That was fun, in a briefly scary way. I was standing in the newsroom preparing to leave for an appointment with my periodontist when our building shook, then shook again.

Biggest earthquake I’ve experienced in my 14 years in SoCal. I arrived here a couple of months after the Northridge quake and I’ve only felt one or two little quakes since then. (A native, finely attuned to such matters from birth, may have felt many more quakes but they haven’t registered with me.)

My periodontist, in Upland, said he was suturing a patient after gum surgery and was a half-second away from another stitch when his office shook. The patient must’ve loved that.

Hope that Yangtze and other unreinforced brick buildings in Ontario and environs are all right, although we already know of damage in downtown Pomona.

Hearing that the quake was centered near Chino Hills makes me wonder if the Shoppes (you remember how to say it) are OK.

I’m headed for home now and have my fingers crossed nothing broke.*

UPDATE: Nothing did.

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  • deb council

    I remember once before I left the Bulletin I was in my car in the parking lot taking notes and eating my lunch watching that golden eagle who sometimes hangs around (or whatever species) and he jumped straight up and then suddenly the car just started bouncing up and down. That was really fun.

    But yesterday, I was sitting in my easy chair doing bills when it struck and I almost jumped out of my seat from the jolt and a little scream escaped my mouth. Then our house (built on earthquake fittings) started rolling and rolling.

    I was amazed at the long coverage on FOX and surprised to hear it was in Chino Hills. Hope your gums survived.

    We just returned from a five-week road trip pulling our Airstream trailer up through Oregon and Washington (I called it our volcano trip) and Victoria, BC to celebrate our 41st anniversary. Now there’s a story, David. HA. Take care, deb

    [DB readers may remember Debbie Council, our onetime society writer. She and her husband now live in Indio. — DA]

  • Lisa

    Even a good day at the dentist is scary, good thing you weren’t under the knife. I had more things fall off shelves at work in Pomona than at home in Chino Hills. Caltech did say that Diamond Bar got the worst jolt. Weird.

    [Did the quake send CHills up your spine? — DA]

  • Pam McNeil

    Hey, David,

    We’re up in San Francisco now and are getting news stories about “Paloma.” The San Francisco version of a SoCal earthquake is a bit different than local news.

    Your comments were reassuring (?!) to read. Before I read your note, Ken had just commented about lazer surgery — that hopefully they have an automatic shut-off. I hope your periodontist had an automatic shut-off!

    We received a cell phone call informing us about the earthquake from Ken’s brother who lives in Portland! This modern world we live in. Take care, and congratulations on your first earthquake.


  • In 1990 when the Upland quake hit I was working at Mervyn’s in Chino and just as I had folded and straightened every Levi on our “Levi Wall” the quake hit and knocked out all the Levis except for a couple. In disgust I just grabbed the ones that didn’t fall and threw them on the ground after the shaking had stopped.

    [That’ll show ’em! Funny story, Ron. — DA]

  • Glenn Miller

    Yes, The Shoppes fared well – were A-OK. There were no injuries reported and no structural damage. Yes, the quake rattled merchandise from some store shelves and a few stores closed temporarily for clean-up, but all reopened for business soon after.

    You always said that you needed some sort of incentive to visit Chino Hills. Well, if The Shoppes arent enough, you should come back simply to say you stood near the epicenter of the biggest earthquake you encountered since moving to SoCal!

    Glenn C. Miller, SCMD
    Property Manager/Director of Marketing
    The Shoppes at Chino Hills

    [I knew Chino Hills was more exciting than its reputation! — DA]

  • Rancho Mom

    I have lived here all my life and we have shaked, rattled and rolled forever. Sometimes the slower ones are less unnerving. The short jolts followed by the longer roll (like surfing involuntarily) are brutal. You think when will this end? Then waiting to see if aftershocks will follow. I was just glad I wasn’t in the shower when it happened. That definitely would have freaked me out. After 14 years in SoCal you are assimilating well, grasshopper.


  • Matt

    Ronald –
    I was working at the Mervyn’s in Upland when that 1990 Upland shook. We had damage such as glass breaking and ceiling tiles falling.