Baseball: Cal, Whittier stay in first with wins over La Serna, Santa Fe…No word on El Rancho

Here is today’s scoreboard from the Del Rio League, which began the day with a four-way logjam for first place:

California 4, La Serna 1,
Whittier 6, Santa Fe 0
El Rancho vs. Pioneer — no word as of yet.

So, That would put Cal and Whittier tied for first at 7-3…El Rancho would join them with a win over Pioneer. La Serna is a game back at 6-4.

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  • dons

    El Ranchos game cancelled because no umpires showed. Depending on the rain tonight and damage to Pioneers baseball field, maybe make-up game tomorrow 3:15 at PHS if not Saturday at 11:00 am at PHS.

    Fridays game will stay the same at the Ranch 3:15.

  • anony

    The game was cancelled but how did all the Pioneer parents know, not one Titans parent attendant the game? I was there about an hour waiting for the game to start. Sad PHS parents, you need to attend your kids game no-matter what.. Hail to the Titans.. And the Blue and Gray Dons!

  • Bad

    No Show Parents: It could be their overall record (baseball team) which Pioneer parents should still show up.

  • Sandra

    I’m reading some of the comments left above and I have to respectfully disagree with what is being said. Pioneer Titan parents are ALWAYS at the games win or lose. The comments regarding Wednesday’s game are completely false and baseless. I along with other Pioneer parents were awaiting word from the coaches to see if our kids would go on with the game because of the issue with the umpires. If you really want to know a few of us were sitting in our cars, talking to one another by the basketball courts and heck sitting by the first base side. Shame on you for saying that Pioneer parents are not there to support the team because of a lack luster season. Win or lose Pioneer Titan parents are there to support the players ALWAYS!

    Sandra Y.

  • anonymous

    hey, isnt it boys volleyball season? oh yeah it is, its just not popular enough to get into the whittier daily news.

  • I was there

    I was there and thought the same thing, thank you Sandra for clearing up the miss-thought. You are right, Pioneer parents do support their kids and at ever school parents should support their kids always.

    Go Dons!

  • Who

    Who won todays baseball game, ER vs PHS?

  • anony

    I want to apologize to Sandra and all the Titan family. My bad, made a bad judgment on what I saw at the Pioneer home stands just before the game

    @ anonymous said:
    hey, isnt it boys volleyball season? oh yeah it is, its just not popular enough to get into the whittier daily news.

    Pioneer is the best volleyball team in the area not just league

    Thats the way to speak up and correct a wrong Sandra.

  • Dons


  • Sports Fan

    So how are things going at LS?

    How about Gonzalez losing the respect of his players. What else is new. Even had to ask his players to write down who they feel should be playing. A coach asking his players about lineups, but ultimately told them, I don’t care what you write down because I still make the decision.

    It’s a joke this guy is still around. It’s a shame for the school and players too. I have yet to talk to any players that actually liked playing for the guy.

  • Marcus Garvey

    @ Sports Fan said: I am not a La Serna fan or foe however the Lancers had a large graduation last year, maybe 16 or so seniors.

    All things consider LS is playing pretty good. They did better than my Dons in the last tournament. On the fondness or not of the coach thats at every school / team.

    The playoffs are just around the corner and Lancers could explode and make some noise.