Build It and They Will Come: Plan in place for new football stadiums at California and Pioneer high schools

Above: A rendering of the proposed football stadiums for California and Pioneer high schools.

California High School was ridiculed for its football stadium prior to hosting the CIF-Southern Section Southeast Division football championship game between La Serna and West Covina high schools.
The complaints centered around a dearth of seats for a championship football game and inadequate field conditions. But under a plan announced by the Whittier Union High School District, California – and its fellow WUHSD school, Pioneer, could have the best high school football facilities around. The proposed $18-million dollar project for each facility would give each the best stadiums in the area.
The bad part of the plan is that Santa Fe, which plays its home games at Pioneer, and the Titans will be without a home next year, with a plan in place to play only nonleague and league road games. The exception would be when the two rivals meet, with a possibility of playing that game at Cal High. California, Whittier and La Serna will face similar fate the following year.
Construction for the Pioneer project is not scheduled to begin until this June with completion in time for the 2013 football season. Cal High’s project will not begin until possibility early 2014 and be completed in time for the 2014 season.
Both stadiums will feature seating for 7,000, a press box and elevator and an artificial turf field.
California football coach JIm Arnold: “In looking at the architectural plans, they probably could be among the best stadiums in the area.”

Click here to read staff writer MIke Sprague’s story

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  • steve

    I hope tax payers aren’t footin’ the bill for this. Especially in that area of middle-class where many homes are in foreclosure. Those schools put together maybe have 4-6k students combined, and this football stadium will only maybe serve 10% of that number on Friday nights. $18 million is best used for a library or technology updates to the schools still using Word Perfect and for teachers’ training.

  • Football Fan

    Money not well spent. La Serna was criticized for not choosing a new venue for the CIF finals. The finals should have been played at a neutral site. Complete waste of money.

  • high school football fan

    Steve- try reading the article closely-the project is part of a measure that was passed – and the district has been doing major construction projects of libraries and classrooms so they are not being neglected- the stadiums are in dire need of upgrading – it should have been done years ago.

  • El Rancho

    Awesome; cant wait to see it..

  • From Thin Air

    @high school football fan: Where, precisely, do you imagine this pile of money is coming from? The Tooth Fairy? A bond was passed…and so the money appears from thin air, right? This is another manifestation of a society that is living deeply in debt, and cannot afford to do so for much longer.

    As Steve mentioned, foreclosures are at an all time high, children in the neighborhoods are going hungry, teachers are being laidoff, and the district didn’t even have enough money to maintain the old stadiums. Your solution: go further into debt! It’s comforting to have a genius like you looking out for our future.

  • Hum, Cal Hi

    Im sure this makes that steely don happy. He cried for months when the LS vs. WC CIF final was played at Cal. Take that fool, now nothing to cry about Pioneer than California, makes good use of bond money!

  • Steely Don

    I would like to thank you, Hum Cal Hi, for proving my point about the present Cal High stadium. Your excited chatter about the new construction is a tacit admission that what you have now is deplorable.

  • La Serna

    Deplorable is you liquid don, no one is proving your point. Improvements are in courage, with all kids in any age.

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  • del rio fan

    To Thin air- dont take shots at high school football fan just because you dont know what you are talking about HSFOOTBALL FAN waa exactly right- and your title says everythign about you- you dont have anything except air in that brain of yours-you are far from a genious!

  • cal hi 02

    stadium looks pretty sweet. kids will love playing football, soccer, maybe rugby and lacross. I think they said they would redo the rest of the grass area also. Hope they have security to keep eye out on field and building from taggers. cal hi will love practicing on the field. put some blue and gold in there sucks couldnt put condors in endzone and logo on field. if pioneer does then cal should be able to also. its their home field not the other schools. la serna can get their own stadium up the hill,s whittier can make room for their own. sucks have to share with la losers and swhittier

  • Dedication

    Any word about these stadiums being named for an illustrious sports/community figure? Downey’s stadium was dedicated to a former coach; I believe that Warren’s identical facility is also named after somebody.

    How about dedicating Cal’s stadium to Dusan Ancich, who after all took the Condors to the Semis and left Arnold with enough leftovers to make him look good?

    Pioneer’s stadium could be named after Dr. Monica Oviedo. This would be apt, in that this lady’s worth is exactly on par with the Titan sports program. The playing surface could be dubbed FUTILITY FIELD.