Swordsmen Athletic Director resigns

Marc Hernandez, who served as St. Paul High School’s athletic director the past four years, resigned his position Thursday morning to accept a managment position “outside the teaching profession.”
“I was offered a situation that was too good to turn down,” Hernandez explained. “It is an opportunty that will change my family’s situation.” Hernandez also cited a desire to spend more time with his family.
“The hours are much more conducive for family life,” Hernandez said. “I have only one son, and (Thursday )was his fifth birthday. Watching him made me realize how much of his growth I have missed. This job gives me the opportunity to be around him more and enjoy his growing up.”
Hernandez joined St. Paul’s football staff in year 2000 and served as the Swordsmen’s defensive line coach for five years. He also was the school’s Dean of Discipline in 2001.

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