That was fun, in a briefly scary way. I was standing in the newsroom preparing to leave for an appointment with my periodontist when our building shook, then shook again.

Biggest earthquake I’ve experienced in my 14 years in SoCal. I arrived here a couple of months after the Northridge quake and I’ve only felt one or two little quakes since then. (A native, finely attuned to such matters from birth, may have felt many more quakes but they haven’t registered with me.)

My periodontist, in Upland, said he was suturing a patient after gum surgery and was a half-second away from another stitch when his office shook. The patient must’ve loved that.

Hope that Yangtze and other unreinforced brick buildings in Ontario and environs are all right, although we already know of damage in downtown Pomona.

Hearing that the quake was centered near Chino Hills makes me wonder if the Shoppes (you remember how to say it) are OK.

I’m headed for home now and have my fingers crossed nothing broke.*

UPDATE: Nothing did.

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