Luis Collazo knocks out Victor Ortiz in the second round in Brooklyn

Victor Ortiz of Ventura had not been in the ring since June 2012, when his jaw was broken by Josesito Lopez in the ninth round at Staples Center. His return was not a happy one.

Southpaw Luis Collazo on Thursday night caught Ortiz with a clean right hook near the end of the second round, and knocked out Ortiz officially at 2:59 at Barclays Center in Brooklyn. Ortiz took a couple of more minor punches on the way down, went to both knees and never came close to rising.

Collazo, 32, of Brooklyn, is a former welterweight champion. He is now 35-5 with 18 knockouts. Ortiz, 27 on Friday, is also a former welterweight champion. He is now 29-5-2 and has lost three consecutive bouts.

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