Nothin’ but Narod

The vanished community of Narod, which usually makes me think of the insult-name Nimrod, was pronounced NAY-rod. Located in then-unincorporated territory that is now part of Montclair, Narod retains a certain cachet among oldtimers, as well as those of us who like funny names.

Here’s a portion of an e-mail from Bill Gunn, a former Ontario boy (his dad owned a typewriter shop downtown), who tells us a bit more about Narod:

I knew Narod very well. My mom had friends that were down and out who lived there in the late 1940s and we used to visit and help them out.

Narod, I hope someone has pictures of it, because it’s a hard place to describe or believe — two-story buildings lining the west side of Central below Holt. It was catty-cornered from the old Valley Drive-In Theatre which was on the northeast corner of Holt and Central. Narod was on the southwest; but 1/4 mile south of Holt.

Narod was for very poor people, illegals and folks drawing minimum social security, etc. But for a 5- to 10-year-old boy it was just another interesting place to explore.”

The lore on Narod, incidentally, is that it was named by a railroad man named Doran, who simply reversed his name. Anyone want to add other facts, near-facts or good guesses about Narod?

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  • meg

    This stuff on Narod is fascinating — thanks!

    For the record, Nimrod is also a character in the Bible (the father of Cush, if you must know), and the namesake of the towns in Minnesota and Oregon — and a town in Israel.

    [Nice to know one could move from California to Minnesota to Oregon to Israel and live in a Nimrod in each place. — DA]

  • Joanne Boyajian

    Bernice Bedford Conley, John Jopes, Joe Blackstock and David Allen have all written articles in the Daily Report/Daily Bulletin over the years about Narod. Come on down to the Model Colony Room at the Ontario City Library and you can read all about it!

    [I’m sure the Conley, Jopes and Blackstock pieces are informative. — DA]

  • “Hal Linker”

    Does the Model Colony Room serve martinis, plunging necklines, quiet seduction and a side of Thelonious Monk? If so, I’ll be there to gaze at the “Special Collections.”

    [Oh, “Hal.” To quote Austin Powers: Behave. — DA]

  • Desdave

    If you look at a Thomas Brothers Map of the north side of Chino (brown color) and the south part of Montclair (purple color) the yellow area in between is what is left of Narod.

  • Annie Muss

    I apologize for wandering off topic but does anyone here remember Di Palma’s Italian Village located south of Corona in Alberhill). What a great place that was!

  • “Hal Linker”

    Hi Annie,

    Yes I remember Di Palma’s Italian Village. That was just a bit past the Glen Eden Nudist Camp*, right? Out in the Temescal Canyon area before Elsinore and a tad west of Alberhill. Yeah, been there and was doing that. Being one with nature and the cosmos in the general area and visualizing the big bang’s universality.

    * Glen Eden Nudist Camp might be where they got the three ugly chicks for the Deja Vu, whom some on this blog have found intriguing.

  • terri

    try to find something on Di Palmas italian Village in Corona/Alberhill

  • terri

    Hi Annie,

    I remember Di Palmas very well. I grew up going there and my parents being friends Joe Di Palma. The road in front of his old property is named after him now. Do you know if there is any info on the village?

  • Lynne Skiles Hansen

    Another interesting story of Narod is my father’s.

    He lived in the area known as Narod. While attending Chaffey High School he was “asked to attend another school!” He started attending Chino High School. The students did not know his name, they called him the “kid from Narod.” Eventually “Narod” stuck as his nickname.

    He did open the restaurant Casa De Narod with Marc Chacon as a partner. Eventually he opened many clubs under the name of Narod’s, or including the
    name Narod’s.

    He also started a car show called The Corn Feed Run. Once a year, for many years, the parking lot of the Narod’s on Central Avenue was full of street rods. My mother and father served chili and Chino corn to all the people attending the car show. It finally was so big, the parking lot could not hold any more cars. They held the last Corn Feed Run at the Chino Fairgrounds. They stopped having the car show when my father sold the club on Central Ave.

    Six years ago, the Kiwanis Club asked him if they could use the name Corn Feed Run. They have been holding the car show every year since then.

    As for the comment about The Corner bar at Central and Schaefer, it is owned by Ed and Gail Hart. Ed and my father have been friends since they were in high

    Just another story about Narod!


    [Thanks for the nuggets about Narod, Lynne. — DA]

  • Gary Hart

    I enjoyed reading Lynne’s post about The Kid from Narod. He has been my best friend all of my life and has done more for everyone that has known him than any one person I have ever met … Narod Rules (you should take the time to know him).