Calpreps Ranks the Whittier Area

THE FINAL POLL IS IN!!!! (Well, sort of), a football website that makes predictions and polls for California, recently released its rankings for the Whittier area. Guess who’s No. 1?

1. St. Paul (10-4)

2. La Habra (13-0)

3. Cal-Hi (11-2)
T4. La Serna (8-4)
T4. Schurr (8-5)

and the rest…
6. Pioneer (6-4), 7. Whittier (6-4), 8. Santa Fe (5-6), 9. Whittier Christian (6-6), 10. La Mirada (4-7), 11. El Rancho (5-6), 12. Cantwell-Sacred Heart (7-4), 13. Montebello (2-8).

Agree with the rankings? Disagree? Should four-loss St. Paul get the nod for No. 1 because they play in a more difficult division than undefeated La Habra? Was Whittier Christian really stronger than La Mirada, El Rancho and Cantwell? What about Pioneer? The Titans didn’t make the postseason but were ranked higher than playoff squads Santa Fe and El Rancho?

Maybe most importantly, do the rankings mean anything?

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