding of what happened; not just examining the stats!

    Get a clue!

  • Concern & Proud Condor Parent


    Thank You for all you did in driving Our Coach Ancich away. He did a great job at Cal Hi. He has brought all of us together and made us one big family. He has made “FOOTBALL” a name and great sport for Cal Hi. If you read the sports page today (Friday, March 9, 2007) you will read that none of it was his fault as we knew it from the beginning. I would like to also warn all of the other head coaches that remain, watch out, you know who you are, you are next. A good man, husband, father and especially coach left because he didn’t want to have our boys go through all this, that everyone was doing to him. That is the type of person he is.

    We wish him and his family well. We will miss him, but we back him up in whatever he decides and goes.

    I would also like to wish the Cal Hi Football teams, good luck next season and keep your heads up. You will be backed 110%. Go and show everyone the type of team that Coach Dusan Ancich showed and taught you how to be.

    UNITED YOU WILL STAND. GO CONDORS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • B&G Parent

    Cry me a river! United you stand while your coach runs and hides. No duh he didnt do anything wrong. What else would you expect him to say? And spare me with the you know who you are in referring to coaches. Some have be around coaching longer than Dusans been alive and have never gone through all the scrutiny Dusan did in his whole 3 year stint there at Cal.

    To all the returning players there at Calgood luck to you all next season and I am personally sorry for all that your former coach put you through. And make no mistake he brought all this down on himself no matter what his minions say.

  • Chieftain Alumni

    I guess win at all cost wasnt part of the administrations goals there at Cal.

    Hit the road, Jack and don’t you come back no more, no more, no more, no more

  • Proud Condor Parent

    You surely didn’t read the paper to find out the real truth. And you must mean “Jack Mahtslede”, when you say “Hit the road Jack”, because as I remember he is the only head coach named Jack in the “Del Rio League”. Remember “Just the Facts”. He left for other reasons. He was cleared on everything you all said on this blog. Leave the man alone, he is leaving and we will miss him at Cal. We just want to leave all this behind us and look to the future. Don’t you people have a life!

  • Chieftain Alumni

    Oh what a cleaver little condor! Bottom line is this that our Jack isnt going anywhere. He is a mainstay at our school and in our community. And when he does decide to finally leave it will be under his own terms and not because he cant handle the pressure like your precious Dusan.

  • sippy

    It is such a trip that people (condor supporters) fell this BLOG has driven the former head coach to resign…..and if this BLOG is the reason, then I think he has many others issues to deal with!

  • heraldfan

    Rumor has it Caffrey has applied for a new job out of the immediate area. Any truth to the Coach from WC leaving?

  • murray

    Yo, heraldfan:
    There are several sources for that rumor, but for those who hope it is not true, remember this: Coach Caffrey is not unhappy at Whittier Christian, in fact, he is very happy with the manner in which the athletic program is progressing and proud to be a part of it. It must, however, also be acknowledged that nearly every coach listens to possible opportunities that would better their lives, whether financially, geographically or in terms of potential. Rest assured, it would take a special situation for Caffrey to even consider leaving the Heralds. And of this writing, he assures a listener that he still is a Herald.

  • johnsmith

    IP… wow. i’m pretty sure you have no idea what you are talking about.

  • Cal Fan

    I heard they hired a new head coach at Cal Hi. Is this true?

  • El Rancho

    Yup, Jim Arnold is the new Cal Hi coach.

  • Chieftain Alumni

    So Marta…..what do you think of your new leader??????

  • Cal Fan

    So what other coaches will be coaching with this guy Jim Arnold. I heard he use to coach at Cal Hi

  • Marta Palos

    I think the new coach is fantastic. I also believe he will lead us to another terrific year.

    See you this Fall.

  • Aj

    funny to read all this crap years later lol Douchen Ancich lol he was allowed to resign and told he would never coach at Cal High ever again…