A Schurr Hire

As was reported last week, Montebello High School alumnus Ben Negrete was named head coach of the Schurr football program, much to the acclaim of several Spartans’ backers.

Here’s some info listed on Coach Negrete on the Claremont-McKenna Athletics website.

Ben has been with the Stags since 1998. This year he will coach the outside linebackers/safeties and help coordinate the defense. He has been coaching football for 27 years, on both the college and high school levels. He has coached two C.I.F. Championship squads at Schurr High School and Upland High School. Ben is a graduate of Montebello High School and Cal State Los Angeles. He teaches Social Studies and Health at Schurr High School in Montebello.

Here’s Roger Murray’s Story –


Now it’s your turn to place AD? If your school had an opening at the head coaching position, what would you be looking for? What would entice you to chose one coach over another? How important are factors like tradition and experience? Is it preferable to hire someone from within the system or from outside?

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