Friday Recap: Santa Fe rules Del Rio, beats La Serna; La Habra coasts and St. Paul’s playoff chances take a hit

There were those who thought Santa Fe High School football coach Jack Mahlstede was a little crazy to take on a nonleague schedule that featured one of the top teams in Arizona, and. three of the better units in the CIF-Southern Section.
But there was a reason for his madness and the Chiefs showed it
Friday night, getting 140 yards rushing and three touchdowns from Joey Davis to take a big step toward the Del Rio League title with a 23-8 victory over 2010 champ La Serna. The Chiefs can wrap up the title with wins over Pioneer and Whittier, which shocked California, 28-14. Elsewhere, La Habra coasted to a 42-7 victory over a Buena Park, which was supposed to be its toughest challenger in the Freeway League. Over at St. Paul, the Swordsmen’s playoff hopes took a hit with a 21-14 loss to Serra. Now St. Paul must beat St. Francis, a 31-14 loser to Chaminade, for what should be the final playoff spot from the Mission League.
Here’s a brief rundown of Friday’s games:
No. 1 La Habra 42, Buena Park 7 — The Highlanders are continuing their annual cakewalk through the Freeway League. At this point, there seems no stopping La Habra toward a fifth consecutive CIF-SS title.
Serra 21, No. 2 St. Paul 14 — The Swordsmen’s season now comes to next week’s home game against St. Francis, which will decide the final playoff slot from the Mission League.
Santa Fe 23, No. 3 La Serna 8 — Two words – Joey Davis, who rushed for a 140 yards to lead the Chiefs, who can now taste the Del Rio League title. Only Whittier and Pioneer are in the way. How far can the Chiefs go in the Souteast? I think they can go far.
Whittier 28, California 14 — This one was a shocker, which will make a mad scramble for the final two playoff slots from the Del Rio League, where La Serna is second with one loss and El Rancho, Cal, Whittier and Pioneer all tied for third with two losses.
El Rancho 31, Pioneer 13 — The Dons took care of business at home to stay in the playoff hunt, which will now be a mad scramble.
Schurr 27, Keppel 0 — The Spartans stay in the playoff hunt with an expected win. Next up is rival Montebello, which should be a defensive war.
Alhambra 7, Montebello 6 — The Oilers have one of the better defenses in the Almont, then there is Montebello’s offense.

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  • Steely Don

    It’s 11:15 and all is well because La Serna took a dump against the Chiefs and El Rancho took care of business against Pioneer.

    The present is all that matters to many of the LS fans, and tonight’s up-to-the-minute situation is one where La Serna has taken a step BACK and El Rancho has taken a step FORWARD. Good night all!

  • LS

    It’s another football season and el rancho again probably won’t go to the playoffs, have no chance at a league title, and have another losing season, just sad! But hey I get it they love talk crap about teams that are actually going to the playoffs and are fighting for a league title!! Typical el rancho fans something’s never change! I forgot that’s blue pride! Haha great example!

  • elrancho

    Do some research Einstein, El Rancho has not had a losing season since 2008 and will not have a losing season this year. We are actually in position to make the playoffs for the 3rd straight year, so wrong again buddy… I sure do love to talk crap about teams that think they are a powerhouse when just 2 seasons ago in 2009 they were 3-7…. That was an epic INT on the first play of the game, I’m still laughing after seeing the face you made after that play… It’s ok though you are merely 6 weeks away from getting those CIF Championship patches for the lancer lettermen jackets…

  • LS

    @el rancho, oh ur not making the playoffs because ur gonna lose to Whittier and cal hi, stop dreaming! And I never claimed that we are a powerhouse or are winning a CIF title this year ur straight retarded or something! What I do know is were better than you and won’t lose to you for a while! And I rather be 3-7 than 0-10 atleast we had two league wins and almost made playoffs! La serna has never been 0-10, so add that to ur great records at el rancho! Haha how epic was that interception if u were at the el rancho game! U act u saw it or something! Not as epic as the 4 el rancho threw in the la serna game haha! your pathetic man it’s fun making u look so dumb all night!

  • elrancho

    hmm I sure don’t recall ER going 0-10 in 2008, that did happen in 2006 when our program was in absolute shambles, but no one is denying that. You’re right I admit it we are going to lose to Cal and Whittier and will miss the playoffs. Steve Ramirez, go ahead and rank La Serna above La Habra, their convincing 23-8 loss to SF and destruction of El Rancho 31-28 proves without a doubt they are going to get the State Championship birth…

    La Serna is #1 in the Area, Southeast and State, lets just give them the National Championship, Frankie Palmer has offers from every single college in the country, sorry coach Kiffin, Frankie Palmer is going straight to the NFL, he doesn’t need college ball, lets just give La Serna the Vince Lombardy Super Bowl Trophy!

  • LS

    @el rancho, ummmm I never said 2008! Again retard! Atleast ur speaking some truth about not winning and I’m not saying were gonna win anything, deserved to be ranked here or there!, all im saying is ere just better than you straight up and will be for years!! And if Palmer does get bigger trust me he will have good college offers! You for sure are an el rancho person no knowledge, pride, sense or smarts! And I know you didn’t play football or well maybe in 06 at el rancho!! But good luck the rest of the season and I can’t wait till next year when it’s at ur stadium all the better! And I know when u have no more facts and just start saying retarded comments cause there’s nothing else you can say everything is repeated crap! Like you winning CIF and state and getting patches this year! Your a tool get ur act together and get off the bottle!

  • georgie of LM

    2 different quotes and thoughts on pre-season scheduling.

    From a very good coach.”We played that schedule to get ready to play this game,” Jack Mahlstede said. WDN 10-29

    And of course Coach LS said. “we don’t have multiple backups and stuff like that! If a QB or RB goes down against a top preseason team that essentially means nothing for us there goes our season! Sometimes it’s working smarter not harder!!” WDN Friday re-cap 10-21 posting

    Maybe Coach LS , from your quote about your freshmen teams “I bet they would of won league at the JV level” you should be pulling up some of those dominant freshman up to help out the team.

  • Steely Don

    La Serna does have a few redeeming qualities: they help us bloggers to laugh like we’ve never laughed before, and on a good year, they help to supply Cerritos College with a benchwarmer or two.

    I’m going to the Cerritos College game tonight, just to see Buenrostro troll the sidelines, because he does that so well. I hear that next year, they may elevate him to carry a clipboard. It’s really exciting.

  • prep dad

    Fight On St.Paul

    Good luck versus St.Francis

  • georgie of LM

    Can u imagine if La Serna Actually won a CIF title? How obnoxious LS poster would really be. One League title in my lifetime, and boom the flood gates break open on trash talk. Must have been very interesting at the LS poster household last night. Yes, he makes us laugh with the comical analytical comments, self professed delusional coaching skills and of course some down right mean spirited personal attacks. If directed at us posters, i am fine with that. But fellow posters, we should respect the kids on the teams, and not just be mean and trash talk about them. Just my thoughts on this issue.

  • Steely Don

    La Serna winning a CIF title? I think the moon would explode before that. But if that were to happen, this darling little guy would probably have a full-body seizure of some sort and be straightjacketed over at Norwalk Metropolitan, where they house all of these types.

    Seriously though, somebody needs to tell this little trooper that there is a lot more to life than football, and from what I can gather, he is woefully unprepared for any of it.

  • Steely Don

    @Georgie: I just read your comment about not attacking players, and If my comment about Buenrostro was construed as defamatory, I sincerely apologize. I think he was a great kid and indeed motivated La Serna to step up and have a great season in 2010.

    The unfortunate situation we’re in is that we are dealing with this atrocious, hateful LS blogger, and my comments were intended to illustrate just HOW HARD it is to take high school stardom and make it work for you on the next level. It’s tough!

    You and I are on the same page here, and at some point we’ll simply have to ignore this twerp and fry bigger fish. I appreciate your mention of this issue.

  • georgie of LM

    @ Steely Dan
    I know what you mean about ls poster, its was fun and entertaining listening to absurd comments in the beginning. I thought he was a little over the top,just trying to be provocative. But the venom doesn’t stop. Im sure the kids come on here and see the posts . I believe we can tactfully criticize the teams/coaches/plays/play calling etc…. . You and me are on the same page. Go dons.

  • sumguy

    LS coach: You really think your going to win league?
    SF coach: Yes I do
    (time passes)…….
    LS coach: You REALLY think your going to win league???

    Final answer: Santa Fe 23 La Serna 8 BAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!

  • Anonymous

    Pretty tough bringing up Benrostro at Cerritos. People don’t realize how tough it is to play sports at the next level. This was supposed to be a rebuilding year for LS and that is the way it will turn out to be. Frankie Palmer will turn out to be a good high school QB in a really good system for him, but that is a long way from a college scholarship. LS does have players on college teams, 3 at Fullerton, 2 at Cerritos and Lozano at Colorado State-Pueblo. Other than La Habra local teams have to rebuild after good years. SF, this year is a good example. I don’t see a lot of ER players in college for any sport?

  • Steely Don

    El Rancho football has placed NINE young men in NCAA action over just the last two years, including: Tate Harshbarger (Yale), Josh Perea and Marcus Galan (Minnesota Crookston), Bryan Turner and Doug Soriano (Whittier College), Edgar Ortiz (University of La Verne), Raul Orihuela, Lenny Leyva and Allen Infante (ELAC). I can’t tell you about the other sports because frankly, they are of secondary importance to me.

    One of the most noteworthy NCAA footballers to come out of The Ranch in recent years has been quarterback A.J. Toscano, who also played two years at Cerritos College (as a starter), and went on to enjoy a scholarship at Charleston Southern, where he started in their game against Florida a couple years ago.

    The remarkable thing about what El Rancho did in its football past is that it was accomplished with rather average players from the local area. Supreme dedication to the task is what made it happen.

  • SP

    ER has 9 in football, 4 in Volleyball, 4 soccer, 4 track, 2 maybe 3 one might have graduated in softball, 2 for Water polo, 1for baseball playing in college and 3 still playing ML Baseball and 1 playing oversea pro Volleyball. However all the area schools do harvest some good athletes. Might of miss some. This should be distinguished as a good thing for our area and kids, right?

  • http://msn prep dad

    Lets talk new Mission League for next season…

    Bishop Montgomery 1000 plus students
    Cathedral 1000 plus
    J Serra 1000 plus
    Damien 1000 plus
    Harvard-Westlake 1000 plus
    St. Paul 590 plus

    This not meant to offend anyone but I respect your opinion.

  • robert

    ERs A.J. Toscano younger brother is competing at the University Norte Dame. And there are nine ER soccer players playing in college and the track and field is much higher than 4 not sure yet on the numbers.

    Though I believe people should not put HS players names on here, only with praise or keep their names off (when negative). Because some not most will attack them when they player/student are not posting or involve in any way with this forum.

    Best of aspirations to all our area kids that means the females too.

  • LS

    @ georgie of lm, el rancho and steely don, – first off you guys can try and bash me however you want, it’s almost funny how you guys think you actually know football! That’s really the hilarious part, this is my last comment with you guys, because honestly I’ve given you enough facts and knowledge to deal with for a year or two, and then you just comment with garbage, so it’s almost like an educated person talking to someone from el rancho, oh wait, that’s what it is! lol And for you guys making comments like I’m the only one talking crap and taking shots at you that’s such bull, it totally goes both ways! You’ve all taken the same amount of shots and talked the same amount of crap about me and la serna program that I’ve said about you, so don’t try and come on here and change your stance once someone else makes a comment! Just another fact of what kind of people you guys are! Man up! So really talk all the stuff you want, and I know what I see for the programs around here and for the next two years LS will be second to only LH in the area, mark my words! I’m not gonna say another thing on here and you will just see (im not gonna lie it’s gonna be hard because all your amateur and illogical thoughts and comments about football) but i’m over you guys it’s really a waste of breath now, you will see what happens in the future and that’s all im saying! And Palmer is the real deal if he wasnt that good LH wouldn’t be all over him now and since last year! He will go there and start right now (from what their coaches say) and why aren’t they trying to get the st. paul qb, or el rancho or santa fe or lm, hmmm…… that must tell you something! But you guys will have all your stories about how they probably tried to talk to your qb’s too, lol but the funny thing is mine is true! You can ask Palmer and the la serna coaches they are all well aware of it! And you think LH doesn’t recognize talent when they see it, but say whatever you want cuz you will anyway! I’m taking the high road now and good luck to all the schools… I’m out like el rancho in the Del Rio League. Oh and don’t be mad about all the stuff I mentioned about LS when it comes true! Talk all you crap now, I’m never coming back on this blog till you know when haha Peace

  • elrancho

    Steve just rank La Serna #1 in the area already. They are better than La Habra. Palmer was recruited by La Habra, omfgbbq they are the best!

  • SP realist

    Where is all the annoying SP people that were running there mouths earlier in the year? It’s very simple, play a cupcake schedule and see what happens. No playoffs for a team that will go 7-3. It’s sad and humbling at the same time. People at SP continue to see zero results. It makes me happy that you guys are eating crow. Move to a lower division where you belong..Scum of the area SP!!!

  • SP

    Is there a University of La Habra?

  • LS

    @ el rancho, this is my last comment really… But are you retarded or something really I have to know??!! Because how could you say rank LS #1 in the area like I said that or something??? Because I didn’t, I said many times LS is not at the level of LH and I don’t know if they ever will be, so that what I said, is for the next two years with Palmer at QB the only team that will be better in this area is LH! You don’t get it or what???!!! Do I have to say it again! You’ll probably just say again, “ahhh Steve, just rank LS #1 already, I don’t read or get anything anyone says”!! Get your act together, and maybe read what I put to save yourself the embarrassment! Again I REPEAT, I didn’t or ever said that LS will be better than LH and deserves to be ranked #1. Is that clear enough for you smart guy?!

  • elrancho

    Is that really your official last comment on this blog lol??? Dude realistically any of the trash talk that has been directed at you is because you come on here like you own the area and the league. I can honestly tell you Palmer looks to be pretty dam good for being a sophomore and looks like he will be pretty good the next 2 years. Your first mistake is when you come on here and make this kid out to be the next John Elway. Do you see people from La Habra coming on here touting their freshmen?? You don’t because they let their Varsity play speak for itself. Your second mistake is not giving any credit to a team you thought you were going to blowout come that close to beating you. Your 3rd mistake, trying to downplay the loss to Santa Fe and discredit the whole team by saying that Joey Davis is all they have. Learn to win and lose with class and people will have more respect for you, your program and your players.

    Believe me, at El Rancho we are not used to losing as much as it has happened this past decade. When we do lose we do it with class and accept it. Santa Fe was too much for us in the 2nd half, we lost and we accepted it. We lost to La Serna and we accepted it. Instead of putting all this pressure on Palmer by saying you will win the next 2 CIF Championships, why don’t you let his play speak for itself? You are simply going to set him up for failure. People from Santa Fe don’t need to come on here and talk up their success in the Del Rio League, they have won league 75% of the time the last decade, their results speak for themselves.

    El Rancho’s freshmen team will go 10-0 this season and has allowed 45 points all season, they were not scored on until week 6 vs Santa Fe. They are going to win CIF in the next 3 season’s take it to the bank……………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………..
    See how ridiculous that sounded, things seems to not pan out after a few years for one reason or another. We simply need to let things play out and let results speak for themselves.

  • georgie of LM

    LS blogger pushes the La Serna qb so much ( a little too hard) that i think maybe he is are a relative of his . Maybe not, but i think so.

  • Riddle me this


    What makes you think your QB is going to stick around all 4 years? He was looking to leave LS over the summer so what will keep him from looking elsewhere for a chance to actually win a CIF title?

  • Ed of Whittier

    I don’t understand ” with LS qb were going to be the best in the area except La Habra” You should know it is a team effort, and La Serna’s lack of team speed was exposed by Santa Fe. IF La Serna doesn’t get more team speed next year , it will be the same results as this year . Smashing the weak teams and losing to tougher opponents.

  • Sports Fan

    Going into league play, whoever thought Santa Fe was not going to be the team to beat was being unrealistic.

    The fact is La Serna is a young team that no one expected to be up in the top of the Del Rio League this season, their performance against SF simply shows they have a lot of room to grow.

    Palmer is a fantastic young QB who still has a lot to learn but thats usually what is expected out of a young sophomore QB in his first season at the varsity level. La Serna still is in great position to make the playoffs and make another fantastic run. They will more than likely take out both Pioneer and California and finish in 2nd in the DRL.

    There’s definitely too much immaturity in this blog. There’s only a select few that can actually discuss high school football without feeling the need bash a teenager, but if that makes you feel better about yourself then more power to you.

    Right now my pick for the CIF final in the south east division is West Covina vs Santa Fe. SF is battle tested and took some beatings but I think they are ready to make a deep playoff run.

    Meanwhile, how big is the St. Paul & St. Francis game? Winner stays in the hunt for a playoff spot while the loser more than likely loses its playoff chances.

    Good luck to all the teams as the seasons winds down.

  • Steely Don

    @Sportsfan: Thank you for pointing out the immaturity on this blog. Perhaps you can give us all a twenty-point list of rules so that we might conform to your vision of blog morality.

  • SP

    We have problems with grades therefore this weeks game is hard to predict. But it is a must win for us no doubt.

    SP realist said:
    Where is all the annoying SP people that were running there mouths earlier in the year? It’s very simple, play a cupcake schedule and see what happens. No playoffs for a team that will go 7-3. It’s sad and humbling at the same time. People at SP continue to see zero results. It makes me happy that you guys are eating crow. Move to a lower division where you belong..Scum of the area SP!!!

    Lets win first SP and cross the proverbial bridge next.

  • Sports fan

    Steely Don,

    I could give a list but it’s a lot better to watch people make themselves look stupid as they hide behind user names and run their mouth about high school teenagers. It’s those type of comments that keep the message boards running and entertaining.

  • Steely Don

    @SportsFan: For a moment, you mounted your preacher’s podium to lecture us about immaturity and hurting teenagers; now you say that’s precisely what makes this blog lively and entertaining. Nice to have it both ways isn’t it?

  • gerogie of LM

    It is most refreshing to to see LS blogger taking a little break from the blogging world. I don’t get the relentless push of his Qb. Sure he’s got potential, but there are quality qb’s in the area. But his real concern for the team should be lack of size and as Ed pointed out lack of team speed. Not a good combo. Hard to picture that as a dominant force in the area. I mean no. 2. AS far as ST Paul is concerned , i am rooting for them to win this friday. We (LM) have a big game this week, Mayfair always plays us tough and they are good . Hopefully we can pull this one out. But i think it will be a close game either way.

  • LH Dad

    When all is said and done, the good teams go through their adversity during the season and then make playoffs and the push for a championship. Where are the SP bloggers talking crap just a few weeks ago.

    When it comes to the leagues we all play in, they are what they are. Each individual school doesn’t control where they play. All you can do as a football team is do the best you can with what you are dealt. And in the end the good teams keep playing into Novemeber, and maybe December.

    LH will again be fighting for a championship, while SP will play the game that knocks them out of the playoff hunt this Friday. TaTa SP, ride into the sunset, you should be used to it by now….

  • Shut the piehole

    @La Habra Dad: You have every reason to gloat about your Highlanders, especially since they have been picked to win against that feared national power Sonora this week. Your dominance of the freeway league is stunning, and I for one sit in awe of this amazing feat.

    Let’s put this another way: St.Paul is not racking up cheap championships on a yearly basis for the same reason Los Alamitos, Edison, Newport Harbor and Lakewood aren’t. The reason is that they are playing in leagues and divisions of comparable opponents.

    You guys are always saying how you belong in the big leagues; fair enough, but until you actually are THERE, all your claims of greatness ring hollow. The best chance you have of tricking people into thinking your program is upper-level is to simple remain silent while you win your lower-level plaques. Truly great people and programs don’t constantly boast, and keeping your mouth shut might get some to think you’re the real deal.

  • swordsmen

    LH Dad and all those low rent Div football teams can only witch they were SP swordsmen.

  • SP realist

    Really SP people?

    Why is it so difficult to face the truth? Bottom line is that SP is not that good. You SP people always point the finger when facing adversity. No wonder your kids choke when it counts. Your not teaching your kids anything. To sit there and TRY to compare yourself to LH is a joke. What is there to compare too? Yes, I will say that SP was once great. Three decades ago. Get over it. Times have change. One thing that hasn’t changed is your guys smug attitude. You cannot go around with your chest pumped up when you lose when it counts. That’s exactly what I said would happen. Your school is joke and everyone in your league knows it. That’s all that counts now. League play! LH has and will continue to dominate the league they are assigned to play in. No wonder why Mazzota wants nothing to do with SP. He would be stepping backwards if he coached there. So do us all a favor, win on the field because on the blogs you guys play like crap. Come to think of it, you play like crap on the field too…. SP is the Scum of the Area as always. No playoffs again…..

  • prep dad

    The only team that took La Habra seriously on game day was Bosco… Servite and Orange Lutheren substituted often.

  • Shut the piehole

    Let’s dispense with this La Habra-St.Paul comparison for a moment and imagine this: La Habra switches places with Edison of Huntington Beach. La Habra now has to play in the Sunset league and IF they make the playoffs, has to get past all the Pac 5 heavyweights to earn a CIF Championship.

    On the other side of this scenario, Edison would get to blast through the freeway league, and undoubtedly rampage through the lower level playoffs, and start selling t-shirt which read “got rings?”

    Instead of Edison, you could plug Lakewood, or Los Alamitos, or Tesoro, or several other Pac 5 members into La Habra’s cozy spot and see them ‘dominate’.

    So to all my cherished Highlander friends, I advise you to stop worrying about St.Paul and show more concern for stepping out of the shadows of your pussified division.

  • elrancho

    Just picture what the LS blogger will do if La Serna loses to Pioneer this week… just remember what happened in 2007…

  • what ever

    Just heard — next year LH vs SP. then everybody will STFU

  • Observer

    Can anyone but me believe that el rancho lost to cal, what a joke and cal got spanked by whittier so does that officially mean that el rancho is the worst team in the DRL or wait that will be proven next week! el rancho is a program that used to be good just like st.paul both at the bottom of their league rankings! But remember they were great decades ago!! lol